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  1. Storm Clarence wrote: Dogboat Taurog wrote: ...i spelt all of their names wrongly but you still know who i am talking about dont you? Yes, this time. then its good enough.
  2. Storm Clarence wrote: Dogboat Taurog wrote: it's a forum not an examination. It's a language - the most fundamental tool available for people to communicate thoughts, opinions, and emotions. Why be misunderstood when the tools are at your fingertips to enable the clear expression of what you seek to communicate? I have a foolish question for you Dogboat, have you ever felt that any of your posts on this forum have been misunderstood by some? im pretty sure everyone from steven hawking to einstien to abrham lincoln have made spelling mistakes at least once in their lives, and yes i spelt all of their names wrongly but you still know who i am talking about dont you? ETA, i think my posts are quite often misunderstood but they are misunderstood intentionally because i am non PC and honest. OMG... he said what most of us think but are too afraid to say it etc.
  3. Void Singer wrote: actually people get detained despite having recent photos and lest you think it's just trans people, or even just include the intersexed crowd, the truth is even average men and women get stopped if their physical appearance (especially) or attire (occasionally) violate the inspectors expectation of what male or female should look like. personally I think they took a step in the wrong direction... rather than adding more categories they should just do away with gener marks on ID completely.... it's not as if it serves any useful purpose on there. probably helps in bump evaluation. is that a gun or are you just pleased to see me etc. it would just be easier to use a typical photo of you, or is that too PC nowadays? and isn't the idea to get through custom as quickly as possible and make it as easy as possible? after all, we all love waiting to get out after a long flight.
  4. Ian Undercroft wrote: Making due and proper allowance for those who don't have English as their first language, you're kidding yourself if you're suggesting that a person's grammar and spelling doesn't, as a general rule, also say a lot about their intelliegence. its snobbery, provided the message is clear, mistakes dont matter, its time consuming to correct and more time consuming to seize on it. so nobody wins and they lose a tiny part of their lifetime. it's a forum not an examination.
  5. Willow Danube wrote: am i thinking what I think you were thinking of thinking to do? i might be or i might not,. i'm a mysterious kinda guy,, but then you are a mysterious kinda gal,
  6. Venus Petrov wrote: I am sure there are instances where this has happened and it is very unfortunate. The best ways to find reputable landlords is via word of mouth (from a trusted friend who has perhaps rented from the same group) or doing research. How long has the landlord been in business? Get references from some current and former tenants. Even better is purchasing your own parcel. If you do so from LL they are your landlord, there is no rental box and, as long as you pay tier, you have the property. you can't purchase land in SL, its what i call key money its all rented from LL and LL own it all forever. mainland isn't worth paying the privilege for renting nowadays. as Venus said find a good Landlord on a private sim, you should get the land free with the first weeks rent,
  7. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-pacific-14926598 "An Australian senator, Louise Pratt - whose partner was born female and is now identified as a man - said the reform was a huge step forward. "There have been very many cases of people being detained at airports by immigration in foreign countries simply because their passports don't reflect what they look like," she told Australian radio."  of course having a recent photo of yourself on your passport would be a ridiculous idea lol and imagine all the australians who will tick the third gender box for a giggle. :smileyvery-happy:
  8. Griffin Ceawlin wrote: If you're so sure that I'm stalking her outside of SL, report me to the police, Dogboat. Go ahead. THEY can sort it out. They'll laugh you out of the station house when you tell them that someone had the audacity to GOOGLE "Mrs. Dogboat Taurog." I have no interest in conversing with you inworld, Dogboat. I have much better things to do. Save it. P.S. A snide? LEAVE MY GF ALONE, STOP TALKING ABOUT HER. DESIST NOW.
  9. Griffin Ceawlin wrote: Go ahead and AR me if you think I'm "stalking" her (or you), Dogboat. I'm sure LL will sort it all out. The truth is that I've never had any contact with your "GF" and most likely never will, and the only contact I've had with you is here in the Forums, apart from those nasty one-way IMs you sent me. I dare you to prove otherwise. LEAVE HER ALONE. LL ARE POWERLESS OUTSIDE SL AND YOU KNOW IT. ONE WAY IMS? NOPE, I SPOKE TO YOU MAN TO MAN AND YOU DIDNT ANSWER, YOU ARE A SNIDE AND A STALKER WITH A SPITEFUL BLOG. LEAVE HER ALONE.
  10. Griffin Ceawlin wrote: I'll repeat my question from one of my previous posts, Dogboat. How am I NOT leaving her (and you) alone? By posting here in this thread in this Forum? Do explain. I TOLD YOU TO STOP, LEAVE HER ALONE.
  11. Griffin Ceawlin wrote: Are you for real? I'm called a stalker because I Googled something, but they're MY words. You need help. P.S. I have ZERO interest in your "GF," Dogboat. Perhaps even less than I have in you, if that's possible. THEN LEAVE US ALONE AND STOP THE STALKING.
  12. Griffin Ceawlin wrote: GOOGLING "Mrs. Dogboat Taurog." Even though your partner doesn't use display names, "Mrs. Dogboat Taurog" or otherwise. That's stalking. Um, yeah. Okay. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA! your words not mine, you have an unhealthy interest in my GF. BACK OFF.
  13. Griffin Ceawlin wrote: Special treatment. Really. How do you figure? I don't care if you can't see display names. You said "my partner is happy with her SL name and doesnt need to change it to my surname" and " we dont use namechanges in SL and it hasnt crossed our minds to do so." But I know what I saw on your profiles and I'm no liar, Dogboat. And if the simple act of looking at a profile makes me a stalker, then SL is made up completely of stalkers. looking up Mrs Dogboat Taurogs on Google as you admitted earlier? you are a stalker with a snide blog and have far too much time on your hands, thats not normal or healthy behaviour. and as to what i said, that was the truth, i think maybe your spite and snide confused you, either that or you are a liar. one or the other. as for a spelling mistake well good for you, you scored a point, well done.
  14. Griffin Ceawlin wrote: Well, far be it from me to correct people's spelling. And you know I didn't spell it that way... Is that really RICable? I heard that it was... Still hard to believe. its too bad you are a troll, though i suppose you get special treatment, they call it positive discrimination. as for this story about my GF using a display name up until 2 weeks ago? well i told you once and ill tell you again, i cant see display names and i dont believe you anyway. you are a stalker and a snide. oh and i dont cry about anything, i;m sure thats more your style,
  15. Jo Heartsdale wrote: So, I've been away from SL for about a year - tonight the husband has a rush of blood to the head and suggests we pop back in to see how things have improved (yeah, that was what we assumed would have happened). I've been reading about SL, and now we have viewer 3 (woot!) which supports meshes. I downloaded it and in I go. Oh look, I'm a cloud. Eventually everything rezzes, and I manage to find the husband and tp him to where I am (which was Pixeldolls mainstore). He arrives, and so does his hair, 3 feet above the rest of him. He remembers how to walk, and wanders off, leaving his hair hanging there. Meanwhile, I search in vain for my inventory. Can't find a way of opening it, but after Googling I find that I should have checked 'advanced' before logging in. So I log out, and go to log in again, with 'advanced' checked. As soon as I do that it tells me I need to log out again in order for the 'advanced' thing to kick in. I log out again. I log in. I'm a cloud. I get a ream of messages about 'unable to load blah blah blah gesture'. I'm somewhere called 'Nude - moderate' that I've never been before. My inv is there but refuses to load. I decide to post on the forum about this less than thrilling experience. I check back on SL - I'm still a cloud. I log off, probably for the last time. So long, and thanks etc. welcome back to the new improved SL!
  16. Void Singer wrote: if someone gets bent out of shape because I removed them from my list (which is a contact list to me, no more no less) then they didn't belong on it to begin with... is that an attempt at irony?
  17. Griffin Ceawlin wrote: One last reply and then I really must go. No. You brought her up in this thread. She's now part of this discussion. See how that works? You were not part of this discussion, you merely joined it to troll and inflame. my partner is not part of this discussion either. SERIOUSLY, LEAVE HER OUT OF IT.
  18. Griffin Ceawlin wrote: "Leave her alone"? How am I NOT "leaving her alone," Dogboat? Is the mere mention of her here, after you held her up as a shining example of those "old school" SLers who have no use for display names, "stalking" her? Please. Explain it to all of these good people. Have I IM'd/PM'd her? No. Have I so much as looked at her profile more than twice? No. I'm off to work now. Do go on with your hysteria, though. I can tell you need to work something out. LEAVE HER OUT OF THIS. STOP NOW, LEAVE HER ALONE.
  19. Griffin Ceawlin wrote: I just found it funny, Dogboat. You say "my partner is happy with her SL name and doesnt need to change it to my surname" and "we dont use namechanges in SL and it hasnt crossed our minds to do so" when he/she was using a display name less than two weeks ago. You brought him/her into the discussion, btw, before I joined it. RE your ETA: Stalking your girlfriend? By Googling "Mrs. Dogboat Taurog"??? Quite a stretch, even for you. LEAVE HER ALONE, YOU ARE GIVING ME THE CREEPS..
  20. Storm Clarence wrote: Randall Ahren wrote: Ava, if you can't laugh, you might as well die. Randall, I dislike improving your words but I mean no disrespect. If you can't laugh you might as well cry. If you can't laugh at yourself, then you might as well die. they say laughter is the best medicine, tell that to type one diabetes sufferers.
  21. Griffin Ceawlin wrote: My post wasn't about those nasty IMs. It was about your "wife's" use of display names, even though "it hasn't crossed [y]our minds." Two blog posts makes it 80% about you? You must have failed at math, too. Say what you wish about me, Dogboat. It doesn't make it so. But now I can add liar to the things I will call you. The above is proof of just one example, I'm sure. Have a nice day. :smileyhappy: my GF is not my wife in SL, it clearly states in the profile "partner". if she is using Mrs Dogboat Taurog as a display name you should have known from this thread i dont use or see display names and what she does is her own business, your petty name calling on your snide blog just shows what kind of a person you are, as does assuming i'm a liar for the second time. please keep my GF out of this forum btw, and you want to discuss things with me then do it here where i can reply to you, not your pathetic one way hate blog. Say what you wish about me also, but at least be man enough to say it on an even playing field,. ETA in response to your ETA, do not stalk my GF or there will be serious repercussions, she has nothing to do with any of this. LEAVE HER ALONE.
  22. Griffin Ceawlin wrote: Dogboat Taurog wrote: my partner is happy with her SL name and doesnt need to change it to my surname...we dont use namechanges in SL and it hasnt crossed our minds to do so. That's funny. Cuz when I pulled up your profile after you sent those nasty IMs, I saw that you were partnered to "Mrs. Dogboat Taurog." So... what... did you ask her to remove her display name? BTW. There's yet another "Mrs. Dogboat Taurog" running around. Also a display name... i sent you the "nasty" iMS after i read your cowardly blog which is 80% about me duh. you don't have the guts to attack me here and in public or call me the names you did in your blog. we are partnered in SL so what, my GF still has her own name duh. put it in your snide blog and stop trolling. ETA if you were attempting to cause dischord between my GF and i by mentioning another Mrs Dogboat Taurog you failed. there is no Mrs Dogboat Taurog in SL unless some stalker has decided to use the ridiculous display names option. an alt of yours maybe? seems funny you know and i dont.
  23. Void Singer wrote: sweet I get an imaginary two times nothing (imaginary because you don't sign my paychecks, and nothing because neither does LL)..... ... and all for the minimal effort of pointing out that OP was wrong about one of his staements,that you chose to carry forward... now my question is do I lose that bonus if I point out that I did not disagree with the general poor state of ticket responses? because I'd really like to keep it =P yes all of it.
  24. Ricky40 wrote: Looking for yout opinions. When you meet someone and they add you as a freind, and you don't hear from them after that, how long do you let it go before you remove them? i find deleting friends to be rather **bleep**,. they arent doing any harm in your list. but each to their own, even if it makes one look like a control freak... getting upset because someone hasnt spoken to you for a while = too much time on your own :smileywink:
  25. Penny Patton wrote: Deej Kasshiki wrote: Forget it Dogboat. Some people would rather namecall and ignore any points of view other than their own. Heaven forbid that there's actually more than one user case, one "right" way... Sadly it's this attitude that is causing as much damage to the SL community as any of the dumb decisions made by the Lab in the recent past. If my username is login2317november because I didn't know it was going to be visible, I set my display name to "Suzy" and you insist on referring to me by my username then you're being offensive. That's all I'm saying and if that offends you then I really can't help you. it would seem the only person offended is you. i just ignore the display names, i cant be bothered with them.
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