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  1. I mean.. actually most of the shapes are way more mature. Like 25-30 year olds. I'm going for a college student look.
  2. Forgot to add I'm looking for a pretty skinny shape/skin.. I want it to actually resemble me.
  3. I'm looking for high quality shapes/skins (with demos available hopefully). I'm finding it hard to find shops in world but slm just has too much... any recomendations? Edit: Most I find have chinky eyes...
  4. I honestly love viewer one... why can't they just add onto that one? V2 is NOTHING like viewer one. I don't need a complicated profile or anything. Just let me play jeeze.
  5. I just downloaded this viewer with the creation of my new account and when I go to Me>Status>Not away it switches for less than .1 second and then goes RIGHT BACK to away! What's the problem herE?!
  6. Can anyone find out your sign up email w/o hacking your account?
  7. My avatar is a child so it isn't hard to buy every outfit I like (I've turned into a shop a holic) as I only really have about 7 nice outfits that I really like. I'm currently creating an alt however which will be an adult and therefore I'm going to have to be careful not to buy everything as there is much more offered. But yes, I'd say that's extremely boring... especially if it's just a suit. Maybe if you get something a bit brighter and happier it wouldn't be as big of a deal . But as a side note, lot's of people which RP in a very nichy area can't find many outfits to match their character and therefore wear the same thing. Or in a superhero setting or something - that never changes. Just saying. Just depends how you 'play' and what you do.
  8. I had enjoyed the sims games when I was younger and other online worlds and games but I realized I'd gotten tired of slaying monsters in other games and simply wanted a separate life to relax and see/learn new stuff... So I had heard of SL and one of my friends was joining so I figured I'd join with him (who soon quit there after) and then I stuck with it.
  9. I guess it may not be obvious to others as I am clearly biased on this question. But I don't want it to be looked up on facebook should I be successful or hacked or anything like that... Some people just have nothing better to do than find a target.
  10. Wow, I found the article you are talking about. That's some complicated stuff. I guess it's basically keeping part of your name and changing the rest? Quick question: If I set a display name, is there a way to delete it? So that then only my username shows up. I know I coulsd change the display name to the username but then it'd show like this: Whatevermynameis(Whatevermynameis) because doesn't it show up as Display Name(user.name) ?? Yet when you start out I believe it just displays as: Username. Can you revert back to this at any time?
  11. Yes, scripts. Yeah I really enjoyed last names. You could choose a professional name and it was just simple to set up. And you don't get a bunch of annoying display names. I wanna go by one name. Not two.
  12. So I'm recreating my alt (long story) for business. I'm trying to come up with a username and I want it to be professional but I want it to sound like a real name.. Not just a random word. Any suggestions on picking? If I have the username be something professional and then display name be a realistic name? Idk, I'm new to this whole 2 name thing. I want the name to be distinguishable though but also be thought of as a person rather than just a business. Example: If I made my name, say, PremiumScripts, I would simply be thought of as a business and idt people would interact with me as a person... which I still want. So basically I need something that could be a name.. and could be professional. If you think of any words off the top of your head if you could just jot them down :) I know y'all are probably like 'WHAT A DUMB THREAD' and that I'm over thinking this but I just want to make one alt I can stick with.
  13. Yeah it's username. I guess I just never met anyone new (I typically keep to myself). And I did use V1. Hating V2 already. Too many buttons, I liked it simple. Perhaps I'll get used to it.
  14. Thank you very much for the link Blah, change usually isn't good.
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