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  1. Void Singer wrote: rated by whom? the English that have their taste buds forcibly removed so they can stand the bland local food? the "facts" are debatable because they are all based on regional tastes, making them meaningless outside of their areas... straight chocolates, I prefer Swiss; truffles, Belgian or German; extra dark, I prefer the Italian ones over the Belgian, but both are good. the French are good at cordials and similar oversweet combinations, but that's about it IMO, and Hersheys is only suitable for coating other things by comparison IMO (and I'm distantly related to him, so no nepotism). but those are my tastes... other large commercial brands in the US like Nestle (oily cocoa powder), Cadbury (Bland and grainy), and Dove (plastic) are only worth mentioning as how bad they are in comparison. not at all ,they are rated by other chocolatiers. i suggest you have never had good chocolate. commercial chocolate is only fit for pigs.
  2. Willow Danube wrote: Dogboat Taurog wrote: french and english are the best chocolates by far, with paris as the chocolate city of the world. Wrong again... you know BBC is as good as a liar as CNN is, right? Kinda up there right after Al Jazeera. I mean in terms of chocolate btw.. Paris would like to be the capital city of everything. Have you not heard about the French Fries fiasco? Here's a known fact of the world's best chocolatiers.. 1. Switzerland 2. Belgium 3. Italy The English may have invented Chicken Tikka Massala and Baseball (sorry Maya, Baseball was invented by the Brits and Basketball by a Canadian), no way you can put them at the same level as these countries. Just because you added some truffles in your chocolates doesn't mean you are the world's best. jeez not another.. the bbc were dead right with this headline. swiss chocolate isnt even rated belgian is so so. french is the best with england in second place. some american chocolatiers are good. some english ones are good. but the french have more rated chocolatiers than any other country. and paris has the most chocolatiers in the world. thats the facts. ETA the french fries fiasco? The usa is as far as i know the only country in the world that calls them french fries. their fiasco, no one elses.
  3. Mayalily wrote: It's not fun nor was it funny. When the euro starts to tank and banks are going all coconuts, I surely won't be starting any threads on it to pour salt in the wounds when people will be struggling thru that. Pouring salt into wounds might be your idea of humor, but it's not mine. You can sure dish it, but you can't take it. Nor can you deal with the truth either. it was a remarkable headline, build yourself a bridge and get over it.
  4. Mayalily wrote: Well, we'll just have to agree to disagree because I do see this thread starting as nothing but for you to bash America. And, it wasn't appreciated. oh come on ,that was the headline. i had a bit of fun with you, you were too stuck up to realise it.
  5. Mayalily wrote: What was the original question? There wasn't any; he was making a commentary about a story run on Google front page. The OP needs to seriously deal with the problems of their own backyard of which the OP seems to want to remain blind too. And, Cadbury, bleh, tastes like poison; it's sickeningly sweet. No one (almost) here eats it because we have Mom and Pop chocolatiers where we can get fresh, homemade chocolates. America has all kinds of chocolates and recipes. I brought up Hersey's because that is American innovation at work; Hersey invented milk chocolate, before that we only had dark chocolate. But, seriously OP, take care of your countrys' problems cuz you got many. In fact, your countrys credit rating is already negative and has been since 2009. However, this will fall on deaf ears. im listening, i saw the article on the bbc website, you have overeacted, my light hearted taunting obviously bought out an ugly side of you, it doesnt really matter if you compare the USA with Timbuktu, the facts remain. i wasn't country bashing, it was a remarkable headline, im sure there are a lot of good things about the USA, i just can't think of any at the moment, ah yes! the low exchange rate! that was meant as a joke. its english humour. no reason to get annoyed or upset.
  6. Storm Clarence wrote: Btw ladies, we are dressing "cowboy chic" for this party. Can I recommend a few of my favorites? Outfit by Moschino Pumps: The "Shannon" from H by Halston. did she get dressed in a second hand shop in the dark? that is seriously one of the worst outfits i have ever seen :smileyindifferent:
  7. Pussycat Catnap wrote: NicholasKulp wrote: Yall are gay... and the second one is the one that looks gay. Why would that scare him? Unless he's straight. Because the second one looks like Freddy Mercury. The first looks more like a 'RL gay' male - which basically looks like a RL straight male. Except in the gay community, making oneself look more appealing as an ideal 'masculine look' is idealized; an Adonis look. This is also true among many straight men. If that confused you, its because you're still paying attention to Hollywood stereotypes about gays. As to the OP - I can relate to your dilemma on many levels. Being interracial, having a genius level intelligence, and having an advanced degree despite coming from the inner city all work to make me always 'odd' and out of sync with others. In SL, there seems to be an amazing pressure to be a 20's Caucasian dressed in 1980s to early 90s trends. Anyone else is going to face some level of ostracism. SL is a very visual medium, populated by people who make very quick and often strong judgements based on cartoon character appearance. it all seems rather peculier, the OP is so hell bent on making sure everyone knows hes gay and then appeals that hes misunderstood and doesnt fit in. i have news for you, most of the world isnt gay. just chill out a bit Dresden. i went to amsterdam with a gay friend, first thing he did was went to the sex shops and bought what i thought was just pure trashy gay porn. he was obessed with gross explicit gay porn. my nephew is openly gay , he likes to go to club toilets and entertain strangers. i have my own sexual preferences but i don't go telling everyone about them, only my partner who it actually matters to. pussycat. i hardly think you are a genius. its the soccer mom complex again, seems your degree has gone to an advanced degree in just under a week. avatars are simply not detailed enough, you cant choose a 60 year old, same as you cant choose a 20 year old cat. its all stereotypes. im a no nonsense person, dont need a cat suit to impress people, i can do that anyway.
  8. Willow Danube wrote: On the subject of Chocolate... Although I grew up on Cadbury, I must admit Hershey does have the superior quality. But they all pale into comparison the day I tasted a Belgian chocolate. It is true what they say.. once you've gone Belgian.... in chocolate circles hersheys isnt even mentioned. mass produced lard in a wrapper. cadbury is not real chocolate, it doesnt taste of chocolate, It's just sugar and fat. french and english are the best chocolates by far, with paris as the chocolate city of the world. dosent have to be expensive either, a bar of green and blacks is about £1.50 or 28 US$ at todays exchange rates :smileywink:
  9. Hailley Denimore wrote: If you hadn't blabbed it in the forums, who would have ever known but you? he didn't. he created an alt with his real name.
  10. Void Singer wrote: well what can I say, I have a lot of personality... too much apparently to be held in one one avatar.... some might call that a bad thing. im sure you think you have too much personality for 1 avatar, what does the avatar have to do with it? personally i think thats for others to judge. i'ts like saying i'm a fabulous person or i'm an amazing artist. american culture has a lot to answer for - think soccer moms and medals for everything and you are getting close.
  11. Mayalily wrote: I'm not into country bashing either, but come on with "your cough it up" as though England is sitting on a bed of roses which it is not. This is a global epidemic of debt problems. America got attacked by terrorists. Blowing up Skyscrapers is not exactly proper behavior of human beings. It cost us a lot of money to deal with this attack, and we've had to take care of Mexico and lots of other people. America is doing the best it can. But countries really need to take care of what they can take of, and it's time for American's to take care of American's. The war on terrorism has cost us a lot of money, and America considers Britain and the U.K. our allies, not enemies. We just don't have some of the same tastes as you do. Your Cadbury chocolate eggs taste like poison, btw, they are sickeningly sweet. Barf! And they rot in a corner for 75% off as a big lump of poison. American's like Hersey's chocolate. We have our own culture here. We don't see a need to breed some kind of royality as there is no blue blood, only red. We are a different culture, but most innovation happens right here in America. We are a great country, but not perfect. I prefer German innovation as my second choice, and Italy and France for culture. We couldn't just turn our backs on Mexico either. This has been difficult; these people were starving and they are our neighbors. People on this forum cannot "cough up" any money for you. This thread seemed to be started so I'd post something about the trouble with the euro, and I'm not playing that game any more with you. i was taunting you for nation bashing. i posted about apple and the usa. you bought britain into it when you could have chosen any country or just disussed the usa and apple. instead you criticise great britain and the royal family and its chocolate? how bizarre.
  12. Hailley Denimore wrote: Ok, just take that 350 million out of what you still owe us for lend lease and saving your butt, plus the 60 years of interest And I'm not nation bashing, otherwise I would have said something about the Republic of the Union of Myanmar. What a dumb name. Britain settled up with the USA around 8 years ago i seem to remember. they paid it all back including the interest. im not nation bashing either btw.
  13. Void Singer wrote: seems like a rather cold and staid world you live in to me. where's the fun? the wonder? the imagination? the exploration? I'm actually a bit shocked that you find any draw to SL at all given those perceptions. Myself personally I find many more "real" people in the groups you seem to despise, than among those who choose to be exclusively human (modern or otherwise) which is sadly drenched in near identical barbie dolls and g.i. joes...not that those are bad in and of themselves, but it's definitely monotonous. Me, I fit into every category you descibedfrom anthropomoric leapord librarian, to child genius in the steam era, and mor than a few beyond, such as my robotic dance queen, a poor bohemien artist that also happens to be a patchwork frankenstien-esque person, a bored modern goth (that I've mostly retired because of bloodlines ruining the scene), a monochrome classical roman faun (late era), and even a flicker ball of black lights... sometimes they are characters to play, but in general they are all the "real" me (which I have another avatar for, which most people would consider very plain, dowdy even). are they all "real" in the sense they exist in the physical world.... of course not, that's silly. but they are "real" in the sense that they personify aspects of my RL personality, as a form following function representation; something that the real world can't lay claim to much as we'd like to believe bright and shiny means good and dark and worn means bad. I am quite happy with who I am, despite an perceived imperfections (by others or even myself), and I would hope others are happy with themselves too. If you can say that to yourself with honesty, then you've done something right IMO. I do think though that the limits you've placed on others has cut you off from a lot of people that'd you'd otherwise get along famously with. i'm a bohemian, but that takes effort, its not just turning on a personality at the flick of a switch. for most who are extreme in their looks or actions its just cheap vanity and childishness. great you got a rabbit suit, that makes you a rabbit and ooh so cute. omg you got a carrot too, ooh how we laughed at your inventiveness and ingenuity. meh. i came to SL to find people, i found a lot of retards.
  14. Liisa Runo wrote: i heard that in SL we can create stuff. I like creating stuff. theres this place called RL, you can create stuff there too. You really should check it out sometime.
  15. Void Singer wrote: Dogboat Taurog wrote: [...] its about finding those like you [...] and how do you know who is like you if you spend all your time being like everyone else? don't get me wrong, it's possible that being like everyone else is who you are, or even more basic everyone else is like who you are. But just because a person doesn't share one thing in common, doesn't mean they have no things in common... it's the differences that make it interesting. after all how many people could honestly say they'd want to date themselves? pretty sure most heterosexuals would object to that, and we'd probably question the ones that didn't =) there are more subtle forces at work here, i'm not the same as everyone else, i have my own criteria. i guess i'm quite fussy but i can afford to be, i dont need or want to compromise and i dont need 1000 phoney friends on facebook to bolster my self esteem. i'm not here to collect friends. someone dressed as an animal or robot suit is just pathetic, anyone can buy a chipmunk suit, being real takes more effort. children avs are at least wierd and quite possibly perverts so they are definately out at first glance.
  16. Void Singer wrote: still doesn't answer my question... why not challenge preconceived notions, some of which are largely based on practical RL criteria? is humanity so inured to herd/pack behavior that it not only won't challenge things that no longer have a logical basis, but won't even notice? is social inertia really so strong that it's reduced imagination to reflections of RL circumstance? I personally like to think not. after all, most users accept the ability to fly in SL without much thought at all. as I said, I'm just curious about what limits people are placing on themselves (and others), and why. Is conformity really that strong? if so, why is that strong? There isn't any wrong answer to those questions, but asking them leads to figuring out the positive and negative aspects, letting us discard the negative and embrace the positive. why challenge RL contraints? dress up as a clown and go shopping at walmart. go swimming in the park duckpond. eat cats. drive a car that looks like a giraffe. its about finding those like you, personally i cant be bothered with robots or animals, children or other wierdo's, in SL. life is too short. who wants friends who you have absolutely nothing in common with. are we not attracted to commonality in the end?
  17. Void Singer wrote: you should read it, it's funny. i dont take any notice of unknown urls. i could make one myself and put whatever i wanted on it. so no thanks. i prefer to look at what the experts say.
  18. Mayalily wrote: Pot, kettle again. I'll wait until August 2nd, thanks, but the following article sure gave me a belly laugh! http://unconfirmedsources.com/?itemid=6159 mayalily these are the facts. the title of the url you offered gave me a belly laugh, i didnt bother to look. you would be far more credible if you offered credible sources. unfortunately you can't. you don't even understand the concept of money, how can you hope to understand the USA's fiscal problems?
  19. Void Singer wrote: 1 variable, and one extra multiplication... wow... difficult. i have to agree, and someone will go the extra foot and implement this. good luck to those who refuse to change.
  20. Void Singer wrote: a few of those myths aren't so mythical, but they are mostly based on the original megas which had such limited ranges that they were forced to be chopped up in unusual ways that could have some annoying side effects if people didn't pay attention; for instance cuts that faced traffic areas causing physics problems under the previous havoc version. most of those problems were removed when the wider selection of megas became available, and almost eliminated entirely when the new physics engine went online. Unfortunately some people are resistant to changing their views, and hold onto information that is no longer valid. myths in other words. i was using gene replacements megas over 4 years ago badly used standard prims can cause as many problems.
  21. Void Singer wrote: I'm not talking about normal clothes, I'm talking about things you'd expect urchins to be wearing on people with 30k new cars, and accessories worth as much or more than most peoples monthly shopping allowance. You don't live here so I don't expect you to realize. it's as they purposely pick the dirtiest, raggediest things they were just getting ready to throw away to wear there... but when you see these same people out an about other places, they have on average clothes or work attire that is much cleaner and well presented. Dogboat Taurog wrote: well maybe its because you are better than the rest? that's really sweet of you to say, but if you knew my income, or my normal attire, I'm sure you'd never suggest that. I certainly don't. but none of that is the point I was trying to get at.... which is do we have to live up to other peoples RL social expectations in a virtual environment? obviously there is some price for violating expectations, but all I'm arguing is there is also a price for ignoring our own wants or needs too. It's highlighted by the lack of certain practical considerations that don't exist in SL. Simply put, those social expectations should be reevaluated to consider the current circumstances. and I find it odd that so few people do, and was trying to suss out why not. isnt it about fitting in to a certain extent? some extremes, but going to a club with a sword or a darth vadar avatar, going to a tiny sim or gor as a normal avatar. going to a SL church as an animal. nude on g rated land. the list could go on. kinda wrecks the immersion as i said before. just like RL you dont want to look so far out of place you would be commented on, unless you are a shameless exhibitionist and a fool.
  22. Jo Yardley wrote: Ok so they are going let us use bigger prims, in stead of 10x10x10 we will now be allowed to make 64x64x64 meter prims, or there abouts. Hurrah, fantastic, let's get rif of all those old megaprims... well almost all of them... Why 64? Why not 100? Why not 1000? it will be great when LL finally implement this, it will legitimise megas, in the past i have walked away from land renters because of this silly myth.
  23. Void Singer wrote: Dogboat Taurog wrote: Void Singer wrote: but if you visit RL beachs that are in popular locations you are bound to eventually. In SL it's not as if they're sweating... and not all beaches are warm and tropical. But even past that, why should a virtual environment mirror RL is my question. The needs are not the same so why should the behavior or social mores be the same? it's not a condemnation, just curiosity about why some people expect it. for immersion i believe, sure you can do anything in a suit, just like you could in RL. but say you go to a beach, everyone else is wearing shorts etc, you tp there with a suit on and immediately you look out of place. also people will lose their immersion, so its quite rude really, a lot of beaches try to enforce a dress code exactly for this. and if the point is to look out of place? or to keep a certain standard of appearance? I'll agree that it's rude if there is a stated rule against it, or the owner requires it, but otherwise, just like in RL I feel no personal pressure to dress like I crawled out of a garbage bin when entering a Wal Mart store, just because most of the people there do (not all thankfully, but it's a scary trend) well maybe its because you are better than the rest? i have never been inside a walmart but personally i wear my best suit when shopping for dogfood at tesco's. shame on the poor and tasteless lower classes. how dare they go shopping in normal clothes.
  24. Mayalily wrote: lol ok one more alternative, stick your fingers in your ears :smileyvery-happy:
  25. Blot Brickworks wrote: Of course.........never less than once a year......... same here, whether i need to or not....
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