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  1. If you know the region owner or an admin, you can ask them to poke about and do a return of the offending objects. Some regions have a board for contacting these people. If you want to be able to move while being sat down, you can use a non-physical vehicle. Many such "NPVs" are available, from free up to expensive. Ironically, a lot of push-toy HUDs have a NPV function as well. Firestorm's movelock is... inadequate. A determined orbiter will break it quite horribly, or at the least have your agent bouncing around like a ping pong ball on elastic. It's okay at minor irritations, but
  2. Well, nuts. Hope they let you keep the account as Linden-Emeritus or something. Have fun and enjoy yourself!
  3. Oh it's certainly not required. But, it does lessen impact on the amount of texture assets that everyone needs to load. It's a suggestion, not a command.
  4. Assuming you have terraform rights on your parcel, you can push the land down and pull it up using the terraform tools. Or, place the house and use land-form objects to build up. Be aware that Linden Water may get in the way if you terraform down too far. You may end up using land-forms anyway if terraforming is too limited or fiddly to get it looking right. Terraforming may also be limited or disabled depending on where you are. If you do use land-forms, I'd suggest you look at surrounding parcels, and use land-forms from the same creators. It's not just about maintaining a common theme,
  5. That hardware seems alarmingly low for a lot of SL regions. I'd suggest tricks like turning your draw distance way down and only rendering friends, turning Advanced Lighting Model off, limiting max avatar complexity, basically run your viewer in potato mode. Firestorm's honestly pretty good with its frame rate and packs a lot of features that may enhance your overall experience, but you will need to know how to turn a lot of graphics off with that hardware. I'm not sure how well any viewer will run with 3GB RAM these days. As for regions, there's a bunch of different furry-themed regions
  6. I hope whoever picks this up is easily amused, at least.
  7. Apparently phone and live chat support is "under maintenance". Frankly, by the time a ticket gets looked at, I imagine the people responsible for whacking racks with wrenches will have been alerted and whacked the right rack with the correct wrench already.
  8. Virtual Private Network. Provides an encrypted tunnel between your computer, and the VPN exit point, which could be in another country. May (or may not, depending on issue) help with some problems, by forcing your normal connection to take an alternative route. Some businesses use them to ensure a secure channel between home workers and business servers. Also good for working your way around geoblocks for Youtube vids and wotnot. There are free VPNs, which are very much not recommended, and some cheapish paid solutions, such as NordVPN or Tunnelbear.
  9. And back, on both "main" accounts. Yay? Maybe?
  10. https://www.product-reviews.net/down/level3-internet-outage-status/ Not sure if this has anything to do with it. Currently the site and this forum work, but still waiting on a password reset mail to come through for the VPN provider, amusingly enough.
  11. Had some awful network glitches, and now cannot currently log in. Will try a few VPN exit points and see what happens.
  12. Well, seems I managed to get in by routing through a Canadian VPN. Currently sat waiting for Simon's usergroup meeting to start, as an alt that's normally used for scripted-agent fun.
  13. Well I mean if you're going to do that, might as well run some calculation based on Lindex activity, whether premium, bought a name-change in the last X days. Y'know, the kind of cold, hard cash that any business runs on. (I kid. Please don't kill me.)
  14. I can see some use, as in being able to email someone without giving out an actual email address. As for abuse, well, if it can be used it will be abused. I imagine it'll get dealt with in the same way as usual. You'll see the usual suspects playing with it until they get bored and enough alts get banned, then it'll just become part of the LSL toolset. So long as emails coming from it are easily identifiable, they can be dealt with the same way as every other spam source if you're targetted. And honestly, if you've set your account up to receive IMs as emails while offline (which I guess
  15. A group photo taken on an exploratory adventure to the Serenity region. Very "Second Life 2077". From left to right: Two randos who joined us. They seemed to be having fun as well. Testicular Slingshot, the amusingly-named squirrel. Scaver Resident, appropriately dressed as always. Lumisbby Resident, I think those jeans need some work with a sewing needle. Me! Squeak. Chew Resident, being his usual bouncy self. Klairity Resident, well you know what they say about android girls. Milestailsprower015 Resident, with his li'l pet K9 unit.
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