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  1. Madelaine McMasters wrote: Janelle Darkstone wrote: I wonder how many students finally graduate college, enter the real world and find out it's just easier to lie or not tell the whole truth unless you happen to be in front of a grand jury ( and even then you'll have a lawyer and, if he's a good one, lies and half-truths with the best of them ). Lying. It works for politicians, lawyers, policemen, ad executives, insurance salesmen, clergy, used car salesmen, new car salesmen.... Note to all students conducting surveys here: don't say anything, just ask your questions, form your statistics and bend them to suit your purposes like you would anyway. I think that's why it's incumbent on all of us to think critically, and to encourage and teach others to do the same. If you don't want BS to rise to the top, you've got to detect it at the bottom. I was lucky enough to work in engineering, where the laws of physics are strictly enforced by the greatest BS detector of all time... Nature. I don't know Madi, I've gotten along okay without thinking too much, critically or otherwise. I'm saving my brain for something really important. Just not sure what yet.....
  2. Too dang funny!!! Thank you for sharing the humor!! :matte-motes-big-grin:
  3. I like yellow, I take comedy very seriously, red heads scare me but I like that.
  4. Congrats and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Marigold!
  5. /me waves at Mari (probably from a gadget...but what the hey)
  6. Hey Li a, Why, yes it is. Butter cream frosting? :-)
  7. Marigold Devin wrote: <surreal_and_intriguing_video/> Very odd. I liked it! ;-)
  8. Griffin Ceawlin wrote: <great-pic/> Hah!! TY, that was new for me. :-)
  9. Hee hee, ho ho. :-) I've missed this. It's great to be back. <hugs>
  10. Griffin Ceawlin wrote: You could always carry your own personal drama over from elsewhere, referring to those that you're tilting at by name or not, no matter whether they've made an appearance in the thread or not. Or just call them "griefer" or "troll" or hint that they are alts. Ah, yes!! The dreaded multi-thread derail. I hear that a truly successful multi-thread derail has only rarely been accomplished. ;-)
  11. Lindal Kidd wrote: I think we should get together at The Forum Cartel Hangout in world and discuss this. In fact, a lot of people are wondering why people don't hang out at the Hangout any more. I think it's because Amaranthim and Feline and Elora don't have time to organize events there like they used to. What do you all think? Lindal, excellent suggestion as this art can be the most delicate and complex of subjects. Definitely worth a longer discussion. :-)
  12. Perrie Juran wrote: ROB34466IIIa wrote: Kenbro Utu wrote: I prefer the grammar/spelling nazi derail. Priding yourself to be master of the English language at anyone's expense is as stupid as a wartime nazi proudly exclaiming 'Heil Hitler' . ( Sorry .. could not pass on this golden Godwin .. well, i could , but I didn't , so I did ... ) RIC'd for INTOLERANT CONTENT! Very nice. :-)
  13. ROB34466IIIa wrote: RIC' d for more derailment ! Now we're getting somewhere. Good. Good.
  14. Ceka Cianci wrote: ... Ninja derail.. it's sneaky ... Nicely and sneakily done.
  15. Kenbro Utu wrote: I prefer the grammar/spelling nazi derail. It always leads into lively discussion on the importance of proper communication or the lack thereof. I was going to start by nitpicking your post, but you seemed to have crafted it very carefully and thwarted my derail plans. The only faux pas, beyond a questionable comma or 2, is that you forgot to capitalize Janelle's name in one instance. Excellent! +2 for noticing the miscapitalization of Janelle's name. Janelle is, after all, a goddess with all the rights and privileges therein. +5 for the complement on my post crafting. I am totally susceptible to flattery and acts of sycophancy.
  16. Hello all! I need your help. I have been away from the forums for some time and I am finding that my derail skills may have atrophied somewhat. I am looking for a few suggestions (note that I made no restriction on the quality of the suggestions--all are welcome) for derail strategies. I'll tell you up front, that I have always been partial to playful, humorous, and "lunatic" derail practices. You might suggest some themes (e.g., attempt to derail overly political threads with questions about rodents) or some tactics (e.g., start a derail with off topic questions, then progress to answering questions from other threads or posting syntactically related yet irrelevant videos). Note please that I will take points off for suggestions that merely duplicate Janelle's epic-illustrated-drama-erotic-thriller-story-telling style. Plus, that style is already under copyright by Janelle and possibly even patented. Unless, you're janelle, of course, who can suggest her own style--that would be only fair.... Thanks to one and all!! Eagerly awaiting your inputs. Ags Falconer Forum Secretary
  17. Janelle Darkstone wrote: The human race is fine. It's the fringe idiots like that that give the rest of us a bad name. More so it's the absolute scum and wastes of life reporters and news agencies that wait patiently for news stories like this one to plaster all over to give us the illusion that the world is falling apart and to fear our neighbors. Not worth it. Couldn't have said it better myself. It is fringe idiots like this, that give the rest of us fringe idiots a bad rap. Honestly, some days.... I think that maybe we, as fringe idiots, need to do just a little better job of policing our community. Some day soon, I may just dedicate myself to a worthy cause, instead of simply flittering and flying and waving at people as I pass by. <flying_monkey_flitters_by>Waves at Janelle<flying_monkey_flitters_by/>
  18. Janelle Darkstone wrote: Marigold spent about a week in the hospital and was checked out just today, fully recovered. To celebrate her miraculous recovery, Janelle and Marigold went to their favorite roadside picnic table and had broccoli soup, coffee and donuts and both had a wonderful, completely PG-rated time. Dang! I missed the broccoli soup!! <note_to_self>Don't leave for a year without considering the ramifications.<note_to_self/>
  19. DQ Darwin wrote: Ags, hugs good to hear from you Hey DQ! Thanks for the hugs! Those always feel so nice.
  20. TY, Canoro. I hope to make it too. Canoro Philipp wrote: hey Ags, welcome back, i hope to see you there at Hippiestock.
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