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  1. It was the "Down the Rabbit Hole" episode on CSI that I first became aware of SL. I thought man, that is cool not knowing it actually existed until I did a quick Google search. Been here ever since with a few breaks along the way. I'm online almost every day now with the Covid thing going on. Occasionally I just need to log on to make sure my avi is behaving himself while I'm offline.
  2. But for the price it's also a never ending upgrade.
  3. And I will be one of them as well. I've been inworld since 2008. I owned land back in my early days but selling it off when you decide to move is just too much hassle and I'd just abandon it. Groups don't mean a thing to me having way less than my limit and if I ever get to that point, I'd be happy to leave a few to gain a few. Most of the old timers are gone now and my friends list has shrunk from 40 or so down to 4 so IM's are sparse. I prefer just to rent now and when I decide on a change I just move-no hassle. Up until the increase, the weekly stipend basically paid my rent so I
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