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  1. Hippie... Thanks for creating such a warm and welcoming thread. I treasure your friendship inworld and it is only fitting I make this my last post to the forums. The new forums may look different and they started out with such promise...sadly, that did not last. I am taking my SL socializing back inworld where I am most fortunate to have friends such as yourself. I am grateful to also have met Suspiria, Maddy, Jilla and Val...through the old GD and to now call them friends. There are a few more people I met last night and very much want to continue conversations and hopefully friendship with inworld. I also welcome friendship from anyone else that would like to connect on the inworld platform. I am also quite busy with my classes, work, and volunteer projects in First Life..so I need to be very selective with where I want to spend my free time...and I choose to spend it with my SL friends inworld. Thank you to everyone I've had the honor of meeting through the old GD...I leave the forums choosing to remember only the positive things. H'oponopono ~X~
  2. Valerie... It is a pleasure and an honor to be friends with you. ((HUGS)) you back. ~X~
  3. XiuLan Quan

    SL INK Spot

    Ohhhh Argus...as always...just amazing! <3<3<3 ~X~
  4. Welcome Jacki! OMG Dee...you are cracking me up!:smileyvery-happy: ~X~
  5. Ohhhh Lyra...I have not tried that one yet...MUST go scoop up a demo! Thanks:smileyhappy: ~X~
  6. I have a few friends that I have met via the forums and a few more I'd like to share a friendship with inworld. Most of my friends inworld I have known almost since I started SL. I keep my list very small because I don't like having a whole bunch of people hanging out on a list that I never interact with. I used to twitter and Plurk, but since I decided to focus on my education and obtaining a doctorate...I have scaled down quite a bit and only use SL. I like being able to log in and explore, chat with friends and relax from my sometimes full, hectic schedule. Participating in the forums is a great way for me to take little breaks while I am reading, reaserching and writing papers. ~X~
  7. Another great topic Sassy...and so very positive! Again...it is refreshing...thank you. My shape is somewhat the original I started with...I say somewhat because I have tweaked it over time. As to skin...I demo a lot of skins but am rarely satisfied with how they look on my shape. I am with Dana...in that, I refuse to mod my shape to suit a skin...either the skin compliments my shape or I pass on it. I really like my current skin and I do ocassionally switch to one of my older ones. I continue to demo skins in the hope of finding a truly luminous Asian skin. Thanks again for the thought provoking, informative and positive thread topic. <3 ~X~
  8. Great and refreshing topic Sassy! My avatar exudes my personality and I suppose looks somewhat like my younger self (with the exception of the little bit of Asian characteristics I imbue her with). *Edited for vulgarity* <3 ~X~
  9. Hi Suella... I see them:smileyhappy:...and such lovely faces. ~X~
  10. Thanks Suella!! All kinds of awesome in this thread! I still cannot get a handle on creating a transparent image in gimp...to replace my avatar icon. Is anyone willing to share one with me? If so...message me here and I shall send you my e-mail addy:smileyhappy: ~X~
  11. Hi Quinn! I'm still on the fence about it...I really am quite busy with class and a myriad of other First Life things (not to mention working PR for Sascha's Designs)...now I see the spammers and trolls are slowly creeping back...meh. It is nice to connect with you and others here. ~X~
  12. XiuLan Quan

    SL INK Spot

    Hi Storm... Well that is just a shame...perhaps I can see it inworld.(via showing me a pic there). I do not wear tattoos at the moment, but I am enjoying viewing all the ink posted here. ~X~ Hahaha...never mind about the "inworld" comment...just went to your profile and saw the pic...I think I recall that tatt from a thread in the old forums...would have thought you'd have Ceka there:smileytongue:
  13. Venus... Hahaha you caught me...now I'm trying to create a transparent texture in gimp to get rid of my avatar icon...but I am not doing it very successfully...sigh. ~X~
  14. Hi Storm... Actually, I danced all night in that dress...it was a most memorable evening. ~X~
  15. Ags... Well...if it didn't...it does now! :smileyvery-happy: ~X~
  16. Marianne... You have truly a wonderful eye for style and the composition of your pics are always a joy to view. ~X~
  17. Valerie... Very Dr. Zhivago...and as always...the epitome of style and grace. ~X~
  18. Waves to Valerie! The dress is nice but the contents are nicer:smileytongue: Sascha released a similar dress not to long ago...
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