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  1. As of last night Blake Sea was looking good. Will be sailing some more there in a little while. Will keep an eye out. Thanks for the feed back, its appreciated.
  2. Cattewater, Kendra still blocked (from the S) at 12:05 SLT
  3. We have filed tickets, with this response "We have escalated the regions with the trouble you have noticed and hope they will resolve the issue soon. Is there anything else that Support could help with today, as we are not able to alter anything in development?" i wasnt aware that the updates to the main grid are "in development" LOL my basic question is - how is this update going? does not seem like "This update has a couple of cloud configuration changes; these may improve some of the performance metrics, but otherwise should not be anything user visible"
  4. Has the maintenance ended? Quite a few sims in Blake arte not opertaional (Jones Locker, Beaufort to name but two ) you can TP in but not sail in. Also, any issues elsewhere?
  5. Does this mean that the beta grid will be more stable than the production grid? Im thinking from the perspective of yacht racing that requires large regions (like Blake Sea) of contiguous sims online for an hour or so without interruption.
  6. This forum has , I think, maybe Im wrong, had a confirmation of no deploy for either of the channels.
  7. No deploy plans posted. Also nothing on grid status page. (Its Terrible Tuesday!)
  8. And we seem to have restarfts going on in Blake again today. Does anybody know what is going on?
  9. The 10 day thing is normally Tuesday I believe. I am still not clear what maintenance was scheduled for today. I do have an explanation for what was happening in Blake this afternoon (EDT) ... we had requested that a couple of down sims in Blake be restarted (at about 11:30 SLT or thereabouts. I gather that the CSR noticed a number of sims had not been restarted for 10 days and decided to do unscheduled restarts on all of them two, thus causing us to abandon our racing. However this has nothing to do with whatever was started at 9 am SLT.
  10. Colour me confuse https://gyazo.com/2c45b8df42c4a11b5dde560a841c90c8 Which is it? And sims are restarting all over the place
  11. Nice to see (1) "it didnt hurt al all" and (2) it completed on time. Last several weeks its often been quite late which has impacted our races. I have this funny feeling LL is gradually getting its act together, no idea why LOL.
  12. Is the SLS release happening today? Nothing on the grid status page.
  13. The improved performance seems to be persisting. I'm measuring the "freeze time" at the border (as opposed to the agent detach / attach time), and that is regularly under 0.4 seconds now, usually under 0.2, versus 4 - 7 seconds before (on a Trudeau 12m yacht - 92 LI, 992KB script memory plus 400KB for HUDS). The other thing that seems to have changed is that when the agent fails to re-attach, I'm finding that I can TP back on to the boat with about 90% success rate (cam is a little messed up and you're stuck in mouselook mode, but the boat is responsive to gestures etc) - previously the
  14. Umm wasnt 2020-07-31T15:02:15.545966 released Aug 4?
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