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  1. Hypnotic Romance is a special place for Love & Romance with couples dances, secluded places to cuddle and kiss, and hidden throughout are special romantic animations. Bring your partner, lover or date or come alone to meet someone with romance on their mind & lots of places for photography. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hypnotic Romance/128/128/22 Share your special moment photos on Flickr: https://flic.kr/g/AUXz1
  2. Oh same here. Tried firestorm, Cool and SL viewer. I thought I messed up my computer trying to fix my camera controls in FireStorm. I am glad it is SL and not my computer now. I guess its time to take a break lol
  3. OH Goody! I think I see my things coming back .. Slowly.. Taps nails on desk -waiting.. patiently...
  4. I noticed the issue about around the the same time you noticed it. I added my new box to the magic box then came in to sync and all of a sudden everything as highlighted in pink giving me the option to delete, edit and add. I never had the delete option before. Taking advantage of that delete.. I deleted an old item.. then I hit list and all of a sudden everything showed up as unavailable. Hopefully- this is only temporary.
  5. Probobly a server issue-- packs up for the evening and will go watch some tv. Hopefully by morning everything will be back to normal. then again.. what is normal?
  6. I thought I accidentally clicked the wrong button. I guess I am not the only one then. *Wipes sweat off my forehead..... at least I feel better I didn't just mess up my online store.. lol
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