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  1. right... hell knows for how long this has been going on, because the customer asked for redelivery 2 days ago... So it's been like that at least for 2 days already... 🤦‍♀️
  2. Hi all, i've been away from this forum for a long time, i might have missed something important... I have just discovered (thanks to a customer inquiry!) that Automatic Redelivery seems to be disabled on Marketplace. Not sure if it's globally, but all items in my own store that are copy and should be (and WERE!!) redelivery enabled are now showing as disabled! Also, when i went to check my list of purchases there is no link for redelivery for any items i have bought recently (which is not much, and i only checked few pages back), so it looks like those merchants i bought from are also aff
  3. I do experience a significant drop in sales, as well as performance issues. As it coincided exactly with the time when the lockdowns across many countries have been lifted, AND beginning of summer holidays season, i have attributed the drop in sales to that, without much of a second thought. The drop was HUGE, but that only seems so probably because the previous 3 months sales have been unprecedented since 2016... Performance issues i personally have attributed to my poor internet connection, so can't really tell if it's me or the SL...
  4. what's the point in arguing or even responding when there is an obvious language problem/barrier.
  5. Except that they don't give a rats ass about us merchants, and even less so about what we think. Next step will be to create a way to take a cut from every in-world sale, too, and i am sure they are working on it behind the scenes as we speak.
  6. imagine if you have 1200+ items in your store (like i do)... 😠 i am very very sorry to all my German, French, Spanish etc customers that will have to do with old and outdated text in the descriptions but life is too short for this amount of useless and dumb work that all could have been avoided, had Lindens done their job properly. They are very keen on increasing their MP fees however, and this is what us merchants get in return for it???
  7. This merchant is notorious for their business practices. It is the one i immediately thought of reading your OP, and it is the one i was talking about in my response above. You are not the first victim of theirs, and you will not be the last. (their name rhymes with "smelly", and that is what their business practices are) I suggest you spread the word among your friends and anybody who'd listen (well, not on this forum, obviously). They are already (in)famous, but maybe some people are still unaware... What i find incredible, is their fantastic ability to remove all possible reviews that
  8. there you go: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-228302 i'm not holding my breath though...
  9. if that was a certain well known full perm creator, i can suggest a workaround. It doesn't always work but is worth a try. The said FP creator don't provide demos. However, if you search for this particular item you are interested in using the same wording as the original listing (for example "harem boho pants"), then in your search results choose price range 0-1L$ to only catch the demos, there is a high probability you will find the demo of the item you are looking for offered by the creators who already bought the original item from the said FP creator. This way you can test the mesh and th
  10. so i am the only one seeing degraded images everywhere?? ok, that's entirely possible, maybe only people who work a lot with image editing/texturing etc notice that... Just go to Marketplace, sort by Newest Items and you will see it. Every single new item has degraded graphics (ok, i haven't checked today, but yesterday they were). Some more than others, that's true. The more shadows and gradients there are in the image, the more apparent it is. Where the soft shadows and gradients are it looks grainy like it is heavily compressed. Fine, i shall waste some of my precious time filing the J
  11. Let me see... Except if it's a 4 star review? A couple of days ago i flagged a 4 star review that went along the lines "Would have given it 5 stars if it supported the legacy body. Otherwise a great item". It wasn't removed. Nowhere in the listing does it say that it fits Legacy. It isn't fair.
  12. it seems that the more info you put in your negative review, the more room you give them for interpretation, and that means somebody (the merchant, or the Linden reviewing it) might find "valid reasons" for removal in your review. If you just write "i don't like it", or "it doesn't work" they won't remove it. Such reviews don't help neither merchants nor shoppers, and yet those are the ones most likely to remain.
  13. so, basically if nobody bothers to create a JIRA for the image problem, LL is not going to do anything to fix it? Even now that you do know it exists?
  14. if you don't mind your pictures looking like gifs from the 90s, go ahead. Tried to upload a new picture a couple of hours ago >> same crappy deteriorated result. So, no new listings from me then.
  15. ok, this is no good to me at all... here is what i'm gonna do... NO MORE NEW ITEMS ON MARKETPLACE, until all of this mess is properly fixed. I will advertise to my group of 6000+ customers that the new items will only be available in the store in-world for the time being, because LL screwed up the Marketplace. NO more commissions for you, LL, until all is back to normal, and less work for me. I suggest you guys do the same.
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