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  1. These seem to be rentals, not sales? Why did you choose this forum?
  2. I have a significant balance in US$ in my account (due to a cancelled transaction). Why can't I use this to buy L$? It's trying to put through another charge when the transaction I'm attempting would leave me with US$0 (including the $0.40 transaction fee). ((answers worked - did it for a bit less - thank you!))
  3. Twice in the last month my viewer has returned "password error" type messages instead of logging me in. Further investigation showed I couldn't get to my friends list and was redirected to the grid status page. Last time, I was able to log in without issue. It's not terribly helpful to have a PASSWORD ERROR MESSAGE when actually what we need to know is GRID DOWN, TRY LATER. Could this be changed please? Posting this here since I can't actually get into anything that will let me report a bug (which this is)
  4. I can't log in to the game or even my dashboard from my PC (Chrome for dashboard) but the dashboard loads fine on my androild phone's chrome. "Maintenance" doesn't explain that. Help?
  5. My personal preference would be a separate gacha category. I'd love to see one!
  6. Yes, the ultimate question. I'm curious whether anyone's ever had a successful interaction through reports to get someone to STOP endangering their RL safely? Can you give me any pointers of what worked? I would have thought that 1) blackmailing then 2) actually PASSING OUT MY RL NAME would have been enough but apparently not. Any suggestions welcome.
  7. Frankly, I wish there was a way to get rid of them. I suspect you're on your own and Linden Labs doesn't appear to care. I've had someone passing out my RL name to anyone she can, possbily rapists and murderers, and they've done NOTHING despite several reports by several people. I wish you the best of luck, and am sorry this has happened. If possible, you may want to involve law enforcement as Linden Labs, though they have several options (including IP bans etc) will apparently do NOTHING to help!
  8. me too - one alt works, one doesn't, doesn't matter which viewer.
  9. Doesn't seem to matter which viewer. I'm gettting more than a bit frustrated with not being able to log in my main and only my alt, when they're connected by my name/address/billing information. ----------------------------- finally got in. NO CLUE what's going on.
  10. Apparently someone on our sim answered a communication made to someone else in IM. I suppose it COULD have been copied/pasted to them, but it's unlikely. The 3rd party themselves said they had a "hud" that allowed eavesdropping but normally didn't have the feature turned on. Logically, if the IM can pass between 2 people, it could be intercepted as well, and new platform features full of increasingly spagettish code mean potential new loopholes. So, and likely not the first time asked, is it possible to eavesdrop on IMs and how the heck do you block the ability if so? I don't car
  11. I get the same error in firefox. Figure someone left a tag off as there's all kinds of data in the view source. Can't be bothered to try to figure out which one - may bother to check later. However, if the WEBPAGE is wrong.... well....*shakes head...
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