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  1. Having been sealed into the "Armless Neuter" suit, who knows for how long...
  2. After changing to a mesh head (Akeruka Maia) yesterday, I got new hair today from my Mistress. I still need to get used to the new look. My former look: -- and my new look:
  3. My Wife and Mistress talked me into not wearing my Venus Corset outfit today... (Okay, I have to admit: A bikini is better for a beach than a restrictive latex outfit with ballet boots... )
  4. Here I'm again in my fav. outfit, the NGW Venus Corset: (Yes, I am that weird... )
  5. Seems my wife Thorine made a New Years resolution to be more strict with me. I only wanted to talk her into putting her NGW Venus Corset on again for today, and was gagged instead...
  6. My fav hair is "Natalie" from sWEET Hair sWEET FACEs. Actually, I'm still wearing it today.
  7. Nothing. As the saying goes: "Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere they want". What I meant was, that Thorin (now Thorine ) shouldn't be a female for just one morning, but for much much longer (like, until LL pulls the plug)
  8. Actually, I want you to be female for good! And most of the others, too!
  9. My Master had me change the color of my corset and boots today... : And he changed to female again - though only for a short photo session in partner-look
  10. Wearing the crew uniform (with Thorin II. to the left )
  11. Here I'm with my friends at HBC (Heavy Bondage Club). I'm the one in the white suit, with the blonde ponytail Btw, the avatar in the dark red tkISO-suit is eighthdwarf Checchinato - my former Mistress
  12. Here in South Hesse, it's "Grie Soß" ("Green Sauce" - an uncooked sauce made exclusively from seven fresh herbs, namely parsley, chives, chervil, borage, sorrel, garden cress, and salad burnet together with sour cream, oil, vinegar, salt and added hard boiled eggs)
  13. I live in Darmstadt, Germany - btw the same town my SL-Mistress lives in.
  14. It's been a while since my last "First Aid" class, but yes, CPR was also part of the training.
  15. Note to myself: Never visit Heidelberg again on a weekend. Yesterday, I was there with my Mom - and to say the Altstadt ("Old Town") was crowded is an understatement. No matter where we went, there was a crowd of tourists from all countries of the world.
  16. On the Autobahns I usually drive 10km/h over (which means: 140 instead of 130 km/h) - and even then there are some cars that pass by me with a speed that I think I'm standing. In towns, where only 50km/h is allowed, I usually drive 55 instead - However, with these 55km/h in town, I just so drive at the same speed as all the others. I'm too lazy tho to calculate what that is in mph...
  17. I don't know... maybe I'm a bit odd, but once I had "my look", I haven't changed it anymore. That's why I haven't changed my shape and skin since '12, and still wear my system head and flexi hair.
  18. 1) Oh yes. They absolutely have done so. Both positive (I became more respectful and communicative) and negative: Several times I started chatting on yahoo while still In Character, so that my friends had to tell me "I wanted to talk with YOU, not with your roleplay character" 2) Yes, I do. During the past 9 years, I've often dreamed to be my SL avatar - even during my times offline because of RSI, and later on because of a hospital stay and long rehab.
  19. Talk to people and try find a Master/Mistress who accepts you for play sessions at first, and go for the sub role, so that you can learn whether that really is your thing or not. You can still explore the slave role later on if you want. That being said, it can be a slippery slope from being a play-session sub to becoming a TPE-slave.
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