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  1. Worked , thank you again. Belle xoxo
  2. Hi all members, Just started adding my face with movements, using Lelutka head 2.5. For some reason my avatars eyebrows, lips and nose are all trembling? Have no idea how to stop the function from happening? Thank You, Belle xoxo
  3. The issue has been fixed. 🙂 Thank you for the help Maitimo and Orwar xoxo
  4. Thank you guys for the comments will give it a go . See if any changes. Belle xoxo
  5. Hi All Members, Having abit of trouble after ticking the box to add advanced lighting to my avatar to take better photos. For some reason my skin goes all patchy? If someone could help with my issue would appreciate it. *Added image below of issue. Thank You, Belle xoxo
  6. Hi yes I am. LeLUTKA Fleur Head 2.0
  7. Hi guys, i dont know what i did but for some reason my avatar wont stop smiling its stuck in that mode. have deactivated all gestures, gone to appearances and reset my skel & anim it goes back for a second the again smiling. have detached my AO and signed out and back in. please help me?
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