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  1. People who don't get that the Madlands is a shared space with all that this implies. Seriously, just because you own a parcel of actual real land doesn't mean you get to fire a Bofors at every airliner that flies over. Same deal on the Madlands. Oh and low frame rates. Get that tf outta my eyeballs. The PBR preview viewers seem to be a step in the right direction there though. 😄
  2. First ever bit of "land" was really just a smol spot and rez rights for 50L/week at a certain region with a friendly land owner. Basically to be able to muck about without needing to go to a sandbox. I still have that little spot too, though the rent these days is more of a "thx for helping out a newbie way back then" thing. Madlands parcel is more of a "because I can". I'm under no illusions that the madlands is what you get if you throw a bunch of lego bricks into a blender. No point in trying to carefully curate it, and asking for privacy in literally a shared space is an exercise in futility. But hey, premium account comes with madlands access, might as well use it. Private region, well that's so I can mess about and do stuff that would normally get the banhammer quicker than you can say "community guidelines violation". I'm paying for it. If I crash it because a script went haywire, the worst I'm going to get is a raised eyebrow and a "how did you even" from whatever poor support linden comes along to put it back together again.
  3. People who think they've never met the Bear Containment Units have probably met more of them than they think. What, you think they all wander around in world casting blue dots on the map and looking obvious in-world and in-forum? Believe it or not, some of them have alts. Probably so people like me don't jump on their head and start whacking them with balloon swords like some kind of pinata. 😄
  4. Your problem with laptops that have actual GPUs in them - and I say this as someone who has a couple of them - is they tend to run hot. Like, really hot. In the case of more awful thin-and-light types, so damn hot I'm amazed they aren't violating some kind of consumer safety laws. Handhelds like the Ally tend to sip 25 to 30W max, at least for the SoC. They won't be roasting your nuts while you play virtual barbie dolls or pewpew your buddies across regions with keyframe guns.
  5. I couldn't tell you what the Ally definitely will run like, but based on my experience with an 1165G7-powered handheld, it runs SL at medium quality quite nicely. Given the Ally is running a chipset a lot newer than the 1165G7 with RAM that's a lot faster than LPDDR4-4266, I'd say chances are high it will run SL rather well. Don't forget some kind of little bluetooth keyboard/mouse though, at least until someone makes a viewer more oriented towards the whole twinstick-and-a-dpad thing. Now you'd probably get a better desktop for the same price, but if you absolutely want SL in a handbag (or maybe very large pocket), it might be a decent little thing.
  6. Well I guess at least we got some neat new LSL recently that was probably made to support this massive waste of time. Of course I say that, but I bet half the people complaining about it are going to be in there dumping money into the system anyway. This is, after all, a platform where $40 is seen as a bargain to change a username.
  7. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0BL9FG4RY Description: "ASUS TUF A17 FA707RW 17.3" 144Hz Full HD Gaming Laptop (AMD Ryzen 7-6800HS, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070Ti, 16GB RAM, 1TB PCIe SSD, Windows 11)" Recently got for running SL and being a "yellow" (AMD CPU, Nvidia GPU) testbed. Actually pretty good, will run ultra with some caveats (which tbh is the same as most hardware), and definitely runs high. Cost isn't too ridiculous and pretty good for what it is. If anything the GPU is a bit overkill for SL, but once PBR/GLTF becomes a thing you'll probably see it used a bit more. Doesn't get excessively hot, unlike the thin-and-light I use for work that turns into an egg-fryer when it's under load. It's okay in some very busy regions if you tame the draw distance a bit. Just you and a few friends just hanging out somewhere that's reasonably made, you'll be anywhere from 60fps to ramping right up against that 144hz refresh rate unless everyone's wearing crash-me-harder avatars. Monitor is nice, decent brightness and colours as you'd expect from IPS. Not glossy, not incredibly matte either. Er, "satin" maybe? It's definitely not what you'd call a "high end" laptop, but it's also roughly a quarter the price and you'd only get marginal improvements for the amount you'd spend anyway.
  8. I'm not sure if there are packs of SL-compatible RAW files for sale anywhere, but they're a pretty common image format. See this page for info on how RAW files translate into height values: https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Tips_for_Creating_Heightfields_and_Details_on_Terrain_RAW_Files
  9. You have to be the actual region owner (not just an estate manager). Otherwise you're stuck with asking whatever baron you got the region from to do a raw export or import for you. They're just greyscale bitmaps that are used to dictate how tall the terrain is for each coordinate. They can't be used for overriding SL's limits. You can use image editing tools to mess with them and draw pretty pictures, or do landscaping without using the terraform tools. They don't set water height; You have to do that yourself via the estate tools.
  10. I wish I was earning Linden money, but no. My day job is with other gamedevs. And I've been enough of a pain in certain Lindsay's sides that I don't think I'd ever be hired anyway 😄
  11. So sell your models on Etsy then (or CGTrader, Gumroad, or whoever). 😄 Though Etsy do have a listing fee of $0.20 per item sold which is recurring if you want to auto-renew the listing, then 6.5% sales fee, and then a payment processing fee that varies by country. So for every single one of a model you sell (which I guess would go as a multi-quantity listing), you have the $0.20 flat fee PLUS the percentage, PLUS the payment processing fee. Per item. And that's just for models. Good luck putting something that uses custom code or other more active items onto Etsy.
  12. If you spent $600 during that buy-down period, you already got your money's worth. Why are you complaining that other people get a little bit of a discount now? You're still paying less. Complain if the regular price drops below GF rate and you're still paying more. As for educator discounts, what's wrong with having a Student & Teacher rate? You know those regions come with limitations, right? "Land Barons" I would have thought would be jumping with joy at the chance to charge the same amount of rent for parcels on regions that they're paying less for.
  13. $20, better than a kick in the proverbial I guess, though still far too pricey for normal people just to have a basic bit of "land" with some isolated compute that isn't going to get ruined because they have to share that compute with a crazy cat lady, and have six other fashionistas in draw distance with their gigabyte-VRAM sofas and billion-polygon clothing racks. Though I do gotta wonder how many of the people screaming about marketplace fees have any idea how much of a percentage other online shops charge, or how much of a percentage exchanges charge to convert one currency to another. As for the premium plus requirement to pay with $L, yes, I'm totally going to give you money just so I can give you money. That makes perfect sense. Bit of a mixed announcement really. At least it's heading kinda-sorta in the right direction, and if you think otherwise, here's a question: If someone doesn't have a place to put your shiny billion-polygon clothing rack imported from CG Trader, are they going to buy it?
  14. That's why the access group. And yes, any botnet operator could set their botnet up with payment info. But none of the bonnies, brendans, trichickens, cicas and other ones do, and haven't for all the years they've been operating.
  15. Something you can do on private islands is to require payinfo or access group membership at the estate level. That's just a checkbox, no script required, and gets rid of basically all the gridbots, since none of them are payinfo. The madlands is another story. Bots don't have to be in your parcel to use https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LlGetAgentList (or, ya know, to poke the viewer library for the same kind of info), and good luck getting the lab to make a payinfo-only continent.
  16. If you're banned, you're not wanted there. Why do you want to go where you're not wanted? If they're using scary IP-tracking to find your alts and ban them too, don't go there. Why would you want to go there? And who cares about the difference between modem and router?
  17. You know if I wanted to be evil, I wouldn't just have the bots. You do know that literally anything with a script can gather a whole lot of info that the bots can, right? Given the appropriate amount of compensation, how many creators do you think might put a code snippet in if you asked them to? What do you think would happen if a few very popular attachment creators were to include such a script snippet? Why, someone who did that would have a whole army of bots without even needing an army of bots. So I ask you, do you really trust that body? That aura? That hat? That sparkly "magic" HUD? That vendor? That house? That tree? Are you sure? Just putting that one out there.
  18. https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LlGetLinkName In the "Useful Snippets" section of this page is a basic function that will return the link number of a named link. If you are calling this function often in a script, you may want to optimise for time over memory by caching link names in a list and then poking the list. If not, this may well do you fine.
  19. Be nice if you could add a newline in the gesture so it doesn't ruin the pretty, with the first line offset by your name in localchat. Otherwise, uh, merry something and a happy other thing?
  20. You absolutely can, and you don't even need land to throw a few lindens a week into some choice adboards that are dotted around all kinds of regions. What I would suggest is to lurk around some places and see if the community is a fit for your services, then go buy an adboard or two. Be wary of regions that are more bots than real people. Bots don't buy stuff! Cheapest land for an in-world store would probably be to get a premium account and then buy into a 1152m^2 (1024m^2 + 10% deeded-to-group bonus) mainland parcel somewhere. Don't bother with any expensive buy-in fees, you're literally a teleport away from anywhere else and you're not getting an inworld store for "the ambience". Set your store up in a skybox, make a landmark to it for sharing out, and job done. The rent for that land will be included in the $99/year premium fee. And yes, nothing stopping you putting your business details in your profile's about: section. (Any other questions like what "deeded to group" means and the exact procedures for doing all of the above, well, you can learn from individuals or ask builder-type help groups 😆 )
  21. A few minute-or-so ocean loop emitters near shorelines. Some seagull sounds here and there that fire at random intervals whenever the sun is above the horizon. A multi-emitter foghorn triggered by the sun being below the horizon. A nice long loop of bell sounds for the buoys that mark the world edge out on the water. The Yaquina lighthouse comes with its own wind sounds, which are pretty good when you're placing the thing up on a tall outcrop of rocks. Asset list: Ocean loop: 751c4786-acdb-f73c-b45b-13ac488bf25b Seagull: 23943933-39f4-0f89-0734-6485beaceff5 Whitby Foghorn (mono): 4e4807d6-0f95-7217-4db2-073a3ff79517 Whitby Foghorn (left): 07e9ab97-dada-53ef-0c80-66e2988a8f4d Whitby Foghorn (right): 92164bae-6c97-e993-239f-4adab911039b Buoy loop: 73c6686e-5355-a090-b6e5-bc53ff5b302f Enjoy.
  22. That's the basic idea, though sometimes regions get stuck as to the state of an agent. You could try adding a double check to listen for whenever an agent says something to trigger a stop. You also don't need a horrendously fast timer. 0.5 seconds should be easily enough. (Of course, the stuck AGENT_TYPING status could also be fixed, but ya know, deal with what you've got, not what you want.)
  23. Ask 20 people how to improve FPS, get 20 answers. Personally I'd never disable Advanced Lighting except as a last resort on utterly potato machines, because so much stuff uses ALM's features that it destroys the look of the scene. Fortunately, you can gain almost, or in some cases just as much FPS by disabling shadows, and setting water to none(opaque). Also the usual applies about things like rendering only friends (but be aware you may walk into people or get unexpectedly bumped), or setting max number of non-imposter avatars to a lower value. Draw distance is also a big factor if you're on the mainland or a large, busy region or linked set of regions.
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