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  1. Hippie... Thanks for creating such a warm and welcoming thread. I treasure your friendship inworld and it is only fitting I make this my last post to the forums. The new forums may look different and they started out with such promise...sadly, that did not last. I am taking my SL socializing back inworld where I am most fortunate to have friends such as yourself. I am grateful to also have met Suspiria, Maddy, Jilla and Val...through the old GD and to now call them friends. There are a few more people I met last night and very much want to continue conversations and hopefully friendship
  2. Valerie... It is a pleasure and an honor to be friends with you. ((HUGS)) you back. ~X~
  3. XiuLan Quan

    SL INK Spot

    Ohhhh Argus...as always...just amazing! <3<3<3 ~X~
  4. Welcome Jacki! OMG Dee...you are cracking me up!:smileyvery-happy: ~X~
  5. Ohhhh Lyra...I have not tried that one yet...MUST go scoop up a demo! Thanks:smileyhappy: ~X~
  6. I have a few friends that I have met via the forums and a few more I'd like to share a friendship with inworld. Most of my friends inworld I have known almost since I started SL. I keep my list very small because I don't like having a whole bunch of people hanging out on a list that I never interact with. I used to twitter and Plurk, but since I decided to focus on my education and obtaining a doctorate...I have scaled down quite a bit and only use SL. I like being able to log in and explore, chat with friends and relax from my sometimes full, hectic schedule. Participating in the forums i
  7. Another great topic Sassy...and so very positive! Again...it is refreshing...thank you. My shape is somewhat the original I started with...I say somewhat because I have tweaked it over time. As to skin...I demo a lot of skins but am rarely satisfied with how they look on my shape. I am with Dana...in that, I refuse to mod my shape to suit a skin...either the skin compliments my shape or I pass on it. I really like my current skin and I do ocassionally switch to one of my older ones. I continue to demo skins in the hope of finding a truly luminous Asian skin. Thanks again for the thought
  8. Great and refreshing topic Sassy! My avatar exudes my personality and I suppose looks somewhat like my younger self (with the exception of the little bit of Asian characteristics I imbue her with). *Edited for vulgarity* <3 ~X~
  9. Hi Suella... I see them:smileyhappy:...and such lovely faces. ~X~
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