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  1. Is there a way to export or duplicate Firestorm-AO-Profiles? I would like to copy one of my profiles and change some animations on the go. Thanks to the UI, it feels very comfortable. But I didn't found out how to copy/duplicate profiles or export them to reimport them.
  2. I was so happy when I heard about this and... ... and ... ... one year later?
  3. I understand what you mean with the SIM, but not with the port. Why does the SIM trys to access a UDP port, for which reason?
  4. Hello, for what is the Port 55648 via UDP? My firewall blocks this from
  5. Which deal? Do you mean the Premium-offer? This is only for the monthly-fee and applys only once. Yeah, I think I will look into different forms. Thank you.
  6. I talked already with a Landlord, he said this wouldn't work out, but thanks for the idea. The problem is the land-tool only selects in 4m square-steps. So 20 would be to less and 24 would be toggle the 5 USD tier. And if this is toggled because you have some qm more then 512qm, then you can just buy a 1024 for it.
  7. Hello *waves* I want to buy land on the mainland to use my inclusive-tier of the Premium. I've a skybox in this size which I like, but now I found out that most 512qm parcels are rectangle-shaped. Aren't there square-shaped parcels on the Mainland anymore?
  8. What's about an event? Is there also a event to check if the avatar sit or doesn't sit anymore on a object? (without an timer?)
  9. Ähhhh? Wirklich? Na dann hat das nur drei Jahre gedauert... also noch sechs und wir haben unsere Umlaute. *schmunzelt* Wird dieser Beitrag im deutschen Forum gar nicht angezeigt?
  10. Also in den verlinkten Jira-Eintrag kann ich nicht kommentieren oder voten. Wurde das abgestellt? Ansonsten ist das schon leicht deskriminierend was sie da mit den Umlauten tun, ein technisches Problem duerften Umlaute im Zeitalter von UTF-Encoding nicht mehr wirklich geben. Ansonsten waere es selbst kein Problem mit Javascript hier eine Bruecke zu schaffen (3 Zeilen Code) , aber anscheinend ist ihnen das nicht einmal wichtig genug. Schade, ich bin entaeuscht.
  11. Wäre interessant und nett von dir wenn du uns auf dem laufenden halten koenntest/wuerdest. Mir ist sowas zum Glueck noch nicht passiert, aber wie sagt man immer: "Sag niemals nie." Ansonsten weißt du sicherlich schon bestimmt, Passwort komplizierter und länger machen. Kein Wort, mit Sonderzeichen, Groß und Kleinschreibung sowie Zahlen. Ich schaetze aus dem Grund habe ich bisher wohl noch Glueck gehabt.
  12. Some minutes ago I head the same bug. I needed some time to realize that I've to refresh the shot (image) before save them.
  13. Greetings, I want to know if long variable/function names or long comments have any disadvantages for the script, that we wrote. (disadvantage for performance or memory) At the beginning I tryed to write with short variable, function names and made the comments to a minimum, because I thought this could be produce a bad impact to the script. But since Mono, I'm not sure. Now... some years later, in other script-languages I working with long self explainig names and comments. But there it isn't really a problem, because these script-languages allowing clean and minfiy possibilitys. Hope anyone can share his/her experience about that.
  14. *nods* "I did. That was the first thing I checked."
  15. Greetings, I used the "eye03" and "eye05" animation from Anypose to let the eyes look down (and down-right). But now I relized that after I stopped these animations, the avatar don't following the camera foucs unti I log off and on again. In AnyPose HUD is a release button, but it seems not to work. So I would ask, if it is possible to release the eyes after animation again? I thought already to start the built-in animation, but the wiki sayed that these built-in animations can't be started or stopped by scripts. So... is there a way to release the eyes again, to follow the camera focus. Or is relog the only soulution?
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