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  1. I have brand new clean installs of both Firestorm and LL viewer both of which have the Dullahan process running on my pc when the viewer is running.
  2. Be happy that's the only thing that isn't working for you. My entire SL using the LL viewer and the Firestorm viewer is completely borked right now. Having issues teleporting, wearing outfits, purchasing items, buying L$ because L$ balance appears as ?? when in-world. Reported to SL support but they will probably never do anything about it or respond to my ticket.
  3. The fact that adding a full body alpha layer to the avatar fixes this issue suggests that it's actually an LL issue with how their software interacts with the different Intel graphics card hardware. Perhaps LL should be looking into what recent features they've released that would cause such a problem.
  4. Apparently, they aren't going through to Gmail either as that's who my email provider is and I haven't gotten my purchase confirmation emails recently from the MP.
  5. Amethyst Jetaime wrote: They are too busy with Sansar, so that will happen when...  Surely you jest. Pigs can be seen flying everyday in SL. In fact, I was flying already earlier today in SL.
  6. Your suggestion is a bit asinine to me. For starters some people hear about SL's money making abilities from friends, internet sources, business articles and come here specifically to start a business designing items to sell. Additionally, some people create separate avatars specifically for creating and selling items. Restricting marketplace isn't going to limit copybotters because they'll still copy your stuff and just wait the time frame required and then list it on marketplace. In fact a time frame restriction hurts legitimate creators more than it does copybotters. Your best option against a copybotter is exactly what you have done a DMCA report filed against them.
  7. This is the end of second life as we know it. Finally all the SL doomsdayers were right. Wait what's that you say it's just your normal weekly sim server maintenance. Phew what a relief that is now I can go about my day waiting for the maintenance to commence. Get updated here: http://status.secondlifegrid.net/
  8. It's server maintenance see the status page for more info: http://status.secondlifegrid.net/
  9. It's the grid and server maintenance see grid status: http://status.secondlifegrid.net/
  10. It's not just you. It's an SL maintenance issue and it's gridwide right now see the following for more information on grid status: http://status.secondlifegrid.net/
  11. Madeline Blackbart wrote: Well there is also the fact that looking "sexy" is a healthy expression of ones own sexuality. While it is true that being born female is like being born into a beauty contest I don't think that that nessicarily is the only reason for being sexy in sl. Keep in mind SL is an outlet for people to express themselves and one of those ways it to express there sexuality. What better way to express that then visually through ones avatar. I personally joined SL refusing to were anything revealing and looked down on lolas. I know own lolas, BBusty, milkmades, vstring XL and Vstring X_X. I love dressing sexy in sl and it's something that I worked up to as far as being more open about my sexuality and expressing it. The prim boobies are one way that I express that. So it's not all about desirablility as a way of gaining a sense of self worth. There is also the aspect that it can be a way of learning to accept ones self in some small way. And yeah system boobs kinda suck. lol So we makes the sexyz now??? j/k :smileylol:
  12. How low were you flying because ban lines only go up 800m from the ground? I personally think LL takes the issue of flying very seriously otherwise why else would they have given us all the ability to fly in SL. :smileylol:
  13. You can also try using the preview grid. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Preview_Grid#How_do_I_log_in_to_Aditi.3F It should be noted the directions on that page only work with the official SL viewer.
  14. LL can't even code these forums right to disallow all these escort spam posts and you expect them to code something as complex as a combat system accurately. Seriously dude that's really laughable.
  15. SL as a virtual world is what you and other residents make of it. Thus, if you want it to be like WoW then go ahead and attempt to make an SL combat system and roleplay area to be like WoW. I'm sure you'd make a killing in profits off of it. Furthermore, you suggest that LL should write all the code but that's pointless unless they wish to attempt to turn this into a game like WoW which would then be pointless for you to create animations for SL any longer because they wouldn't need you for that. You suggest that you welcome the competition but you don't get it, they wouldn't allow you to compete with them if they were to create all the animations as they would stop allowing animations to be uploaded and sold in-world. I get why you're posting this because you lack the ability to create SL scripts from scratch because you're not a programmer/coder. So I ask why should LL put the programmers/coders out of business and allow the animators continue to do business in SL? That was the point of my original post which obviously was lost upon you. SL was free the last time I checked. For LL to create all of the scripts necessary to meet the needs of all residents wants and desires would require extensive man power and coding hours. This would force them to no longer offer you and all the other residents access to SL for free. WoW isn't free and there's a reason why. I don't suppose you just give away your animations for free either so why should LL write all the code for every script needed and wanted by all residents and just give it away for free.
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