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  1. I have to wonder about why the op is looking for new residents.
  2. Zopper, if you are on a tight budget, you'll likely be better off finding a building on mp. Custom builds cost more.
  3. Hi Lita. I sent you an IM and notecard inworld. I look forward to hearing from you, Annabell Wandsworth
  4. Hi Barbie. I sent you a message inworld. Annabell Wandsworth
  5. Hi. I IM'd Babe after visiting your sim and took the liberty of sending a notecard with some info about me. Annabell Wandsworth
  6. I told him I would send him an IM in addition to the the notecard he requested, which I did send.
  7. To clarify, my post was to let other people know that the OP was unlikely to respond to posts here, for whatever reason. Some people lose interest in a topic or idea, and just drop it, or he could have found what he was looking for and just decided not to say so here. I have no idea which it was. I will not go into what happened between my and a previous poster because that would be inappropriate.
  8. Your response is inappropriate and not related to this post, so is against SL TOS.
  9. If he wanted a roomie he would have found it here.
  10. Hi Miranda. I IM'd you inworld. Please let me know if you have any questions. Annabell Wandsworth
  11. I sent him several messages inworld. He didn't respond to the first two, then said please send me a nc, which I did, and he never responded to that. Just an FYI to others.
  12. I am trying this one more time! Offer starts at 5:15slt NO OTHER OFFERS STATED OR IMPLIED. NO GUARANTEE OF SERVICE. I hate I had to say that but omg the stuff that could happen.
  13. I just attach a big ugly box over the wearer's head. Not the most elegant solution, but it works.
  14. Hi Kend. I sent you a message inworld.
  15. As I mentioned, the OP did make an image for the flyer.
  16. Just clarify, this is tips only and no direct pay?
  17. Hi Nathan While I would encourage you to first look at mp, I'm guessing you have already done that, so I have sent you a message inworld. Annabell Wandsworth
  18. I was happy to help you make a HUD with notecard on touch (with your image) for your party. Please keep me in mind for any future design/landscaping projects. Annabell Wandsworth
  19. I totally wish we could delete our posts. I have said many things I regret here.
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