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  1. Paypal doesn't charge to transfer your balance to your bank account, so PayPal fees don't come into play for exchanging money out of SL. All the fees are on the LL side. Fees to sell on MP. Fees to exchange you $L to your balance. Fees to transfer that balance to PayPal. Those fees continue to rise, and that means the price of products in world will be pushed upwards. All you folks buying goods from creators are probably going to be paying these fees eventually, through the increased cost of doing business in SL. If you're ok with that, allrighty, just please don't complain when SL goods are expensive.
  2. I am seriously considering removing all current products from MP and using it only for items no longer available in world. I cannot afford to pay 10% commission plus the exchange and cashout fees and I am trying really hard to avoid raising costs for customers.
  3. I'd just like to point out that although some of the questions I asked on the official Q & A thread were answered, every single question related to a possible near future increase in fees, charges, decrease in $L value or further restrictions on cashing out were not answered. They may say the fees and such will stay the same at the time of the switch, but the unsaid caveat seems to be "for now".
  4. Agreed, which is a red flag for me. Why were they not thinking about something this crucial before the announcement?
  5. 9. If our transactions have already been going through Tilia for a while with no changes for the users... what's changed now? Why do we now need to accept a new TOS? What exactly is changing to create the need to make this switch come August 1st?
  6. This is in regard to the verification process to use Tilia for cash out, not for individual transactions. Yes, it is a long time which is why I pushed for an answer about how we can start the verification now for minimum down time on being able to cash out. Their official answer is basically "Well we don't have that part figured out yet"
  7. From the new thread: I find it a little frustrating that LL hasn't considered how to answer something as simple as how we start the verification process before announcing we may have to go through a verification process. That seems like it should be squared away before the announcement.
  8. 7. Will Tilia be offering additional services or tiers of membership at extra cost? For example, paying a monthly fee or higher percentage for faster processing time, a one time fee to increase cash out limit, etc. 8. Will there be any benefit for the end users? Faster processing on cash out, more security, anything?
  9. Can we start the verification process now, and if so how can we do that, or do those who need to submit further documents have to all wait until August 2nd? Will any of these changes to a company providing service to multiple virtual platforms potentially impact the $L exchange rate? Can you guarantee us that Tilia will not be raising fees, or are there plans to potentially increase fees in say, a year, two years, three? Will there be greater limits on how much we are allowed to cash out? If not now, is that a possibility on the table in the next few years? In order to increase the amount we are allowed to cash out will any additional steps or requirements be added once we're Tilia members? If we are premium members in SL does our premium expanded support extend to our Tilia accounts in the event of an issue on the Tilia end of the cash out system?
  10. I fall into the category of a creator who is neither small, nor been required to give the information Tilia will need. So people like me are left to figure out how to update our information so we're not stuck waiting for approval in August. Can we open a support ticket or something and start the verification process now? The FAQ seemed to imply we have to wait till August 2nd. What if they find something wrong with my documents after having them for weeks and I have to start all over? Could this process potentially take months to get squared away?
  11. Apologies if this has been brought up, but I have a another question. If Tilia is being used as the "cash out" system for multiple platforms (such as Sansar) is this going to impact the exchange rate on $L money? Will, for example, Sansar's economy change the exchange rates for the other economies operating through Tilia? We know Sansar has significantly higher cash out fees, how do we know this wont impact the exchange rate for other economies using Tilia? Can we expect the $L to remain the same or not?
  12. Actually, because I have been around for almost 13 years, nor have I cashed out enough to catch the eye of the cash out police, I never had to give LL the documents Tilia is saying they will need for me to prove my identity. So unless they will allow me to continue cashing out without providing an ID or proof of address and such... I will need to provide more documents and wait to be processed. And since we don't know if any of us will have the information they will require (for example do they need more recent documents if people provided theirs say... 3 years ago?) we really don't know how many of us will be asked to provide documents.
  13. Yes, but this was all done with no change to the user experience. NOW we will have to verify our identity through another company, with more documents than before, and we cannot apply until after the switch happens which means all of us will be sitting in a long line together come August 2nd, unable to cash out until we're approved which could take a month IF the process goes smoothly. Additionally, if we're now going to be going through another company owned by LL. How do we know things will not change to include more fees, more restrictions on cashing out, etc. They can change the terms of service at any time, and once we're all going through a separate company whose entire business is making money off of exchanges of virtual money I am willing to bet the TOS and fees will be revised at some point in the near future, after we're all chained to Tilia. Will these changes include any improvement to the user experience. I doubt it, because I would think if there was anything good to say about this switch they would be telling us now to keep us happy.
  14. If it wasn't changing anything there wouldn't be an announcement about it changing. I highly doubt it's so simple as going through a different website. Our funds will be going to a different company, one that is part of the LL family but a separate entity. How do we know that won't change the process in other ways? For example, do premium members no longer get expedited assistance with Tilia like we do for SL?
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