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  1. I can understand that if they leave SL for good..but Magika is still going, and I can't see any way (Inworld or MP) of buying at least three of their hairs?
  2. Just got some shapes and reading the style cards, the skins and hair featured no longer exist :matte-motes-angry: Why do creators withdraw skins and hair?? I can understand doing it inworld, but not from Marketplace?? :matte-motes-sour: Why get rid of old products and make them unavailable? They must be losing out on money...from customers like me.
  3. Should SL DJs use voice? Do you like DJs in SL clubs to talk on mic between and over songs? I don't like it and think they shouldn't! But it seems every club owner in Inworld Employment disagrees :smileysurprised:
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