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  1. On the Autobahns I usually drive 10km/h over (which means: 140 instead of 130 km/h) - and even then there are some cars that pass by me with a speed that I think I'm standing. In towns, where only 50km/h is allowed, I usually drive 55 instead - However, with these 55km/h in town, I just so drive at the same speed as all the others. I'm too lazy tho to calculate what that is in mph...
  2. I don't know... maybe I'm a bit odd, but once I had "my look", I haven't changed it anymore. That's why I haven't changed my shape and skin since '12, and still wear my system head and flexi hair.
  3. 1) Oh yes. They absolutely have done so. Both positive (I became more respectful and communicative) and negative: Several times I started chatting on yahoo while still In Character, so that my friends had to tell me "I wanted to talk with YOU, not with your roleplay character" 2) Yes, I do. During the past 9 years, I've often dreamed to be my SL avatar - even during my times offline because of RSI, and later on because of a hospital stay and long rehab.
  4. Talk to people and try find a Master/Mistress who accepts you for play sessions at first, and go for the sub role, so that you can learn whether that really is your thing or not. You can still explore the slave role later on if you want. That being said, it can be a slippery slope from being a play-session sub to becoming a TPE-slave.
  5. WIth my Mistress, it's exactly the opposite, I guess: Whenever She wishes that I and Her other girls wear a specific outfit, She insists on paying for it, She doesn't want it otherwise. Actually I don't even really understand that kink of "findom"/"paypig" - I mean, I understand the concept, but not the kink. Even if I had a lot of L$, I wouldn't want to pay my Mistress by the hour or day. I think it wouldn't be the same close relationship as it is now.
  6. Chilling on the sofa
  7. oops
  8. Maybe you missed it, but Henri Beauchamp (the creator of the Cool VL Viewer) answered this question right there on the website: (bold by me) Source: http://sldev.free.fr/
  9. YES. I mean, why not? If i knew that date and time, I could prepare my family and friends so that my death wouldn't be a sudden shock for them.
  10. Well... decades of communication with US-Americans do leave some habits I practised English since 7th grade . in '80/81, read a lot, wrote with penpals, had phone calls and later skype calls with American friends. When I traveled around in the USA in '91 and '94, I usually was asked which *state* I came from, not which country. Nobody believed me at first when I told them that I came from, and grew up in, EAST Germany,
  11. Good day everyone! Just had some awsome potato salad and bratwurst sausages for lunch - and now I'm stuffed and ready for a nap. I hope y'all had or are having something awsome to eat today as well.
  12. I can relate to that, Marianne. I'm a Linux user (my desktop PC, which I use most of the time, runs on OpenSUSE Leap 42.2) and I also get "Why does my Win10 keep doing this thing?" - Fortunately though, I run Win10 on my notebook, so I can answer some of these questions
  13. While I do agree generally, being "short" doesn't equal "kid avatar". I've seen many avatars obviously with the proportions of a child or young teen who are taller than me (which is 1.82m, according to the Appearance tool in Firestorm) - and I did work hard to create a shape with the proportions of an adult.
  14. Dunno, I've never bought a shape. I used the Appearance settings to create my own. There are good tutorials on the internet how to create well-proportioned shapes (for people who draw tho), and over at SLUniverse, there also was a tutorial on how to create a well-proportioned shape inworld, elaborated by @Vaelissa Cortes if I remember correctly. However, I bought my current skin and hair like 5y ago - and haven't changed shape nor skin since then. Even though I'm now wearing a Maytreia Lara mesh body around my shape, I still wear my system head and my flexi hair (when not wearing the hood, anyways). Why I prefer the old flexi hair? Simple: Because it looks and moves more naturally than mesh hair.
  15. I have a newbie outfit which I put on whenever I'm a fog at login. Once that is loaded,, I go back to the shape and outfit I usually wear.