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  1. All you really need is a simple poseball script. The work is all done by whatever animation to find. There are a few poseball scripts here in the library, but you'll need to shop in world or in Marketplace for the animation.
  2. OK, forget my earlier post. I just tried this as an experiment. It's not the prettiest particle display in the world, but if you put it in a prim, point its +Z axis forward, and attach it to your av (I attached mine to the stomach), it produces a particle stream that always points away from your av as you turn. Turn it on with /8 ON and off with /8 OFF. default { state_entry() { llListen(8,"",llGetOwner(),""); } listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string msg) { if ( llToUpper(msg) == "OFF") { llParticleSystem( [ ] );
  3. You might try something like llLookAt(<1.0,0.0,0.0>*llGetRot(),1.0,0.5) If you are updating with a timer as the avatar moves so that the script always has a current value of the av's global rotation to work with, I think the emitter prim ought to track with its +Z axis pointing forward all the time. ETA: That will position the prim. The acceleration applied to particles shouldn't need a rotation correction at all. I think that acceleration is always applied in the local rotation frame of the prim, IIRC. ETA2: Oh, duh. You said this is an attachment. I was thinking it was a follow
  4. Welcome to Second Life! That's really quite easy to answer. There is no object to Second Life. You are supposed to be doing anything that you want to. Depending on your personal perspective, this is a social networking platform, a creative environment, a role playing platform, .... almost anything. There is no systematic goal and there are no points to be earned, no badges.... I suggest that you spend some time exploring to see what you find. Try looking in the Destination Guide, for example, to see the range of exciting areas in SL. Go shopping, attend an in-world musical event, visit a
  5. There are some reported issues with NVidia graphics cards ( see HERE, for example) that may explain it. I have had the same experience you describe, though, and it's much less drastic than some of the reports of missing body parts that are in JIRAs like that one. Like you, I can sometimes find that a part of my av has gone totally transparent if I have switched windows to check my e-mail or browser. Clicking on the av or doing a quick Ctrl-Alt-R rebake always fixes it instantly. It's a little disconcerting, but so far I have simply ignored it. I suspect that it's another odd connection issue -
  6. D'accord. Voyez ici la reponse officielle (en Anglais).
  7. Io non sono sicuro di aver capito il problema, forse a causa della traduzione. Se si utilizza uno script llTargetOmega e desidera che un oggetto per far girare la filatura, però, tutto quello che dovete fare è utilizzare il vettore <0.0,0.0,0.0>. Ciò renderà il fermano.
  8. You'll want to use a negative value for Gravity, so that the cattails always point up instead of drooping, and you'll want to keep Wind set rather low (probably no more than 1.0) to keep them from whipping aroiund too much. Moderate settings for Drag and Tension will also help make them slow to respond. You can ignore the Force settings, since they won't do much for you at all. Just play around and see what looks good. BTW, you can't link anything to the flexi end of a prim. If you try, it loses its flexiness (if that's a word). That means either making your cattails out of a single prim
  9. Rolig Loon

    In Pooley !

    Because there's almost nothing for your graphics card to render and there's almost no demand on the sim's servers other than your own (no scripts, no physical objects, no parcel media, no particles.....). The servers can pay attention to you better.
  10. Hmmm... It could still be related. See VWR-13337 (https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-13337). It might be a good idea to add your graphics card spec to your original post. It might catch the eye of someone with experience on your particular card. So far, I don't have much more of an answer myself. :-(
  11. Take a look at this JIRA >>> (Nvidia) Certain actions such as changing outfits makes entire body, arms, hands of avatar disappear, makes face rezzing screwy . Is that something like what you are experiencing? If so, I'd suggest taking a pic and adding it, along with other documenting information, to that JIRA. You probably ought to file a support ticket too, if you haven't already.
  12. I just suggested this in a similar thread in one of the forums.... You have a bake failure, possibly because of a weak or intermittent Internet connection. SL is much more demanding than most other programs on your computer, and much more finicky about sharing bandwidth. It sounds like you have taken a few of the simple steps that often clear up the problem for a while, and it's reassuring that you don't report any packet loss. There's a fairly decent overview of common bake fail issues and some other suggestions about how to handle them HERE. You may find it helpful. For what it's worth
  13. The problem you describe is referred to as a bake failure. When you change your outfit, the change takes place on your own computer, where the new clothing is "baked" onto your avatar. Then it has to be uploaded to SL's servers so that other people can see it. If there is a problem with the upload, usually because of a weak Internet connection, you can still see the new clothing but nobody else can. For a good explanation and an overview of solutions, take a look HERE.
  14. Particles are always emitted from the +Z end of the prim in which the script sits, so all you need to do is select that prim in Edit (You will probably need to highlight transparent objects -->> Ctrl - Alt - T ) and then be sure that you are viewing axes in Local reference frame rather than Global. Then rotate the prim so that the pointy end of the Z (blue) axis is aimed out of your mouth. It's probably smart to do this while you are on a pose stand. :smileywink:
  15. You can go to your Advanced menu (CTRL - Alt - D) and then look under the pulldown menu in Debug Settings for ChatPersistTime . The default setting for that variable is 20.0 seconds. If you set it to a lower value, an individual chat line will fade faster, so you will have fewer chat lines on your screen at any given time.
  16. Yup. Head for the London England UK sim. You'll land in Hyde Park if you go HERE. There is always a good crowd hanging about, and they have suggestions about where you might go to find other people from the UK. You might also consider joining a group like London Community to meet people who can make other suggestions.
  17. The name wkwok will be with you as long as you are in SL. You selected it when you created your account. However, you can create a Display name that you would rather be known as. Some people will see that Display Name in the tag over your head and in chat, if they have elected to see Display Names. You should get used to have at least some people continue to call you wkwok, though, because they will not see the Display name. Your only other option is to create a new account and select a name that you would rather have for that avatar. In fact, many people have more than one account (or
  18. You will find a folder marked Clothing in the Library folder in your inventory. Just pick somethign that looks interesting. Right click on it and select WEAR to place it on your avatar. If you want to remove it, do the same thing but select DETACH". You will learn other ways as well, but that will get you started. See HERE for a few more details, and look for related articles in the Knowledge Base. If you want to try making a simple piece of clothing for yourself, you can also right click on yourself and select "Appearance". That will open a menu with many choices. To create a new articl
  19. The general answer is that you have a faulty Internet connection. Whenever you make any change to your avatar's appearance, the change takes place on your own computer and then has to be baked and uploaded to SL's servers so that other people can see it. If information is lost during the upload, you will still see the changes yourself, because your graphics card is using the cached information on your own computer, but no one else will. Take a look HERE at a pretty good explanation and some suggestions about how to beat the problem.
  20. That's what happens if I try to use my laptop for SL too, so I haven't done it for almost three years. SL puts a lot of demand on a graphics card, in particular, and can generate a lot of heat. Most laptops just aren't built to handle it. At least in a desktop you have room for big fans and heat sinks. In a laptop all you have is a couple of wimpy airholes and a miniature fan. If your screen is starting to freeze up and display funny colors, you may be damaging your video card. Lifting it off the table and blowing more air across it can help, but the best idea is to use a machine that is
  21. I have almost never had problems with E-mail. Once in a very great while, SL's e-mail service will hang up, but that is infrequent in my experience. I take care to be sure that at least one of the communicating prims is locked and no mod, and I tend to make it transparent and bury it in something else if I want prying eyes to be unaware of its existence. That one can act as a server for others that might be less permanent. If one of the other communicating objects does need to be re-rezzed occasionally, you can have it send a "Here I am" message to the other (hidden, secure) one on rez, upd
  22. You can toggle particle displays on/off with Shift - CTRL - Alt - + . Very handy to know if you are in a club with a ghastly particle show.
  23. I'd suggest just waiting and trying again later. I was having the same trouble last night, but everything was working fine this morning. I suspect that the servers are doing something wonky.
  24. In state_entry, llResetTime(). Then in your timer event if (llGetTime() > 86400) { //send message llResetTime(); } Unless you really want high accuracy, getting your daily report at precisely the same time each day, you can set the timer event to something like 300 seconds (5 minutes) for negligible lag, or you can just piggyback on whatever your timer is already doing, if it's shorter than that.
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