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  1. They gave the name of where the charge was attempted, it was some Holland something, they said it looked to be a toy company? It was an attempt online, so they were not able to say who attempted the purchase, just that my CC info was used and they declined to let the charge go thru because it seemed suspicious.
  2. Thank you for the info. and offer Chaser! I appreciate the help!
  3. I have recently started playing, and I purchased a tv from a video shop for 'renting' movies. The TV required to be deeded to the group in order to be used on the group land, but my friends said no because that would allow the creator/script access to the land? So I placed the TV in my SL premium house. This was last week sometime when this happened. Then 2 days ago I purchased lindens, I added a new credit card to my SL acct. at the time of purchase. Today, that credit card had an attempted unauthorized charge tried to take from it. I have not used the credit card in over 6 months before using it to purchase Linden 2 days ago. My first thought was that it was a possible breach/security issue on the SL site when purchasing linden. However, my friends immediately said that it could have been from the TV, and claim that the scripts in the TV can be used to gain access to any info. saved on my SL account. I have not done scripting in a very very long time, and never on SL, but I have on other games, but again long time ago. I don't recall scripting ever being an entryway into accessing outside of game information such as they are suggesting. Is it possible? They are convinced that I need to delete the tv all together, because it was a cheap tv therefore it's likely being used to gain access to items on my account including credit card info. And just having it up in the prem. house or in my inventory, the scripts can still run and gain access to whatever info. the creator requests. I am not thinking they are clear on what can and can't be done w/scripting, but as I said, I've not done it in a very long time, over 10 years now, so maybe it's changed? Can creators who script or SL staff advise if this would be possible, can a item on SL access my RL credit card info that was entered on the SL website w/o me knowing it? Thanks.
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