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  1. Canoro Philipp wrote: @Rolig yes, it is like the Mac vs. PC argument, fortunatly those differences are mostly forgotten. this is exactly the type of mentality that is unhealthy, for one to win the other has to lose. Yup. You got it. This is another argument that should be forgotten too, and we have to start somewhere. How about starting right here? :smileywink:
  2. Check to be sure that you haven't accidentally muted yourself. It's very easy to do. Check your list of blocked avatars and objects. My guess is that you are on it.
  3. Just as a side note, if you did ever want to use a timer for an application like this, I'd suggest testing for inequalities instead of equality. That is, test if(rotate > 10.0) instead of if(rotate == 10.1) Most of the time it won't make much difference, especially in a simple script like this, but if you get in the habit of testing an inequality you'll never be tripped up when some internal calculation feeds you 10.0999 or a mysterious glitch overshoots the target and gives you 10.2. I agree with Peter, though, that llSetTextureAnim is a much better choice here anyway. :smileywink:
  4. Ho-hum. This is sort of like the old PC vs. Mac arguments. There are partisans on both sides and there's always a conspiracy theorist around to make it interesting. Once you get past the shouting, the fact is that we have a free market with good alternatives competing for consumer attention. The competition keeps all the development teams on their toes and assures us that we can choose whichever product suits us best personally. We all win.
  5. Domitan Redenblack asked: "If you can't stop an item being sold, perhaps I should note "Free copy and transfer ONLY" in a startup message?" A more effective tactic, perhaps, might be to code something like changed (integer change){ if(change&CHANGED_OWNER) { llOwnerSay("If you just paid for this item, you were robbed. You can get one free from Domitan Redenblack."); }} :smileyvery-happy:
  6. From the LSL wiki: • key id – avatar or prim UUID that is in the same region id must specify a valid rezzed prim or avatar key, present in or otherwise known to the sim in which the script is running, otherwise an empty string is returned. In the case of an avatar, this function will still return a valid name if the avatar is a child agent of the sim (i.e., in an adjacent sim, but presently able to see into the one the script is in), or for a short period after the avatar leaves the sim (specifically, when the client completely disconnects from the sim, either as a main or child agent).
  7. A floor shadow is just an extra prim that is textured so that it grades from a midtone gray at about 50% alpha at the middle to 100% alpha at the edges. You ought to be able to make one in a minute or less with Photoshop or GIMP, or you can find freebie ones all over SL. ETA: In fact, here's one now >>> "21b98d3c-617c-8165-d1bb67ec9dfb". Just apply it to your prim with a script and you'll have a shadow prim.
  8. Ooop. Right you are. I regularly open boxes as attachments because it saves me the trouble of going home again to do it, but I misspoke. You do need to do it with Edit >> Contents and then drag the items to your inventory. "Open" doesn't work.
  9. Earlier this month there were still a few welcoming areas in SL where it was possible to register for a new account with a "legacy" name. I am not sure how many of them are still active, or for how much longer. ETA: Here's the list that was still good during the first week in March, the last time I paid attention: http://www.emagine.jp/regapi/secondlife.php http://islab.org/slreg/ http://sl.nmc.org/create.php?v=2 http://registration.nanolands.com/ http://registration.scilands.org.uk/ http://registration.secondhealth.org.uk/ http://www.thevesuviusgroup.com/reg/vai/slreg/index.php
  10. :smileyvery-happy: Pas du tout. Vous avez seulement besoin de se rappeler que la boîte a déjà le "http://" en elle, donc il faut faire attention de ne pas ajouter un de plus par erreur. Sinon, votre expérience a été couronnée de succès. Félicitations.
  11. Pas tout à fait. Il n'existe aucun lien sur le mot "voila". ETA: Ooop, pardon. Il est là, mais mon navigateur ne peut pas lier à elle pour une raison quelconque. Je pense que c'est mon problème, pas le vôtre. ETA: Non, je vois. Il ya un supplément de "http://"dans votre adresse web.
  12. Rolig Loon

    This or that!

    Eh bien, j'aime le Google Translate (http://translate.google.com/?tab=mT#fr|en|). Je ne sais pas si elle traduit le langage technique correctement, parce que je ne connais pas les termes techniques en français moi-même. Sa traduction de phrases de base est généralement OK, cependant. (Il me sauve aussi la peine de taper les accents, qui ne sont pas sur mon système, j'ai donc l'utiliser même si je pourrais probablement écrire une bonne réponse en français par moi-même.)
  13. Rolig Loon

    This or that!

    LOL. Ich wünschte nur, dass meine deutschen Wortschatz besser war. Es wurde viel zu vielen Jahren, seit ich studiert, so jetzt muss ich auf Google Translate verlassen. Ich war froh, dass Ihre Frage auf Französisch statt gestellt wurde. ;-)
  14. Rolig Loon

    This or that!

    Ah, je viens de voir ta nouvelle note d'explication. Peewee y a repondu exactement. Bonne chance.
  15. You will discover that you are not allowed to drag a box to the ground in most places in SL. There are two ways around the problem. One way is to find a sandbox where you are allowed to rez items. You can do that by opening your Search function, selecting the "Places" tab, and typing in the keyword sandbox. Another way to open a box is to attach it to yourself instead. You have already done that simply by wearing the box. Once it is attached, you should be able to select the box by right clicking on it, and then select "Open" to send its contents to your inventory. When you are finished,
  16. Rolig Loon

    This or that!

    Salut Rotpaulette! Utilisez le menu «Options» , dans le coin supérieur droit de votre message . Le premier choix dans le menu est "Edit". Vous pouvez utiliser cette option pour modifier n'importe quelle partie de votre message, y compris le titre.
  17. Take a look at the shortcut cheat sheet at http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Shortcut_Keys. It has most of the common shortcuts, laid out for both PC and Mac platforms. It might be handy to print out and keep next to your keyboard while you are learning your way around in SL.
  18. Nope. Avatars only have one arm. That was one of LL's dumber design choices. The only way to make a tattoo appear on one side but not the other is to wear a prim attachment (armor, a puffy sleeve, or a fake arm) to cover it on the side you don't want to see.
  19. Essayez de porter une base de chaussures différente, et puis essayer de porter une nouvelle paire de chaussures.
  20. It looks like you have found your answer. You are trying to run SL in a 64-bit Windows 7environment and the CPU is not fast enough to handle it. You might try running in 32-bit emulation mode to see if that helps. If not, your only alternative is to be patient until you can replace your computer with one that has a faster CPU.
  21. Define a global variable to carry the value of llDetectedKey(0) to the dataserver event. At the top of your script, before the default event, write, for example key gAV; Then, in the touch_start event, write gAV = llDetectedKey(0); Once gAV is defined and properly loaded that way, you can use it in the dataserver event in place of llDetectedKey(0), which will not work there. The llDetected* functions only work in events that actually detect something.
  22. If your code is sending the correct message when your friend clicks on it, then you can be fairly sure that her age is being calculated correctly, so the problem is likely to be in the information passed to llGiveInventory. The problem is often that an improper UUID has been passed to the llGiveInventory function. This can happen, for instance, if you have failed to capture the target av's UUID in a touch_start or collision_start event and pass it to whatever event the llGiveInventory function is sitting in. One way to track it down is to put llOwnerSay diagnostic statements around the sect
  23. Nice. As usual in scripting, there's more than one solution to a problem. If you only need to use the function a couple of times, this one's a good solution. Each use involves querying every single prim in the linkset, though, so if you have to use this function very many times, it ends up doing way too much computation. In that case, it's smarter to query the prims one time and save the results in a list. Checking the list for an index is much faster in the end. One of the challenges in scripting is to find the best solution for the particular situation you are facing. Not always easy. :smi
  24. Once you have downloaded and installed a viewer, then go HERE to find out how to do things in SL. After that, you're on your own. You can go anywhere you want, meet new friends, and do anything that you find interesting. Welcome aboard. :smileyhappy:
  25. Oh, #$@***! Fixed again. :smileysad: Yeah, I actually considered that doubling back trick for getting rid of the script name but figured that it wasn't worth the extra effort to optimize a bit of code that will execute once on a script reset, especially where saving time is not really important.
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