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  1. :smileyvery-happy: Well he IS cute! ~X~
  2. Why does Ags have two of those weeble wobble thingies on his badge and what does the "c" stand for? *Waves hello:smileytongue: ~X~
  3. *waves to Valerie!!!! I've missed you also! Did you get my message inworld? ~X~
  4. I'm with Rhonda, Matty and Relm on this one... I was premium for a very long time, but gave it up when I sold my 512 mainland parcel. I spend wayyyyyyy more than I should on my avie...she is quite spoiled and loves it.:smileytongue: Beyond spoiling my avie...I love love love spoiling my friends. I am very impulsive and always remember when there is something they mentioned that they like...but that door swings both ways...I have been truly blessed with so many wonderful friends in SL and they have always been most generous with their time, lindens and knowledge. I honor all those blessings by paying them forward...usually by helping new residents. Nice thread topic Storm. ~X~
  5. Argus... Those slippers crack me up...love it...such a playful get-up. ~X~
  6. Hi Finora! That backdrop is a free pose booth from Behavior Body...just picked it up a few days ago. Thanks for the compliment on the outfit.:smileyhappy: ~X~
  7. WOW SID...that black one looks amazing on you!! ~X~
  8. XiuLan Quan

    SL INK Spot

    Storm... They removed yours before I could see it :smileysad: ~X~
  9. XiuLan Quan

    SL INK Spot

    Wildcat... That ink is fierce!! ~X~
  10. Oh what the heck...I just posted this in my own thread...but it IS a warm and cozy outfit:smileyhappy:
  11. Waves to Storm!! I'm with Bella...show us YOUR inworld avatar...c'mon belly up Mr. OP:smileytongue: and here...
  12. Hi Venus!! Great thread topic and awesome avies everyone! These may be removed because of the scale patches...but let's give it a try... My Dark Mer...
  13. I do see your point...and one well made rotpaulette. I have to agree...though I want that imp Keli to go free also...introducing the signs at the photo shoot would derail/deter from the original goal of the pic. That said...I do also like the idea of a protest...however futile it may be (we all know LL never listens to the citizens of SL). I would be willing to stick around for both pics or perhaps we could all pose for the one and someone could PS a banner above us for the "Free Keli" campaign. ~X~
  14. Ohhh Jess...that looks lovely...will definitely check it out...thank you so much! ~X~
  15. Hi Ella, Thank you for taking the time to post your response and the link...I shall check it out. ~X~
  16. Hi Vick Thank you so much for taking the time to do that search. I had already seen three of the four, unfortunately none of them are what I am searching for...these are all riding sleighs...I am looking for a stationary sleigh with couples cuddles animations(and hopefully single sits). If all else fails, there is one of the ones you listed that I might just get because it will look nice on her property. Thanks again! ~X~
  17. Hi All! I need assistance tracking down a well made couples cuddle sleigh.  I have seen them, unfortunately I cannot recall where.  They are winter themed and have both single sit and couples cuddle animations in them.  I have searched high and low in search inworld and cannot find one...and I have used just about every alternate description you can imagine to do so. Any assistance on this would be great! I have a new neighbor who has gone all out and created a beautiful winter theme for her parcel...however, there is no sleigh!  So I want to gift a lovely sleigh to her.  The sleigh can have a horse(s) or not...and does NOT need to be mobile...a stationary one is best in this situation. Ideas anyone? Thanks in advance ~X~
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