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  1. Experience in SL advertising, to reach the biggest audiences as possible RE: female mesh rigged clothing creators Please contact ASAP
  2. I know they had a major crash but do they still exist? Merchants desperately need more direct ways to advertise in SL especially with the prices of land.
  3. This is my Flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/142362399@N02/ Please fill out this application if interested thank you ♥ https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1PvmhDiutTtmGFnzMwGsI_0XUBTTFSFslTIFZkivSyDg/
  4. Hi there! I am currently looking for a manager / supporter job. If you own a shop, club, Location or whatever and need help in general organizing or planning events, do not hesitate to let me know. I have experience in schedule planning, advertising events, management issues, general Organisation, land management. I owned and managed a successful German escort club a few years ago, worked as dancer/ stripper, have a small Business on the marketplace and I am into Breedables since a few years. I am in EU zone, adult, speaking fluently German and good English. For me it doesn’t matter if it’s adult content or something special, I am open minded and open exploring new things. If you are interested, kindly leave me a note inworld (IMs get capped mostly). regards, Lizzy Swordthain
  5. Little Moon is a haven catering to your romance, social needs & beyond. Meet people, explore the beautiful nature-meets-fantasy environment & connect with new friends & old. LGBTQIA+ Positive, Allies welcome. Furry Friendly. 18+ Avs Only. Visit the sim at: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Avalon Shores/37/219/31 We held our Grand Opening event on January 1st and are looking to add more sets and activities. If you're interested in being a member of our team, read on and then visit the sim prior to filling out an application. -DJs- Looking for fun engaging DJs who can greet new arrivals, interact with the host and guests and keep people coming back for more. 30+ days prior DJ experience is required. Microphone is encouraged, but not required. Music is open genre unless otherwise stated for themed sets. DJs may choose to do a regular set or act as fill in on an as-needed basis. DJs earn L$1K per 2-hour set plus 100% of tips. DJ Application: https://forms.gle/C2qkCC5EJyvRi6xDA -Hosts- If you've ever been described as a social butterfly and you love meeting new people and getting people talking, Little Moon is looking for you! Fun hosts that can get people engaged in the conversation and and make them feel at home are a very important part of any set. 30+ days prior Hosting experience required. Hosts may choose to do a regular set or act as fill in on an as-needed basis. Hosts earn L$1K per 2-hour set plus 100% of tips. Host Application: https://forms.gle/3vt5XHrASLNpLHAm9 -Event Runners- Event runners will be in charge of running special events in different areas of the sim. These special events include activities such as board game nights, trivia parties, running a movie night, etc. We are also interested in people who enjoy reading stories on voice, running discussions, and maybe running a book club! Event runners are not expected to be prepared to do *all* of these special events. Staff will be selected for their specific areas of interest and skill. Event runners earn L$1K per 2-hour event plus 100% of tips. Event Runner Application: https://forms.gle/f6fWi3z59uoRpK167 -Advertising & Media Manager- The ideal advertising and social media manager will be well versed in using various social media outlets for the purpose of advertising the sim and it's activities, and regular and special events. Photoshop skills a big plus, but not required. Must know how to post events, photos, videos, etc. to our Facebook page, advertise in appropriate advertising groups on Facebook, post event photos to our Flickr page, post to our party on AviCrowd, send notices to the inworld group to give guests a heads up about upcoming events, and post to our announcements channel on Discord. This is a paid position, dependent on skills, experience, and the time you're willing to invest. Salary negotiable. Ad & Media Manager Application: https://forms.gle/SmfrkeamHpizZgyc7
  6. I've recently started a new electronic music project and I'm looking into advertising the group in some in-world magazines. Now I'm trying to figure out if in-world magazine readership is still even a thing, and which magazines are most popular. So, I need your help. Do you read any in-world magazines? Which one(s)? Would you recommend advertising in any? Any other recommendations for advertising a group in-world besides magazine ads? What are your thoughts on display board advertising in popular locations?
  7. Sacred Cauldron Pagan Sim is in need of an advertising specialist for our marketing team. We are a Pagan Religious Organization sponsored by the Aquarian Tabernacle Church which is a non-profit 501C3 organization. We offer workshops, classes, meditations, rituals, dances, and other social events for the Pagan community on SL. Most of these events encourage donating to the church to help pay for the Sim, but otherwise, we do not charge for our services. Experience with SL and Social Media advertising a must Experience with Paganism a plus Experience with marketing and graphic tools like Canva and Photoshop a plus Must be able to learn quickly and play well with others. You will be part of a large committee, and a smaller team within that committee. Must respond well to authority. (What the arch-priestess says, goes!) Must respect our religious views and values, and be willing to work within that framework. Must be able to attend meetings at 3-4:30pm on Mondays, 2-3pm on Tuesdays, and currently (but subject to schedule changes) Thursdays at 6:30pm. All SLT/Pacific Times. Opportunities to earn lindens by holding workshops, running a shop, and hosting/DJ'ing dances are possible if you have the necessary skills We currently post advertisements in SL groups, Facebook, Microsoft Teams (for our seminary students), and a couple of online newsletters, we need more visibility Your volunteer hours will count as an asset for our non-profit organization, so those will need to be tracked and recorded on a spreadsheet weekly. If interested, please contact Ashke Navarathna in world via Notecard. Please include your experience and why you are interested in this position. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sacred%20Cauldron/188/175/67
  8. ** Offering full business and candidate support ** ► Just can't get staff? ► Spend pointless time spamming groups to be ignored, 87% of group members activate ''Don Not Receive group notices'' ► No more group space due to having spamming groups? ► Need to cut back on management positions? ► Club related drama because of DJ Managers / Host Managers? STOP!!! We have the solution! Excel Recruitment is an independent employment business providing comprehensive recruitment services and consultancy to both clients and candidates inworld and online via our website and social media platforms, the days of group advertising is long gone! So what do we do? Recruitment agencies match candidates to job vacancies, working with companies directly to help fill their roles. Their consultants source new opportunities, edit and optimize Apps/CVs, and even provide pointers to help candidates prepare for interviews. Helping both employers and potential candidates in Second Life, our dedicated team really are the experts in all manner of recruitment services. Whether you're in search of a new and more challenging role or seeking the right person for a new opportunity within your business, you can count on us. We provide a full array of agency and recruitment services offering both temporary, permanent, as well as more bespoke business needs. Excel Recruitment - Always on target. Advertise a job and hire the right people for your business Why Advertise with us? We aim to help you as an individual find the perfect Job or as a Business find the perfect staff: ► We put your job in front of the right people so you can hire quickly ► Post your job and our matching technology will do the rest ► Unique tools built to make hiring simple and effective ► Filter by salary, job type, location, and more to find the most relevant people ► Receive new matching candidates directly to your inbox ► Your gateway to the best people around the globe. Click Here for our Website. Click Here for our inworld Office
  9. I don't know about anyone else, but getting flooded with inventory offers and scripted IM's from stores (half of which I have never purchased anything from) is really aggravating. It seems to get slightly worse after every event I visit. Can we have some enforceable rules governing unsolicited commercial messaging sent via the SL service added to the ToS please. Existing abuse report option for "Repetitive Spam" is vague and seems to be unenforced, probably because it's impossible to correctly report.
  10. Disclaimer: I was tired when I wrote this text so it might not follow the grammar rules and at times it goes out of topic that I wanted to write about but despite being tired I wanted to put it out of my head in the public realm for people to discuss. I was watching a documentary The social dilemma on Netflix today. It is about how addictive the social media is for most of the population and how through advertising and featured content selected/catered to every individual's preferences as its based on data mined and machine learning. Basically anything you do on web is stored under your profile and the machines (AI) is learning about you and serving you content you like and are most interested in as. The side effect of that is that this locks people in what I'd call an artificial reality bubbles. (Best example is at the time around elections if you're for example supporter of one political party you are going to be fed by machine learning algorithms the news that will be against the other political party - even if those news are fake). This is not real or objective reality it is what became known as fake reality constructed on fake news. Basically today you're always fed things that you're personally interested in and 2 different people are going to get different youtube video suggestions - because machines are designed to learn from your data input on every step. People who are aware of that can be more or less immune to it but most people just view things (information) that they are offered / fed. Even the people who worked for companies such as Google and Facebook are falling victim to it. The lines between what is real and what is fake are blurred now days more than ever. One could argue that through owning the media powerful political or corporate interests always more or less controlled information and that is true. What is interesting today is that the information (or ability to shape the world view of the masses) is going to be more and more controlled through designers of machine learning algorithms But machines (algorithms) will never know what is real or not real or what is good or what is evil... A badly designed self learning algorithm can go out of hands and do damage. It has already happened. I'd say that today information is controlled/manipulated, filtered and disseminated by big tech that own social media and no longer by big media networks (which are all having to retort to use social media because that is where the most people are and there will be even more). Couldn't help but my mind started pulling certain parallels and connections between the addictive power of social media and persuasive tech today with the dystopian social science fiction novel Brave New World by English author Aldous Huxley. The novel was written in written in 1931 but it is very important to understand the world and to what scenario of the possible future the society today in 2021 is going to. In the novel the participants of the society take drug called soma. They take it whenever they feel some kind of stress or discomfort - that is what they always did and always want to do as they were not raised to be able to handle real life and to think critically and independently about things - they always follow and do whatever others are doing. The futuristic society from the novel is ran by artificial intelligence and all the people belong to hierarchical groups based on their brain capacity to understand things / intelligence. From managers levels whose job is to protect the way of life and make sure everyone follows rules down to cleaners. It is a natural response of a human to want to avoid any kind of pain or stress and that is why even in today's society many people retort to different types of addictive behaviors or abuse of substances when the life becomes or is tough. I think for non critical people (its usually those that are not educated) its easier to develop addictive behaviors as their self control systems are weaker. The most addictive thing for most humans is money. Society is indeed controlled by money and always has been. There is a real danger that a big size of human population becomes kind of like cattle for big tech businesses to milk them. Many people call it Matrix. One could argue that today in form of social media some form of Matrix or traces of it is already formed. As machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence gets more advanced then such system or way of life we are developing in our society can easily be overtaken by artificial intelligence at some point in future (probably not in our life time but who knows). There is a risk that in future people become slaves to self learning tech in transition period to tech companies that produce those algorithms and the final outcome could lead to total control. For now the programmers have the self learning tech totally under control but in coming future things can quickly go out of hands. There is interesting series - Brave New World currently on Netflix if anyone is interesting to watch. American way of controlling population was always through soft ways of persuasion and propaganda (advertising, brands, pop culture, sexualized culture) - catering to peoples desires. There is another extreme that is currently kind of in the hands of China that could lead towards the future that is more Orwellian - destructive to the welfare of a free and open society. It denotes an attitude and a brutal policy of draconian control by propaganda, surveillance, disinformation, denial of truth (doublethink), and manipulation of the past, including the "unperson"—a person whose past existence is expunged from the public record and memory, practiced by modern repressive governments. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orwellian But I believe the way the tech is progressing we're kind of entering to something similar to the dystopian world that Aldous Huxley depictured in his novel in 1931. It is fascinating. So yes I am noticing parallels between a novel and the effect of modern social tech on people and how its re-shaping society.
  11. Spellbound is a Neopagan sim that will have lots of events and lots of opportunities for poster designs. Looking to hire a graphic designer with poster advertisements in mind. Please contact Arcadia Whimsy inworld if interested, examples are required.
  12. Are you in need of promotional marketing material whether this is logos, posters or hiring ads? Look no further. I'm a Marketing & Design Manager in RL with years of experience working with varied clients to create something to represent their brand. I'm now available for hire to create content and promotional materials for your businesses. Feel free to send Skye Haruki (Demi.Verino) a notecard if you have any questions, want to get a quote or see previous creations.
  13. I own a furniture store https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/83970 . I am by no means a mesh creator, but I do spend hours adding animations, texturing products, making huds, and a bit of scripting if I want to add a bit of unique flair to my items. I purchase my mesh from in-world and MP creators, and I love purchasing these full perm items from my fellow residents. I believe we should all support each other. It's a win/win. They make a sale - I get my furniture. My issue is I'm interested in participating in events. When I go to fill out applications, they are very clear that if you use mesh templates, you're not welcome - OR - you have to have created the mesh yourself. Now, I understand that's their prerogative, but am I missing something? It's almost like I should be ashamed that I'm using a mesh item that I've paid for and made it my own. It makes me feel these events are a bit snobby, to be honest. I understand they don't want lots of the same types of items at their events, but it's quite hindering to me. Does anyone know of events that welcome builders that buy mesh from our awesome mesh creators on the grid? Any other marketing tips on how to get my product in the eye of the purchaser? I have placed my products on MP homepage (not much luck). I do product videos. I have a Flickr group page. I have an in-world group. I have a Facebook page. I promote in my profile. I'm just a bit stuck on how to get our name out there. Thanks in advance for any suggestions
  14. K3 LAND SALES IS CLOSING OUT ALL MAINLAND PARCELS FOR SALE! YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS THESE GREAT SALES! LANDS WITH PROTECTED WATER OR PROTECTED ROADWAY KUULA - General K3 - L$5,000 - 1120sqm 2X PROTECTED WATER! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kuula/239/135/23 2x protected water! Located on eastern Kuula, near NCI 1120 sqm - 384 prims - with only 1024 tier using 10% group bonus. No monthly fees for premium members K3 - L$4,500- 1120sqm 1X PROTECTED WATER! 1)http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kuula/235/103/40 2)http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kuula/206/77/40 1x protected water! Located on eastern Kuula, near NCI 1120 sqm - 384 prims - with only 1024 tier using 10% group bonus. No monthly fees for premium members K3 - L$4,500- 1088sqm 1X PROTECTED WATER! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kuula/194/107/40 1x protected water! Located on eastern Kuula, near NCI 1088 sqm - 373 prims - with only 1024 tier using 10% group bonus. No monthly fees for premium members FARAVARI - General K3 - L$32,000 - 1x Protected Sand/Water - 4096sqm http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Faravari/225/216/23 1x Protected Linden Sand/Water Parcel near Blake Sea Beautiful Eastern Unobstructed View, Sandy beach Flat sand for your home, with water/dock for your boat 4096 sqm - 1406 prims, Items on parcel are yours to use TIMANDRA - General K3 - L$1000 - Flat Rock or Water Parcel - 2x Protected - 480sqm http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Timandra/8/37/23 Wonderful Rock or Water Parcel... you decide! 2x Protected Waterways. 480 sqm - 164 prims THETIDIA - General K3 - L$3000 - 2x Protected Water Parcel -1280 sqm http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Thetidia/30/241/23 Fantastic Water Parcel 2x Protected Waterways 1280 sqm - 439 prims QUETZAL - K3 - L$3000 - Flat Roadside - 2048 sqm FOR SALE http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Quetzal/196/118/23 Flat Roadside Parcel on Route 9. 1x Protected! 2048 meters and 703 prims with only 1024 tier. BLUNGE - K3 - L$4000 - Flat Green/Sand - 2608 sqm 1x Protected http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Blunge/203/225/23 Wonderful Flat Green/Sand Land - 1x Protected Path to Coastal Waterway 2608 sqm and 895 prims 16sqm ADVERTISING PARCELS FOR SALE L$500 1) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cheetoh/70/110/23 2) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Trifolii/14/78/23
  15. Our up-and-coming media company is seeking friendly and enthusiastic professionals in Advertising Sales. RESPONSIBILITIES: - Selling advertisement space for VFM Style, our company's e-zine, by contacting different Second Life creators, businesses, communities, etc... - Help to design ads for the client - Help develop a list of communities and in-world locations that would be willing to place a newspaper box for e-zine distribution - Attend weekly staff meetings - Other duties as assigned QUALIFICATIONS: - Professional, courteous demeanor and appearance. Sales coordinators are expected to dress appropriately in business attire while on the job and meeting with clients. - Outgoing and friendly personality, with strong interpersonal communication. An excellent verbal communicator. - Reliable, dedicated and enthusiastic person, excited to join a family-like work atmosphere. - Reliable access to Second Life on a computer, not a mobile device. The position will involve a 4-hour per week commitment, with the requirement of being present for a weekly staff meeting. Communication will also occur via a company email account and other web-based team organization software. Competitive base compensation is offered, plus commission for each ad sold. TO APPLY: Online- visiting https://forms.gle/inLxoQHy1dRYb15J8 In-World: Visit Davies Tower: (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sapphire%20Skies/186/237/17
  16. Our up-and-coming media company is seeking friendly and enthusiastic professionals in Advertising Sales. RESPONSIBILITIES: - Selling advertisement space for VFM Style, our company's e-zine, by contacting different Second Life creators, businesses, communities, etc... - Help to design ads for the client - Help develop a list of communities and in-world locations that would be willing to place a newspaper box for e-zine distribution - Attend weekly staff meetings - Other duties as assigned QUALIFICATIONS: - Professional, courteous demeanor and appearance. Sales coordinators are expected to dress appropriately in business attire while on the job and meeting with clients. - Outgoing and friendly personality, with strong interpersonal communication. An excellent verbal communicator. - Reliable, dedicated and enthusiastic person, excited to join a family-like work atmosphere. - Reliable access to Second Life on a computer, not a mobile device. The position will involve a 4-hour per week commitment, with the requirement of being present for a weekly staff meeting. Communication will also occur via a company email account and other web-based team organization software. Competitive base compensation is offered, plus commission for each ad sold. TO APPLY: Online- visiting https://forms.gle/inLxoQHy1dRYb15J8 In-World: Visit Davies Tower: (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sapphire%20Skies/186/237/17)
  17. This is about it, Paid for home page advertising subscription, LL took the money, but the product does not appear. Where can I get help? Anyone is supporting the marketplace from LL? This feels odd. Thanks for any help!
  18. I am looking for a secondary paying job that could really help me to paid my rent on time. Plus, I am looking for a spa, event planner, wedding planner, advertising, logo designer, and own my own business store. I will need a good paying job to make my dreams come true happens. I do want to be a receptionist that booked appointments, clients list, people that is very helpful and clients payments for the work that i do.
  19. I have a recently growing confussion regarding Second Life's meanings when it comes to Advertisement and Branding and hopefully an official source could put light onto the subject. Recently there has been plently of mentions regarding advertisement and commercial activities on Linden Lab official things like Linden Home Covenants and SL16B Guidelines. What I understand on these is that branding is being seen as commercial advertisement, but is not exactly clear. For example: Recent changes to Linden Homes covenant as described by Patch linden: "As a note of clarification and to call out a specific use case example: If a content creator is using a Linden Home as a display model to feature content they’ve created specifically for a Linden Home, this by itself is ok. What you may not do is put up signage on the parcel that advertises it, your store, brand, redirect people away from the home for purchases, etc. You can not sell items off your parcel. What you can do is direct people to your Linden Home as a demonstrator of your creations from elsewhere (your main store or marketplace listings). Also, the little cafe/pub type places that have popped up are really awesome and fun, but should also follow the same sorts of guidelines." SL16B Exhibitor Policies: " Your display at the event should not be commercial. Exhibits promoting buying and selling of goods and services do not fit in with our policies and theme. Any part of an exhibit that violates this rule will be removed. While commerce is a very important part of SL, this is a party, not a mall or sales fair. No selling is allowed and no advertising will be permitted. " What does the word brand means for Linden Lab and what exactly falls under advertisement? It is extremely common in Second Life for users to advertise a variety of things in many ways. The most clear way of advertising would be using logos with messages that would direct others to either visit a location, a website, open a group, etc, often of stores or content creators, but the problem starts when they also advertise groups that are not exactly identified as stores or paid services. They can be advertising groups of people with something in common, or a society with same interests, or even a legitimate non-profit organization. Eeven these cases that are not stores by the mean of the word, they do also have a brand, often a logo that identifies these groups, societies and non-profits, and those logos or brands are also widely used by Second Life users on all kinds of situations. Now, what I understand is that branding is branding no matter what the brand is for, the brand purpose or what it represents. I also understand that branding does not necesarily means advertisement. A logo could be use in a way of showing support, giving credit, or simply the logo is part of an object or texture already and there is no intention from the user to use it as a way of advertisement or brand awareness. There are numerous cases of logos (or branding) being use for other purposes that are not commercial, for example: Belliseria houseboats commonly features large yellow flags with a logo that represents a group. These homeowners clearly don't intend to commercialze the land with these, but non the less, the logos are a brand and they could be seen as advertisement depending where Linden Lab draws that line. Would be interesting to know what other people thinks about this matter, and if someone has been affected by perhaps some loopholes that may exist giving this situation.
  20. As per Business use of any kind is prohibited, including parcel rental, rental boxes, classified ads or other forms of advertising, and event listings.
  21. I'm looking for where and how I can get a product on the homepage of marketplace on the Featured Items list. After some quick searching I don't see this answer anywhere so I'd appreciate someone to point me in the right direction.
  22. Arcadian Rapture Station is hiring! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Stardew Valley/10/124/2557 Though we serve a wide range of clients, we are currently looking for more gay(or bi), male, human or furry staff to fill a variety of roles. https://goo.gl/forms/dacQ3xZqTE7WhDI33 ARS is a large sim with a Mall, 10k FP Mesh/Texture Library, Clubs, Hotels, Galleries, Dungeons Theaters - and so much more! Over 80 locations made for HD VR filming! Currently the three main sections are a CyberDeco (cyberpunk art deco) space station, magical fantasy sky islands that descend to the sim floor, and the fantasy Japanese forest below. We are striving to provide everything possible in SL, in high definition and quality. Interested? Positions include: Store Position - Design Intern Store Position - Voice Actor Store Position - Virtual Actor (HD VR Adult Film) Store/Sim Position - Blogger Store/Sim Position - Photographer/Videographer - HD VR (Adult Content Included) Entertainment Position - DJ Entertainment Position - Escort / AFK Escort Entertainment Position - Performer Entertainment Position - Bartender Entertainment Position - Host Entertainment Position - Maintenance Staff (Escort Division) Sim Position - Security Sim Position - Marketing/Networking Agent Sim Position - Employment Manager Sim Position - Advertising Manager Sim Position - Customer Service Rep [Store, Rentals, Services, etc] -> Most payment is commission or tip based, though staff gets gifts, free products, and many perks. Apply at: https://goo.gl/forms/dacQ3xZqTE7WhDI33 These are just a few of the positions open with us - and we help other sims get staffed too! If you don't see what you want, send in an application anyways so we can get you something to do!
  23. Willow Grove Art Center (WGAC) is seeking dedicated people to fill positions within it's organization. Each of the following positions is paid and will be discussed in a face to face interview. All positions are subject to change. Advertisers- 3 positions open Advertisers will be given exactly what they need to post. They will be paid per post. Knowledge of social media is a must. If you do not have an account for your SL AV, it will be required for the position. Additional knowledge of in-world advertising channels is a plus. Lead Advertiser- 1 position The lead Advertiser will be in charge of ensuring all posts are done, keeping track of them each week, submitting information to owner/s, making sure posts are quality, writing quality, engaging posts, and attending occasional meetings. Event Helper- 1 Position Willow Grove Art Centre holds an Art based event which changes from month to month. We are seeking a helper to aid in these events. Some of the tasks may include, but are not limited to: addressing artist/vendor questions and concerns, attending meetings, decorating, addressing employee questions and concerns, planning events, etc. You can find the application here: https://goo.gl/forms/REE6ya5WpCUzuXRr2 Any questions can be sent using a notecard in world to Beyonkah Resident Visit WGAC in world
  24. $50L Per Week for a limited time and 1 week free with full month payment - $10L Ad Boards in our office IMPORTANT NOTICES: Please do not contact us about wanting to rent a unit. Simply visit our office and use our self serve rental boxes. Be sure you ACCEPT the landmark and notecard given to you automatically when you pay the rental box. We do not offer a prim allowance. Please use a sandbox for rezzing and unpacking. GET 1 WEEK FREE WHEN YOU RENT 4 WEEKS IN ADVANCED LUNAR FAMILY SKYHOMES Thank you for your interest in renting one of our pre-furnished & pre-decorated skyhomes! Perfect for newbies and people on a budget. If you want to see a sample of our skybox, contact us using our contact form! We have 3 units available, all are 2 stories high. Each unit has a full living room suite with media TV, full kitchen & dining set, dance poses for singles and couples, outdoor patio with furniture, bath tub and full living room. We also offer an easy to use security orb to all tenants so you can eject intruders and invite your friends over! These units are suitable for adult singles or couples. Most furniture is animated for couples. If you need a bed for just a single person, we can provide one. However, we can not swap out any other furniture. Please view our photos for an inside look of our units. NOTE: We do not provide any prims for rezzing objects or shopping boxes, please use a sandbox for this. Our In World Office (Please copy and paste this link into your viewer): http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Plain Jane/53/24/2501 To Contact us with questions or to schedule a unit tour (do not contact us about wanting to rent, visit our office and use our self serving rental box), use our contact form: http://bit.ly/2gXdbPq
  25. Hello, all! It's been a while, the forums had a makeover and so did my place... so I thought I would start a fresh, shiny new thread so there's no confusion. We are up to 10 games now at Zamargad, and growing! Check out the Advertising Skybox in the ^v^/<|;) (Bats Out Of Hats) parcel (have some fun and click the ads, you never know what cool stuff you'll run into while enjoying yourself. ...Although, a lot of things happen throughout the sim too, like random contests, Lindo, and Treasure Quest. There are tiny teleport doors (and maybe a few other secrets) that will take you to different parts of the sim. Games featured here at Zamargad: 1. Lindo (grow flowers with a HUD to earn L$) 2. SuperFish (fishing for L$, a fun way to pass the time) 3. Magic Fishing (fishing for L$, a fun way to pass the time) 4. Treasure Quest (find the coins & gems to collect L$) 5. Cards Against Humanity (this is a witty and silly game to play with your friends) 6. Skippo (a fun card game to play with friends or bots) 7. Raffle (enter for your chance to win every couple of weeks) 8. The Vault (if the letter of your first name is picked, you can win L$) 9. Linden Gold Hunt Trivia (just shout the correct answer in nearby chat and you could win L$) 10. Random group chat trivia (we like to ask absurd questions and give out ridiculous amounts of L$) 11. Random contests for L$, trophies, and ribbons (we just finished a photo contest) (NEW: on the 13th of every month, we will choose a random person from our group that has our store/sim in their picks and give away L$100) Got a suggestion on a game you'd like to see? Let us know! MajikVixen (bluevioletvixen.lorefield) or ਹөƞ ƇƸяתߎɳŋøϟ (joncernunnos) Hope to see you soon! Have fun and enjoy your SL! ♥
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