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  1. Playing the bubbles game at the Greenies. Actually that whole sim was super wonderful.
  2. I'm a tad more extravert in SL but not much. Probably 85% of my friends talked to me first. Sometimes I will IM interesting AVs to give them complements but one does not often gain new friends this way (nor is it my intention to).
  3. Prokofy Neva wrote: It used to be a big problem with the old Mentors system (and among the reasons it was disbanded -- primarily there was the fact that the system simply did not help to retain newbies, and proved to be a refuge for those helping as a form of vanity or sales promotion). More than once I personally caught these Mentors who were allegedly out there to help newbies friending the newbies to chat them up and get them to come to stores, and slinging them a folder of landmarks all of their friends' stores. I was an SL Mentor, and I don't recall seeing much of the behaviour you describe. Among all the Mentors I knew, we would just share freebies so that we had the best selection to give to new people. As for the landmarks, absolutely none were for friends stores (I think most were for newby friendly places giving free stuff or simply interesting places). I was never asked by anyone to include the landmark for their store either. Personally I always gave things I had made (and were for sale in a store), free to newbies. Being allowed to be a Mentor was a wonderful gift and to use it to do something as tacky as sell stuff, seems frankly very low class. I'd also note that friending newbies was the exception (and only if they asked so that they could contact me later if they had questions). I was there to help them find their way not to overflow my friends list.
  4. Keli Kyrie wrote: So you think I should IM them. /me thinks: "Be brave Keli be brave." *Hugs* Yes be brave poppet. If they act all scrungy to you then it is their loss
  5. Keli, it has been my experience that everything in SL moves quicker than RL. It is the standing joke that the average partnership in SL lasts 1 month or something like that (I've never partnered so bear with me here as I have no information to work from).... I've also observed that 20 something people (from my semi lofty vantage point of being in my 5th decade), tend to want to do everything in a hurry too. (Forgive my assumption if you are not in that age group). So you add the two together and you find some people will unfriend within a matter of weeks. In addition I've generally found that people I friend who are gone for more than 3 months (especially new people) tend to almost never come back to SL. Perhaps your "friends" are simply assuming you conform to the norm ? I'd IM the ones you want to stay friends with and see how they respond.
  6. I'm not sure if AVs are actually getting any shorter... But watching Alice in Wonderland last night I was struck by how many AVs in SL resemble Ilosovic Stayne the Knave of Hearts All funny looking like they were stretched on a rack
  7. An alternate approach might be to be limit the number of posts per day new forum members can make and/or have automatic moderation/checking of their posts. You see this approach used on some sites like the NYT and the Economist.
  8. I've seen this glitch fairly often. The L$ purchase system can be very slow and people (myself included) click on the purchase button again, then later end up with twice the amount we wanted. You can either contact billing support as suggested or just go wild and spend it all (I much prefer the latter solution)....
  9. koto Nizna wrote: I've got my 1st AO from the most popular and most expensive AO store in sl i think. When i learned about ORACUL, having my "popular and expensive AO" became my regret in secondlife haha. For me oracul is the BEST and the most important thing is they are NOT OVER PRICED! Too bad most of the people knows about oracul are the older residents. The newbies who are mostly don't have $L yet are disappointed and frustrated when they see an AO that cost 1500-3000L... +2 vote for ORACUL, they are very fairly priced considering how nice the animations are. I think I paid L$350 for a full set. I use ORACUL animations in my Huddles for when I am standing on the ground. For the rest of the time I have my fae AO animations.
  10. I guess I'll ask a fairly basic question. Does the SIM where you are trying to "interact" with the HUDs allow scripts ? In a SIM where scripts are not allowed, most HUDs will not operate properly.
  11. Marcus Hancroft wrote: People, if you're gonna wear a facelight, take care of how bright it is will ya please? Thank you. *pouts* But fae are supposed to be shiny... Joking aside, I don't use face lights and such, I have inner shinyness
  12. I'm not bothered by people's height choices, although as Ceera points out, the tendency to being tall is due to operator error (i.e. judging height by eye instead of against a prim of a known height). I do however object to people thinking small = teenager or child. I have plenty of friends who are well under 6' and they don't seem out of proportion with buildings. That whole concept seems a little silly IMO, when you compare the grand victorian buildings of the past with 12'+ ceilings, you could say even 7' people look short... What I tend to find much more jarring on the eye than AV height is the lack of proportion of many AVs. Long skinny legs seem to be a favourite closely followed by triangular bodies (for men) and pneumatic mammary parts (for women). Certain parts of Finora sometimes choose to be out of proportion in private, but I don't inflict it on others in public.
  13. Oks for me spring means capri time. Here I am with one of my favourites in brown (always a fun colour if done well). I had a few of my flying friends in the background to keep me company. Outfit: BFS Crushed Sin (Brown) Boots: Maitreya Bloom (Black)
  14. *flys in to keep the thread bumped up until I get a chance to post a picture* Hurray for spring
  15. Thanks Marcus. The article was a rather long read for a non computer person like myself, but I got the general gist: My hair does not cause much lag at all Yay take that "ARC Nazis"
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