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  1. Some regions halt any kind of vehicle when entering

    Which sims specifically? I sailed a bit yesterday in Blake. Sim borders mostly Ok. There was however a lot (more than usual) of some sort of lag with boats being astern one minuet and ahead the next. Not sure what the cause might have been; my boat was generally responding very well to controls, so not sure what flavour of lag that was. The most common problems, as I think you know, with sail boats are "falling off" (with the avi flying "seated" a few sims away from the boat), cam dislocation, and flying / submarfining. animats - really glad to see someone taking a hard look at all of this.
  2. Some regions halt any kind of vehicle when entering

    Sailing yesterday in Blake was Ok. But wasnt doing any sort of rigorous testing or stress testing.
  3. Coming late to this party and playing catch up through the thread .... Boats also prone to this due this, when sailing a "straight course" there can still be acceleration effects due to waves, wind shifts / gusts etc and they can be over-extrapolated in similar fashion. To me the idea of constant velocity (rather than zero) while waiting for the update makes sense. Maybe with some kind of cap to cover situation where a network issue produces an extended delay (beyond bad hando ff). Maybe (if not too complex to code) if the boat reaches say mid sim before getting an update it should come to a fairly rapid stop.
  4. I dont see any restarts scheduled for today but a small sample of Blake Sea sims shows restarts about 6 hours ago. Sailing conditions are gruesome today, unlike yesterday, and Im looking for the cause! Has anything changed since yesterday?
  5. Understanding Lag - Blake Sea Arabian (yes, I know!)

    Hmmm ... I was looking at the FPS so cant quote values but Id guess they were low. So the Net, Physics and Script ms times dont matter? We're sailors (scripted vehicles) so aside from all that, a low script % would be a problem even if everything else was Ok (boat would be non-responsive). Im still not clear what is going on during the "Spare Time" and why it needs to be so large. Also ... how do Homesteads factor in this? Does each sim on the server get its own 22.2 ms frame time? Can one sim impact the others? (Arabian is a Homestead).
  6. This is a multi-part question; both conceptual and specific) We have had an issue in Blake Sea Arabian since late last week (and until this morning) with Time Dilation fluctuating between 0.1 and 0.97 or so, frequently below 0.9 for sustained periods. No obvious causes; usage hasn't changed etc - TD is usually in the 0.95+ range. Restarts seem to have fixed it this morning - so far!! The first question is - do any Lindens reading this have access to any stats or info that would indicate the cause? Even in general, if not specific. The conceptual questions start with Spare Time. Im not clear if that is Total Frame Time - Net - Physics - Scripts, in which case my question is how is total Frame Time calculated? Or if Total Frame Time is Net + Physics + Scripts + Spare, in which case, how is Spare time calculated. Am I correct that Time Dilation is something line (22.22 / TotalFrameTime)? And am I right that Spare time needs to be over say 20 to avoid discernible lag? The real question is why? Its as if Spare time really isnt Spare, but in fact something else is happening in that time. If that is the case, why are there no stats on the hidden work, so that Spare time is truly spare, and values > some small margin indicate a healthy sim. Hoping someone can help me!
  7. Deploy Plans for the week of 2017-05-01

    Thanks... just want to clarify... the code version on Cake is the same as the other RC channels other than possible interfaces to Linux?
  8. Deploy Plans for the week of 2017-05-01

    Im afraid I havent been paying attention lately. I'm seeing 2 new serve channels, Cake and Snack. Are the distinct from the other 4 or are they subsets of the main channel? Specifically, Blake Sea - Crows Nest. That used to be main channel, but now its apparently "Cake". Main Channel was rolled this morning, but this sim is showing a restart date Thu 2017-04-27 12:54 PDT
  9. Deploy Plans for the week of 2017-04-17

    This weeks roll seems to have been not quite up to par at least in Blake Sea. Major issues with lag, sim borders etc. Very high crash rates for sail boats. Someone mentioned that they are moving to new server hardware, can anyone confirm that? Or have any other explanation for whats going on.
  10. Avatar attachments continually being detached

    Is there any connection to the problem of avis falling off vehicles on sim border crossings?

    This raises a good point, but we may need to be careful about terminology. The experts here can correct me but, I beleive that: - the 'weekly roll' is a server deploy of updated code. IMHO such deploys should be far less frequent, 3 or 4 times a year max. It is not humanly possibly to adequately regression test the code with a weekly release schedule. - of course it also includes a 'restart'. restarts should actually be more frequent, at least in high activity areas, if not daily then every second day. So Id suggest daily restarts and quarterly deploys.
  12. (Hoping this is the right forum for this) Im about to upgrade my pc and contemplating SSD. Id welcome advice comments on using EXTERNAL SSD (eg LaCie) on USB 3.0 for cache etc versus - internal 7200 rpm HDD (c:\...) - internal SSD (tho this may not be an easy option on the m/c Im likely going for) - external HDD on USB 3.0 - setting up a RAMDISK (old technology but maybe relevant here?) Also, would there be any concerns with SDD given a fair amount of write activity on the cache? I assume that write endurance is not an issue these days? This would all be on a m/c with 2 GB VRAM, if that is relevant to this question. And I sail so theres a lot of sim traversing (hence cache activity).
  13. WLAN vs ethernet

    @ Madeleine - yes results from And Cat6 cable.
  14. WLAN vs ethernet

    Ok, problem solved! I have done some spelunking around and discovered: LAN uses the Broadcom controller, Wifi uses the Intel. Using windows device manager, I discovered a Speed setting for the Broadcom thatwas set to 10 half. I changed it to Auto. And - viola!! HUGE improvent in Mb/s. Local starts out in the 80s for a few seconds then drops, avergaing 45. Im also getting similar reults from Dallas, slightly lower but not a lot. There is no such setting got the Intel. Will try it inworld a bit later on.
  15. WLAN vs ethernet

    Yeah, this is all new stuff to me. sorry for being a bit helpless. Not sure how I can tell if the "connection" is 10/100 or 1000 as you put it. The laptop seems to have two network cards, but I have no idea how to tell which is being used when and when I googly for specs I just get more confused! The netwrok cards are: Broadcom NetXtreme 57xx Gigabit Controller Intel® Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN and as I said the router is DLink 655 "Gigabit Xtreme" but the way I read the online infor for both cards and router I should be getting more than 10 Mb/s. Standing back from the weeds though ... - am I correct that the purpose of the cable is to eliminate RF intereference? while Im pretty sure Im hardly getting any on my WLAN once cant be sure. - does the difference between 7 Mb/s (wired) and 35 Mb/s (wifi) matter for SL? I still think my issue is Vid RAM (older laptop w NV 8700M GPU) but do want to be sure connection is set up best way possible. (At least when it matters, trailing a 100' cable round the house is not onvenient!)