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  1. Of course it's a game. Until avatars have to eat to survive, use the toilet, catch infections and contract diseases, age and die - and cease flying - the whole premise that SL is akin to RL is ridiculous. The 'SL's only a game' thing wasn't really a genuine clash of semantics. Some people got upset by it because it was the standard line trotted out by persons identified/identifying as 'griefers' after they'd done something funny/naughty. Example: "You just littered my virtual 9/11 memorial with screaming horse heads...you're vile" "So? It's only a game"
  2. There are few sights on SL as sickening as the reaction from women when a Linden appears in a sim. Every time there is a meeting inworld and a Linden attends, there is always at least one old trout who starts lisping over mic, "Oh thank you...thank you...great job...great new video...oh thank you, Ebbe...wonderful" LISTEN, YOU STUPID WOMEN: the Lindens will NEVER date you. So be quiet and stop making us want to hurl with your doe-eyed fan worship.
  3. SaraCarena wrote: People who TP alts in 10 minutes before voting, that`s just sad!!...shame on you. Objection - if you can get away with it, that makes infinitely more sense to me than actually sitting out two hours of said event (which, seeing as the manager is depending on a contest to bring in punters, will inevitably mean bland-to-painful music and chat). Many of these contests are complete scams anyway. I used to know a hostess at a now-defunct neko-themed club who would override the board votes if she happened to dislike the actual winner, or just select somebody else at random "f
  4. Why would you WANT to go to Demonic??? It's a horrible sim. Full of 14-year old boys trying to cyber with 57-year old housewives and the worst DJs on SL.
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