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  1. at the rate this continues, soon there will be no business left to do at all, and i don't mean for SL merchants but for LL themselves. LL are sinking their own ship.
  2. Thank you for the translation!! Now it suddenly all becomes clear to me. I suggest all merchants brace themselves for what is to come next year. This year was only the beginning of it, the tip of the iceberg i fear... And in the end the ones who will end up paying for everything are the customers/shoppers. I am sure most (if not all) merchants will pass on any possible upcoming LL in-world fees to the customer. And if they don't, then so they should! So, playing SL will become more expensive. Which will make it even less attractive for the newcomers. The oldies who will not be able to afford the new prices will leave, too. If/when LL enforces this new fee system on all in-world sales the end of SL as we know it will be in sight.
  3. you sound like a frustrated Linden's alt.
  4. Is it really so hard to code in a notification for the affected merchants that their items have been unlisted, while your team keeps working on resolving the problem? I am sure that would make a huge difference to both the merchants AND LL in terms of lost sales. Because there might be merchants who don't even realized something has been unlisted...
  5. 2500% how? right now i'm paying 200$ to LL for withdrawing USD to my Paypal. For that price they could have easily transferred that to my bank account instead. And then if i want to withdraw those USD from Paypal to my bank account i will pay 4.5% currency conversion fee. The latter is absolutely unnecessary and could have easily been avoided, had Tilia offered an option to transfer to Bank account directly.
  6. Paypal would take 30 cents? do they do that? well then the hypothetical new marketplace could have an option to withdraw funds to a bank account directly? And BTW we still have to deal with PP on top of all LL fees right now... The least thing LL could do for us is to offer us an option with their praised Tilia to withdraw directly to bank account...
  7. right now you sell something for say 260L$ on MP, how much of that in USD will you put in your pocket, after all the fees are taken off? I saw this example calculation somewhere around here that LL is taking 31% off that. So, 69 cent for that item in your pocket. If you sell the same item on "another marketplace" for the same price =1USD, even if that hypothetical marketplace would also take 10%, you would still end up with 90 cent. 90 cent > 69 cent
  8. i think it is safe to say we can expect more fee raises in the near future. And possibly higher L$ exchange rate, on top of that.
  9. i would laugh if it wasn't so sad... I was being sarcastic, but if my words proved indeed to be true, then i think we should all be worried... The timing certainly fits: 1) LL's trademark filters go haywire on MP; >> 2) thousands of listing get unlisted and hundreds of merchants are unaware and can't fix the problem so they remain unlisted; >> 3) LL notices the MP cashflow has reduced >> 4) LL raise the MP fee to fix the cashflow problem. All in the course of what, 1 month?
  10. pardon my ignorance, but what is/was Primbay? Never heard of it. I gather it was some alternative marketplace? Did it use L$ or USD? Because we could use a Marketplace that bypasses this entire gametoken system, avoiding all the exchange fees and thus keeping prices very low compared to LL's MP....
  11. It looks like most of us will have no other choice than to do just that, so don't you worry: the prices on MP WILL go up. Personally i am writing a blogpost for my brand's blog as we speak where i will announce to my customers what is about to happen. I am sure most common folk who are not merchants even have no idea at all that LL is increasing MP commissions (or some probably don't even realize there IS such a thing as MP commissions at all). So i am going to inform my customers about this, and i will also encourage them to use MP for finding items they like, then going in-world stores and using their viewer's Search Area tool to quickly locate the item they are looking for on the sim. Of course those who prefer the convenience of MP and will not mind the price increase can continue to buy on MP. But i will also give them some price examples like: an item that is 595L in-world will cost 660L on MP, or an item that is 395L in-world will be 440L on MP, just to give them a feel of what it all means. I have over 6000 people in my customer group, and i want them all to be well-informed before they can take decisions where they want to shop.
  12. if that what it takes to make LL wake up and code in a warning message for a merchant when their listings gets unlisted, i will repeat it 100x, 1000x, and so should everybody else who's dealing with this $hit.
  13. and the LL's continuous silence on this topic is surprising/unsettling/annoying/frustrating/...
  14. the other thread reported "zany" to be a forbidden word. No idea what zany means (english is not my native language) and can't be arsed to look it up... sounds naughty though
  15. and when LL finally notices their MP revenue has gone down because half of the MP is unlisted and merchants have no idea, do you think it will ring a bell or two? Nope, they will just raise the fees again and continue on their merry way.... You would think it would be in their own interest to make an effort and send out a notification to all merchants - how hard can this be??
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