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  1. What about one of the oldest, historical sims, say: Natoma by the Ivory Tower, or on Da Boom? A lot of residents have little knowledge of the origins of SL. edited for typo, and to remove underline.
  2. Maisie, IM me in world, and I will give you samples of clothes made like this, and the textures to do it. DrFran Babcock
  3. I am sorry if this is somewhere else in the forums, but I couldn't find it. Does anyone have a list of the the old mainlaind sims that allow terraforming up or down to 40 meters? Thanks so much forum readers. :-)
  4. Hello, Try asking Panacea Luminous. She has many NY Themed sims, and has a coffee-shop that might just fit the bill. She is very open to machinima, etc.
  5. That's a good sounding tip, that I will surely try. Thanks so much.
  6. Sorry, if this has been asked before, I searched and did't find anything. I make educational machinima that I use at work to train employees. The staff love these videos, but I find that folks get distracted, at times, by the herky jerky movement of the avatars. This is not about frame rate, but abot the talk animations in SL. Does anyone know of a tool or something to improve this? I am willing to spend Lindens to improve this distraction. Thanks in advance. drfran
  7. I would blame it on dyslexia, but I don't have it. :matte-motes-agape:
  8. Hello all. I am working on a build for SL6B. I have been to the Second LIfe History Museum (wonderful), a few web sites, the Wikia, etc, and have these places as early places that still exist. The Man on Natoma The Moth Temple Ryan Linden's Statue Luskwood The Magellan Crash site If anyone has any other anthropological artifacts of which they are aware, I would love to hear about them. I have created a photo booth that rezzes out scenes in which you can pose. This will allow folks to quickly see what's out there. I also provide Landmarks and information. Thanks for reading this. DrFran
  9. D'oh yes, I am on OS X 10.6.8 Snow Leopard
  10. Hello all. I will try to give you as much information as possible, so that maybe someone can figure out what is going on. Thanks. MY PROBLEM: I was having no problem with shadows, and was able to take some great pics, etc. http://drfranbabcock.wordpress.com/2011/07/30/judy-judy-judy/ For the last few weeks, maybe since the last viewer update, I am unable to invoke shadows. I can change all the settings in preferences, and shadows is checked, but I don't see any shadows any more. Any ideas? MY COMPUTER:  Model Name:MacBook Pro Model Identifier:MacBookPro6,2 Processor Name:Intel Core i7
  11. OK. I am trying to figure this out: I own two MacBook Pros, the specs below are for the newer one, a generation old (not a long time in Apple standards :-)), since the last two Beta updates I am unable to log in on the new MBP no matter what I do. It gets about 90% through the process, then hangs and crashes. Over and over and over. I can log in on my older machine,but the graphics card doesn't support shadows and is not as pretty. I mean, I got a better computer for a better SL. I have tried various things: Cleared cache, lowered ALL settings, logged in on a sim I know is empty, updated all
  12. Thanks so much for your informed answer. Most of the time what I want is just the validation that the problem I am experiencing is a known problem. I love the new UI, but I get used to change quickly--a thing one must do to reside in Second Life. Here's hoping the crash on TP gets fixed soon. It is tiring.
  13. I concur and validate. I am crashtastic, and cannot tp or use SL as I like. This needs fixing quickly thanks.
  14. Hello all. I am not a great scripter, but I made a little rowboat, and I am using the Sea Turtle Boat script in it. I modded the script so that I can hold oars I made and I can row with a rowing animation I bought. The problem I am having is that the camera faces behind me, rather than the direction in whic hI am rowing (I sit backwards on the boat, as in a real rowboat) thus making it impossible to see where I am going. I need the camera to face me, sitting backwards, but pointed towards the bow of the boat. I have played with the parameters for the camera, to no avail. Can anyone help? Thank
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