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  1. I am on the older side as well, but enjoy all things Geeky . Comics, Sci-Fi etc
  2. When my friend had her live music venue a Linden would pop in every once in awhile to hear a singer, I don't remember any fawning, unless it was in IM, they were ignored pretty much, only thing that happened was my friend sending me an IM hoping there wasn't a problem going on. Unless things have changed, I do remember if you talked to them and asked they would give a Linden bear I believe, I never saw anything like virtual panties being thrown at them when they appeared or anything.
  3. Tried changing the DNS several times. The laptop is using the same DNS through my ISP as my main computer connecting through the same router and it has no issues logging in with Firestorm. Only difference is it is running Windows XP professional.My main computer using Vista ran Viewer 2 for about 5 updates and it came back with the same "DNS cannot resolve host name" A person that posted on here about a year ago had the same exact issue, with viewer 2 breaking on the same update, and he was using Vista. MAC OS was having the same issue till LL made a patch for the problem. Logging in with Phoenix or older viewer there is no issue on the Vista computer. When viewer 2 first came out couldn't use it due to the "DNS cannot resolve host name" tried about a year later it worked till update 2.5. I noticed some other people posting on here with the issue they put Vista as the their OS. One person like me gave up because of the issue tried every solution given hundreds of times and nothing worked, he put his OS as Vista.
  4. I have had this issue for years with no resolution that worked, I use Vista. My sister gave me her old laptop with Windows XP professional on it, I put the same security software provided by my ISP on it as my main, logged into the same network/ router, it ran it fine, my main with Vista "DNS cannot resolve host name". I believe now it is a SL viewer software issue and has nothing to do with DNS at all. Much like the problem with MAC OS sometime back that got a patch. Thing is this needs a patch witch I don't see coming out. After talking to a bunch of people they all said to them it has to be a software issue on their end not a DNS/ISP issue since it ran one version and broke again on an update, now I am pretty sure they were right.
  5. This is basically a question for those that never could get the issue solved no matter what they did. Are you using Windows Vista Premium Home Edition? I ask this question because when viewer 2 first came out I got that error, about a year later I tried viewer 2 again and it worked up to version 2.5 and the issue came back. I tried every solution presented on this forum to try and get it to work. Changed DNS to google. Unplugged and reset router tons of times. Flushed DNS cache tons to times. Nothing given worked, here lately my sister gave me her old laptop to play around with, it runs Windows XP professional, I downloaded the same security suite I use on my main computer for it, it runs though the same router and ISP etc. Bascially everything is the same, yet I tried Firestorm and voila it went through and logged in with no problems. My main computer running Vista with Firestorm "DNS cannot resolve host name" I event tried running it with Windows XP compatibility still won't work. I am starting to suspect the problem doesn't lie within a DNS issue but with SL software and Vista not working together, much like the MAC OS issues that got the same "DNS cannot resolve host name" issue months back that Lindens put out a patch for. So I am wondering if this might be a question of needing a patch from LL for Vista, why none of the resolutions have worked.
  6. I have had the issue for years. I first got the problem when viewer 2 came out (which was before I had a router), I tried viewer 2 again about a year later and it worked fine up to update 2.5 I believe, and the issue came back. I have not been able to use it since, I did finally get a router some time later, still had the same issue, got a new one some months back a nice Cisco one, still same issue. I have had every suggestion listed on here tried. 1.Changed to Google DNS check. Didn't work. 2.Flushed DNS check. Didn't work. 3. Unplugged computer/ router tons of times check. Didn't work. 4.Changed to another DNS still didn't work. I did run into someone on here about a year ago had the same issue, even got the same error at the same version of Viewer 2 I did. He like me tried every suggestion presented, nothing worked. It got the point suggestions just kept repeating what was done numerous times without no resolution. I talked to a few people, basically told me if it worked fine and then stopped from an upgrade, it's an issue within their software not with you, so nothing you do is going to work, has to come from the software provider ie a patch. Which I don't ever see coming. I am using Phoenix right now till it finally breaks then I guess I am finished with Second Life. (Just for an update for an experiment I used the old laptop my sister gave me that has Windows XP professional, has the same security software on it provided by my ISP, and logged into the same network, it worked fine, so I am guessing it is a Vista issue with the new SL viewer, not a DNS issue at all, sort of like the MAC OS issue sometime back. This will need a patch from LL to fix, which I bet will never see.)
  7. I have had friends vanish. In my years online, playing games (Sims Online,Star Wars Galaxies etc) people get bored and leave. There is also the fact you need rl money to shop and buy things, and many people have cut out a lot of non essential expenses SL being one of them more than likely. My friend who talked me into trying SL again in 2007 we knew each other from Sims Online was hugely addicted to Second Life and had a live music venue for years, due to economic factors she had to shut it down, now she hardly logs on anymore, same goes for me. I think also as friends leave people just get tired of having to start over finding new friends, so they eventually log in less or leave.And as others have said there is always something new coming out to catch peoples attention.
  8. Good luck, I tried every solution known to man, DNS changes, resets, computer on and off. You name it. Nothing worked, Lindens couldn't even figure it out.I think it is something a small percentage of computers have issues with..Viewer 2 first came out I got the error..later down the road it worked. Patch 5.1 came out..boom back to error and ever since..
  9. Hollywood and Record companies have always took such a heavy handed approach to wanting laws they pretty much doom themselves doing it. These recent bills is another example how they try to sneak things through congress hoping the public won't catch on.Because when people do hear about them they want them defeated, not mainly because the public wants things for free, it's that the media companies want to outlaw everything, even if it is something that should be legal, like making backup copies for your own personal use. Some examples I remember is back in the 80's when audio cassettes first started becoming popular, people were recording their favorite songs off records and playing them in their cars etc, sometimes making mix tapes like people making cds now. They wanted this stopped, since they couldn't stop it failing to ban blank cassettes they tried a new tatic, I always remember watching a music awards show in the early 80's, not sure if it was Grammys or American Music one, they always have a suit from the record company come up and talk about the industry, he was getting applause from the singers etc in the audience, up to one point. He stated their goal of making a tax on all blank audio cassettes, usually at the time sold in three packs the cheaper variety, and two packs for higher end ones, their goal was to tack on a 1 dollar surcharge on each one sold to make up for loss revenue to "the illegal practice" of people recording records even records they owned. After he said that the audience went dead silent, no applause, nothing you could hear a pin drop. Because everyone knew how unpopular this would be and it never happened. Then you have Hollywood trying to stop VCR's and Betamax in the 80's. Both of them wanting to stop DVD burners in the 90's and failing.Then the movie industry found out how profitable home video market was. Just like record companies did with Itunes which they hated at first. I agree their is a piracy issue, but majority of that is foreign, China etc, and I think many Americans like getting their stuff legally for the most part, look how much money Itunes makes selling songs versus file sharing. A lot of these companies want to shut down everything such as fair use, and the simple practice of showing a small clip of a tv or movie on youtube, which you would think they would love, because it brings interest to it. Basically they want to take a sledgehammer approach to copyright instead of using a scapel.
  10. Also remember to show some love for the venue that puts on the show, like clubs in SL they for the most either barely break even or not at all. A lot of people who own them put in their own money to rent/own the land plus pay the singer. My friends venue closed after 5 years, and after helping her for those years I know how much goes into one.
  11. I have had a DNS issue since viewer 2.5 came out. I also had the issue back when viewer 2 first came out, I tried it again some versions later and it worked. Well until 2.5. I tried everything, I use Google DNS. I am fairly sure by now it has nothing to do with my modem, router or ISP. Since if that was an issue Viewer 2 would never have worked at all. I am pretty much believe at this point it's something within the program itself that causes it. Mac user had the issue not too long ago and a patch came out. And I am betting it only effects a small percentage of people.
  12. I have had this issue since version 2.5. Even Firestorm gives me this error. I know it's not my computer, and I use Google DNS. It is something within the program itself. I originally got this error back when viewer 2 first came out. But I guess a update later fixed the problem. I used viewer 2 up till 2.5 and boom back comes the error and I have had it ever since.I have talked to the Lindens about it, gave them my login info for viewer 2 etc. Haven't heard a thing more about it.I do see a post every so often with this issue happening with someone else. If viewer 1 (now using Phoenix) ever stop working correctly and this issue is never fixed, there goes my using Second Life.
  13. Not sure if you are talking about the "DNS cannot resolve host name" issue . If you are I am a Windows Vista user and have had the issue since 2.5 came out. Well I also had it when Viewer 2 first came out but I guess some random fix in a later version solved the issue and I tried it again and it worked. Then the update to 2.5 and it has been the error I have gotten ever since. I have tried every workaround possible. Changed my DNS to Google, flushed DNS etc. I am pretty sure it is not my ISP, if it was I don't think I would have ever been able to use viewer 2 at all. A Linden made a bug ticket for me, I gave them my logs when trying to get into SL using the newer versions. But haven't heard anything back about it since. I don't think it crops up in a wide range of users. Only a certain percentage and it would seem both Mac and PC users are both effected by it. I have seen bugs pop up in other online games like this one that only had a small percentage of users bothered by it for some odd reason. But the issue was eventually found and fixed. I have came to the conclusion that eventually once everything goes to viewer 2 tech and this issue is not fixed some people including myself are going to be locked out of SL for good. If they ever do switch over and shut out all older viewers.
  14. I had the issue when viewer 2 first came out. I decided to try it again some versions later and it worked.When 2.5 came out so did the DNS cannot resolve host name error come back. I have tried every thing suggested and some stuff I found online. nothing and I mean nothing has worked to fix the issue. SL viewer is the only program I have ever had this issue on in all my years playing games online. I am pretty sure it's something within the program itself that is causing this. It just doesn't effect a large group of people. It seems only a small group get hit by it. I am not a software engineer but I don't think it has anything to do with your ISP other than maybe it's a regional thing..Might be a an idea to have everyone that has this issue say who their internet provider is. But since I have been using viewer 2 up till 2.5 came out, I would think if there was a issue with my ISP and viewer 2 I would have never been able to use it at all.
  15. Your post doesn't say what OS you use or if you had this problem in the past with viewer 2. In my case nothing has worked since version 2.5 to resolve this very same issue with me. I use Windows Vista. If you try all the suggestions. Clear your DNS cache,change your DNS to something else like Google DNS etc. And none of these work on any version of viewer 2 you might have to switch to a third party viewer like Phoenix.
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