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  1. and when LL finally notices their MP revenue has gone down because half of the MP is unlisted and merchants have no idea, do you think it will ring a bell or two? Nope, they will just raise the fees again and continue on their merry way.... You would think it would be in their own interest to make an effort and send out a notification to all merchants - how hard can this be??
  2. i suspect that something else is going on, and the unlisting of the items for using some mysterious words is just a side effect of that. You cannot possibly seriously want to add the word "leg" to banned words list. Just imagine the sheer amount of footwear and pants that will automatically get unlisted!!! Also, it is strange that only older items seem to be affected (at least in my case)
  3. Thank you very much for your help. I see you have relisted all my items now, but also including those that were actually unlisted by myself! At least they are all showing as listed now. Can i go ahead and unlist the ones i need unlisted? Will that not cause any more trouble?
  4. so you are saying it is the adding of the new items to the MP that is causing this? yes, i had 5 new boxed items that i selected all at once in my inventory, right click >> Copy items to MP folder. Is that what caused my other items unlisted? Also, it seems that the affected items are all starting from 2014 and older. I now have to edit 150 items one by one and put every instance of the word "leg" into **, to avoid the unlisting. This is MENTAL.
  5. ok, you are not going to believe it but (at least one of) the offending word seems to be........ leg i am not kidding. I don't know why those particular items with the word "leg" in the description and feature fields got unlisted, because i have plenty of other items with the word "leg" in them that are still listed. But when i edit some of the items that got unlisted and remove the word "leg", - boom! - i can list them again...
  6. Today i accidentally discovered that about 150 items in my store apparently have been automatically unlisted without any notice whatsoever. I only discovered this because i was adding new items and then noticed in the viewer in my Marketplace Listings that some listings were showing not in bold (which means they are not listed) that should have otherwise been listed. I went to my Merchant Home in the browser and saw that about 150 items were automatically unlisted. I didn't get any notice, neither in my Merchant Home (like when it happens when you items get unlisted for say keyword spam), nor in my mail. They were simply silently unlisted. I was not amused. Thinking that something must have gone wrong with some new Marketplace update, i went ahead and tried to list the unlisted items in a batch. I got an error message " At least one product could not be listed due to a violation in our Adult Content Guidelines. " Then i tried to add the items one by one, and got the same error. I gather, the adult list of words, or the list of banned words, has been updated, thus causing hundreds of items to get automatically unlisted. WITHOUT ANY NOTICE. It must have happened less than 24 hours ago because i know for a fact that one of the items that is currently unlisted have sold yesterday. I suggest all merchants to go and check their listings for any automatically unlisted items. As i have over 150 items to sift through to find the offending words it will probably take me forever. Thank you Linden Labs.
  7. the original announcement: the follow-up comment by Dakota Linden:
  8. i and my then-boyfriend (who is also a SL creator) were subjects to the same interrogation about 3 years ago. Ok, his SL account was then 1 year old, but i have been in SL since 2007, have had a verified Paypal account since 2008 and had by then had been cashing out thousands of USD for 8 years. LL knew me (or i'd think they should have) very well, yet i was interrogated by LL in the same manner. Because my then-bf and i are from different countries, and both i was visiting him, and he was visiting me from time to time, so apparently LL found it suspicious that our 2 accounts were logging in to SL from IP addresses located at the same 2 countries. We both had to explain to LL what our relationship were, that on top of provided RL ID scans. At that time my then-bf cashed out probably not more than 300USD altogether to his Paypal, yet LL demanded his ID. After we had to go through this, there is nothing LL can demand that will surprise me anymore...
  9. If you leave any USD unattended for over 12 months, then yes. Just make sure there isn't any USD left before going inactive.
  10. why would anybody look to her when deciding how to view the Tilia TOS? The overly blownup self-importance of some people never ceases to amaze me.
  11. Case closed. I am sure if Germans (and other concerned countries) dig a bit deeper, they will find similar laws in their respective countries as well. Maybe LL are not so incompetent after all, and they were not born yesterday either.
  12. there are many big time creators from NL and DE etc. (Maitreya being one of them) who have apparently already provided their ID scans to LL years ago. If they want to continue doing business in SL (which i assume they did/do) they will have to provide the info LL requires.
  13. Will Tilia be able in the future to work with the banks directly, or cash out to credit/debit cards, instead of Paypal? Because as was mentioned on another thread, being in the EU and using the Paypal is really a pain. I am keeping my fingers crossed this Tilia change might actually turn out great for us non-US citizens if LL decides later to give us more cashout alternatives.
  14. THIS!! Linden Lab, please use this Tilia opportunity for giving us non-US citizens alternative options of cashing out!!! I will welcome this Tilia change wholeheartedly IF this will mean avoiding dealing with PayPal altogether!! (I even have a suggestion on the implementation...) I am keeping my fingers crossed this Tilia change might actually turn out great for us non-US citizens if LL decides later to give us more cashout alternatives.
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