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  1. Ceka Cianci wrote: ok,. i call those home fries hehehe mine still have the skin on the part not cut we cook those too but generally put ground black pepper or other herbs on those before serving. chips are served as is.
  2. DQ Darwin wrote: Actually, when you think about it 81 is pretty good considering the unhealthy food. Of course she would still find 91 a goal. well she was a war baby. she was bought up on rations and pigs brains. and now it seems people are living longer than ever. maybe that has something to do with her longevity. shes 81 and still very independant, just cant be bothered to walk to the shops, shes a bit slow so i go instead. pigs brain anyone?
  3. Ceka Cianci wrote: Dogboat Taurog wrote: i have an eighty one year old neighbour who i shop for. she sometimes cooks fried eggs and chips (english chips) for me and she uses lard. i have never tasted such delicious and unhealthy food in my life. i've always wondered what you guys call chips..is it fried potatoes in slices? i think its what North americans call fries. but not the thin fries that are served in macdonalds, i'd say they were approx 2-4 times thicker than macdonalds fries. chrispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. if you hold a good british chip at the bottom it won't bend under the force of gravity.
  4. if you thought that video was trolling i think you made a mistake. it was quite relevant i thought. ETA. as you are an advisor whould you mind explaining why you thought i was trolling with that video? seemed like a knee jerk reaction.
  5. i have an eighty one year old neighbour who i shop for. she sometimes cooks fried eggs and chips (english chips) for me and she uses lard. i have never tasted such delicious and unhealthy food in my life.
  6. dear Ms Wickentower, i would like to complain about my neighbour who continuously bangs on my wall whilst i am playing my trumpet in the early hours of the morning. thank you.
  7. Freya Mokusei wrote: Haha~ I hope you didn't read anything too negative in my post. By 'the bar' I mean the barrier between SL being a 'niche' product and a 'mainstream' product. Niche products are most often adopted by hobbyists and enthusiasts with a direct and cultivated interest in the field (which considering SL, would make them techies/geeks/nerds), whereas mainstream products are easily adopted and understood. While '08 wouldn't make you a 'pioneer' (honestly being an '06, I missed the gold rush too) but SL has never been a very accessible place. Anyone who hangs in here for a reasonable length of time must therefore either be pretty smart, or pretty crazy. Perhaps time will tell which? =] Editted to clarify. in my 4 years i have met many people in SL. some have been pretty smart, and some pretty crazy, most have been what i would call average, this echos real life. to suggest that there is some diference between those who use SL and those who don't is quite bizarre in my opinion.
  8. Freya Mokusei wrote: Additionally... Internet Explorer story was bogus:- http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-14370878 haha yeah, i saw that but thought better of posting it here
  9. Ishtara Rothschild wrote: Yeah, keep making wild claims about things that you don't know anything about in the hope of getting detailed and well thought out responses, which you can then dismiss with another snotty remark that takes you less than a second to type up. I don't play this game anymore. It's not worth my time and I know how it inevitably ends. PS: I discourage everybody from replying to this person, who is merely trying to get a rise out of people in order to play the AR game. He just ARed one of my previous posts, in which I cited him as an example for one end of the wide intelligence spectrum found among SL residents. I've picked him because he is the author of the most offensive and intolerant remarks that I've ever read in this forum, and yet I've never ARed any of his anti-gay and anti-transgender comments. That's an utterly pathetic thing to do, imho. im not playing your game, with your snide remarks. you were breaking the TOS by singling me out by name.
  10. there arent any scientific studies to suggest that traits or sexual orientation are co-related to higher or lower IQ's. we all like to think we are a cut above the rest.
  11. Mayalily wrote: No, not really. It should have read impersonation of a username with some explation of how they are going to collect the data, and why they are collecting it, such as security protection, etc. Not read impersonation of avatars. What's it's really saying, is it is going to detect how the person writes behind the avatar to help spot a possible hack into an account, or to try to send us more spam or invade our privacy, as other's are posting about in this thread. ETA: No wonder users use voice and rarely post on the forum. I think some are already trying to beat this spam and/or invasion of privacy. Mine and rl bf's account got hacked through Paypal, although when things are bought that are way out of sync to the regular activity; it's pretty easy for the credit card companies to figure out who did the hacking. Profiling I'm not worried about; they've been doing that for years, and it's called phishing or data mining. not just text, also behaviours, this is why study of avatars is so unique and useful to data collectors. how you walk even, where you go. thats why they used SL, Wow and Entropia. and not facebook or any other text only site, you may need to read it again. ps, phishing is not what you think it is. phishing is the bank scams which ask you to put your details and pin/password into a false front site. they then use your info to get your money. anything that is asking for your details and claiming you are registered with them is phishing.
  12. Void Singer wrote: I see..... I think you've helped inspire a thread... but I want to think on it some more before posting (despite any animosity between us, the previous statement is a compliment) i dont feel any animosity its all good fun
  13. Keli Kyrie wrote: @ Willow and Dogboat you two better best be behaving I have watched Tangled so I know how to use this skillet. :smileytongue: ah, thats what is on your head, i was wondering.
  14. as your card gets hotter the resistance gets higher and needs more current to run your pc so your psu fails and you reboot. get an extra fan, you may save your graphics card if you are quick.
  15. Void Singer wrote: know? or just believe whatever you are told despite contrary evidence? because you'd think an entire country of psychics would be better off... PS I hold no illusions that Dogboat speaks for all UK residents... or that they'd let him. we just know.
  16. that can happen with excess heat and your graphics card. weather got hotter lately? you might need another fan aimed at your graphics card. worth a try and cheap enough. i had this last summer. sl can be quite graphically intensive , lots of processing going on = heat.
  17. Ceka Cianci wrote: when the net gets to invasive i'll probably just ride my horse more and cut the net out of my life as far as using it for communication of any kind.. i'm just really getting tired of all these different ways to tell who we are in the name of protection.. scared people buy anything that says protection on it like it is going out of style.. i don't mind giving information..i just don't care for someone or something assuming information.. it seems to be the trend nowadays, facebook and googleplus seem to be demanding real names, quite likely for profiling and advertising. i read an article about a japanese system that used a camera to detect your sex and mood and gave you a corresponding advert. bladerunner here we come. as you say you might leave the system, i don't think you will be alone.
  18. Willow Danube wrote: There you have it, Dogboat! The best chocolate makers in the world do not send their patrons home with a doggy bag... obviously they do not have much respect for their own chocolates. I can almost believe that your cocoas are homegrown as well which made it the worst kind. So please keep your doggy bag with you, A dog's food in a doggy bag belongs to no one but you, Dog. nooo, one doesnt eat chocolate for dinner. and please dont discuss my cocoas in public.
  19. Void Singer wrote: how exactly does one become an expert in other peoples taste buds? I must get one of these certifications so I can tell other people what they like =P they probably sell them in the U of SA. in england we just know.
  20. Void Singer wrote: that's like saying what if the sky were green blue clouds... neither has bearing on the point at hand its actually good advice.
  21. Void Singer wrote: can't stay this fabulous without a little beauty sleep. besides, you forgot to point out the lesson. =) you need more sleep in that case, it didnt work.
  22. Freya Mokusei wrote: Misleading title. =] No-one's going to 'check' any avatar identities, it's designed for 2D-web services that use 'usernames'. The system's designed to compare a baseline of username behaviour (e.g. Compare how Dogboat usually posts) to presented behavior (e.g. the post Dogboat is typing right now) as a way to 'tell' if the two match. It's more or less the same as the way credit card companies detect unusual behaviour on bank accounts. Most web stores already do this in some fashion. It's tricky at present because websites often make the fundamental logical assumption that if a person knows your username and password, that person must be the user to which the username belongs. With passwords being increasingly easy to crack, this should be pretty helpful and not at all scary. Hope that helps. it isn't misleading at all. a quote from the article: Avatars are typically used to represent players in online games such as World of Warcraft and in virtual communities like Second Life. As their numbers grow, it will become important to find ways to identify those we meet regularly, according to Dr Roman Yampolskiy from the University of Louisville. Working out if their controller is male or female has an obvious commercial benefit, he said. But discovering that the same person controlled different avatars in separate spaces would be even more useful. 
  23. Mayalily wrote: Well they could have said that. It's just bad writing. they did. :smileyindifferent:
  24. Void Singer wrote: Dogboat Taurog wrote: Willow Danube wrote: oohhh... I beg to differ. No way you can beat Chuck Norris. He's the better Christian. He owns Righteous Indignation. I'm bohemian, I don't act righteous. I just pretend to be one. Are you a bohemian? i'm a musician and a bon vivant, not a bohemian. people who call themselves bohemians are just poor, uneducated people who can't accept being poor and uneducated. and i like my eggs soft boiled with soldiers. lesson three: Changing your story when new facts emerge... Dogboat Taurog wrote: i'm a bohemian, but that takes effort, its not just turning on a personality at the flick of a switch. yeah we did that one already, you snooze you lose.
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