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  1. If my account gets put on hold wil I loose my Determined Achievement number?
  2. I did not ask a clear question. I have been berated about this but as a first time posted I was seeking help. So I have been told I did not call the correct number. However the correct number was not provided. Chat Support. Again, simply tell me how please. As for my theft claime. Two people had a written agreement (which should hold up in court) about a transaction. I payed my half and the other person logged. Therefore a breach of agreement. Am I wrong?
  3. I will willingly delete the name. This is my first post here so just tell me how.
  4. I am a Premiumn customer. On Phone support they said that did not mater. I had to own a Tier and land to be helped.
  5. What recourse do we have for scam or fraud in SL? I cannot call the police or file a lawsuit. They are even protectred by just blocking me. They stole from me so what am I to do? All I can seem to do is warn other people about this malicious and horrible person.
  6. Hello everyone. I was scammed the other night. The person has blocked me. I have tried contacting Linden Labs via emain, no response. Even called their support line but because I am only a large lant renter and do not own a tier ty refuse to help me. If I did not have a partner and many friends in SL I would just quit after thiis horrible event. This is terrible customer sevice! -Kate.
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