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  1. I am by no means pretending that I am just someone who happened to find them and like them (If I was doing that then I'd create an alt avatar and post under it - but I am not into that kind of things). Anyone who clicks on my profile can see. I don't know why misunderstanding? The op asked if there are any breedables that are still popular / alive. All breedables that are mentioned by commenters in this posts are someones favorites for different reasons. Every breeder benefits from new players who might buy their pets so everyone here is endorsing the breedables that they participate in. Full disclosure: I am co-creator of the Snuffles and currently I manage that product and its also my favorite and there is a strong and lively breeding & farming community around them that anyone who is looking for popular breedable pets might be interested in.
  2. With Snuffles you can go to different Snuffles breeders lands and click on Sunflower Farms to water them for a L$ reward (they appear on this list when they need to be watered: Sunflower Watering Sites). Sunflower farms are used by Snuffles breeders to grow the seeds that Snuffles eat.
  3. Sure and I agree. I have a very close friend in SL who supports 7 seas. I've seen many of fishing places that have my fishing system that they also have 7 seas.
  4. The DMCA was appropriate. At this time I am not interested to pursue it. The copy games through the years failed to grow because it is so obvious to everyone which game is the original and which is copy. Many copies through time died out on their own as most people prefer to support the original. Plus none of the copy game creator is investing so much into their business as I am because they're copies and it doesn't make sense to put time, money into something that is never going to grow and directly copying someone is also morally wrong. And now as I am in public eyes and known it is going to be even harder for copy makers to justify their doing.
  5. I don't think that LL is interested in recreating what already exists. It is not easy to create a successful game that many people would find fun playing. I am a game creator myself and it took me years of learning about different things from psychology of human behavior, sociology, economics, product ergonomics... What LL could do is create more scripting functions and tools for programmers in Second Life to be able to make games and products faster. What company Roblox so successfully did that even kids can create. To give more tools to promote creativity is a very successful model for a platform that thrives on creativity and creations from people from all over the world. Roblox company has valuation of multi billion dollars because they took a good strategy. If Linden Lab hires more programmers I see them doing that for adults what Roblox successfully did for the kids. It is a successful strategy. Seeing what works good in Second Life and then re-creating that content in-house to compete against its own users would be against the credo of Linden Lab company and the spirit of Second Life itself and would hurt and destroy reputation of Second Life as a world where you can create content and benefit from your own creations. That would actually make content creators less motivated to create content in Second Life and a lot of talented and skilled people would leave to other creative platforms that don't do that just because of the threat that their time, skills and money they put in their work will be in some way destroyed and nullified by the LL company itself. I don't see something like that happening. Probably even the new owners of Linden Lab understand these things and in the spirit of protecting their investment they'd not support something like that.
  6. Trust me that I am a real person behind my avatar and my business is real and I have the tools and resources to enforce the protection of my legal rights and protect the reputation of my business.
  7. It's a general statement, not specifically addressed to one game. Yes in a forum topic: How much your earning in fish hunt? We are all adults here. I understand if someone doesn't like me but there is a fine line between not liking me and actually starting to do real damage to a business. I have worked really hard for 10 years to grow my business. I am going to protect the reputation of it and even if I have to take someone to court to prevent people from defaming my business. This is not a joke.
  8. According to your logic SiennaKeti... the problem with Second Life products (skins, hair, shapes and all avatar accessories and other virtual goods) and everything in Second Life is that people have to pay for them... OK. Right. None of my games contain any investments at all. Customers pay L$ for the product and they receive an end product. No one is ever forced into buying anything. I have no idea what you're talking and mentioning regarding pyramid schemes you are defaming products brands (mind I warn you that this is illegal and I can trigger a lawsuit against you for spreading lies and and harming a real business). I am giving you a fair warning to stop doing that. I have resources to trigger lawsuit against you for damage to my business. This isn't a joke.
  9. I like to build and grow big things. I am an entrepreneur in SL and I don't have any Napoleon complex 🙃 As an entrepreneur I look for things for which there is a demand for and I build them. I create game systems in Second Life. I've been doing that for 10 years now and this has become my profession and I became specialized for virtual world Second Life. 🙂 And the results of my work is over 500 000 registered players. 10s of thousands of monthly active players. Vibrant community and a SL group with 44 000+ members 1000s of farmers in Second Life. Around 500 000 USD earned and cashed out by all players and at the rate as we are growing we have a goal of reaching 1 000 000 USD paid out to the gamers in Second Life by the end of this year.
  10. People who know me for a longer time - like me and know I am dependable and that they can trust me. Its just the 1st impression that people get of me when they 1st meet me that is problematic 😁 Because I myself don't put any effort in trying to make a good 1st impression on anyone. I am just me. Always the same and I like being like that. Maybe it is my forum avatar picture! \O.. O/ Yea the king frog looks very fishy! 😁
  11. There are some people that clearly don't know me and don't like me because the way I express myself is a bit different than what most people expect or are used to - that doesn't make me a bad guy. But that is not my problem. Most people that form and express an opinion about our game systems haven't even tried them themselves. So the information that they post and spread is not true. How can you talk about something that you don't have a direct experience with? If you would have tried my game systems you would quickly see that they're not even used by store owners and no one uses it for the purpose of increasing sales.. They're not for that. Our games are used by landowners who want to bring some people to their lands to showcase what they do. Our game systems are used to build communities and our own gaming community is a showcase and an example of how important the communities are in Second Life. Second Life is about people and social places before everything else. Yes most of my games marketing material emphasizes with big letters - INCREASE TRAFFIC but that does not mean that the sole purpose of the games is that. Most lands in SL struggle with getting real people on their land. This is a real problem because SL is so big and number of active users in SL is too small for the size of SL. Our games help direct people at very low cost. What happens is that landowners try our system and they learn about our community and they like it and they stay to support it. What most people on this forum are writing about my game systems and about me is very far from reality. And like I said so many times before on forum just anyone can say anything but that does not make it true even if a lot of people repeat it or keep repeating it. The reality is what my customers experience and learn about when they actually use my systems. Reality is that we are the biggest gaming community in Second Life and we're just going to grow bigger and stronger. We never needed and don't need Linden Lab to promote us. Some commenters of my products on this forum are completely detached from what the reality is around my games and that is because they never even tried to play them and have completely no experience with it. In business growth and statistics and in terms of what a demand for specific service or product is and the only important thing are the numbers and not the opinion of few individuals. And we have numbers and numbers don't lie.
  12. When they can not find time or resources to implement latest communication technology that other social media platforms use I don't see LL changing or duplicating their whole infrastructure to implement something that just makes things more complex and harder to understand for average consumer.
  13. The only way to do that is to give/reward new players L$ directly or give them fun ways for them to earn it. Which my game system successfully do for already 10 years and we became the biggest and most supported community in SL with +44 000 members in our main group for that exact reason. Our games benefit SL and players user retention. More people stay in SL and more people spend their L$ for virtual products. When people can do fun and social activities in SL to earn L$ to spend them for whatever they want why would they be doing that for something else that they get and that severely limits their choices of what they can consume it for? It doesn't make sense. And also the Linden Lab is very strict about L$ being the only virtual currency that can exist and that can be used in SL. Coffee or Rowan your idea is cute but it is also too complicated to work and it is also infriging on SL TOS. People like easy to understand and straightforward things and especially in SL.
  14. It would not work. Because why would anyone want GEMS when they have L$ while with GEMS they can not do anything. If it has no value no one would use it. And if she wanted to make it exchangeable for L$ - that is not allowed by LL. And also what RunawayBunny said. GEMS don't make sense. I only mentioned Coffee's post because she was talking about rewarding people for visiting the parcel, events or playing a game which is the same thing that happen when players are rewarded L$ for those things that she is so opposed to. Its contradictory sorry to say. And this is not dirt at all its just a bit contradictory which as I mentioned find a bit funny. But then everyone has rights to change opinion on things through years. So is fine.
  15. I recently had an idea of creating a 3rd party system and a website for this. It would be a website indexing and categorizing virtual lands and listing the best ones on top by popular votes. It would also track land traffic. If done right it could end up becoming a search index for all SL virtual world related things that could in future replace, add to SL search or become a better co-existing alternative. Many similar land voting systems exist already but noone has yet done it in the right way for it to scale. And the money for development would need to come from advertising (similar ways Google did it). I am not sure I would want to get into such massive project at this time as I already have much on my plate. But I really like the idea and I know for sure it would improve Second Life for many as the people would then be able to find lands with most active communities around them. And the professional sim designers would design outstanding sims at places that are actually alive and vibrant community wise.
  16. Coffee I find it funny you saying that and you on overall being nowdays on forum so much against games that promote or reward traffic on lands when in 2018 you opened a topic with an idea that included rewarding people for visiting lands. (that doesn't age well)
  17. Check out Snuffles. One of the cheapest breedables with very active community of breeders. These pets create materials that you can collect and sell for L$ or craft potions and sell for L$ or use materials for farming to lower your production cost for materials that you can use or sell for L$. The game is part of large game network and is connected to other games. Search for snufflesbreedables on web.
  18. By all means you don't have to believe anything that you read on forum by anyone and that is what I am also saying. I myself don't create an opinion on people from what I read about them. But from their interactions with me and how they are with me. Usually I can see fast if I can trust someone or if someone is not worthy of my trust. And from forums you'll never be able to really know someone. But if you really want to get to know me you can join our community and see me how I do things on a daily basis, who I am. You can interact with me.. I am almost always in SL and part of the community. I am an open book. Transparent and I answer all questions that someone asks me. If you choose to doubt me that is your free will and you can do anything you want. I am not a politician and not into popularity contests. I am the way I am and because of my work and because I do my work in spirit of reciprocity and fairness to people (who come in touch with me), they like me and like doing business with me, while there are some people who don't like me but they also don't know me or they have issues with being negative, impatient, hating, intolerant to those who are different. But that is not my problem if someone is on overall a negative and hateful person. \O.. O/
  19. We have many very active players who are aligned with our vision and mission to participating in building the biggest gaming community in SL that is not only the biggest but also the most friendly and tolerant to all nationalities, skin colors and cultures. We are already the biggest community and we are international and we have the support of the landowners community of SL. We would never become the biggest community without support of our landowners. Some have been supporting our community through several years. As we survived the hacking we are not only the biggest but also the most connected, strongest and resilient. Our players are proud to be members of our community. Because of the size and rate of growth of our community there is a lot of envy. We also get a lot of public attacks and attempts to harm our reputation sometimes by players who have been banned from our fishing game and community for violating our tos by for example using bots to try to cheat in fishing. Then they create alts and some even on this forum to spread negativity and lies or fabrications. I have learned to just ignore that and accept it as a part of growing large business in Second Life. There are many talented engineers and designers who could make Second Life amazing but they leave SL because of such attacks by some people in SL. It is not a very friendly environment for big creators. So I say to everyone. Do not believe what someone is writing on forums or the accusations they make. Come and join our gaming community and see how things are in reality for yourself. There is a reason why we became biggest community. If all the things some people write about us were true we would have never be able to become the biggest and most friendly community. But to confirm that you will need to experience it yourself by joining and not by reading what someone writes on forums. : ) \O.. O/ *Hi5*
  20. I can say here and officially Celene is not a member of our staff. The silver economy simulation game you are mentioning is being restructured into silver mining game and the technical specifications have been sent to LL. In SES there were many virtual jobs and community positions but none of them made participants part of staff. For doing jobs players were receiving FREE silver. But that game doesn't exist anymore and new one is planned and players will be able to exchange their silver from previous game for silver mines that will be able to be sold for L$. If we get green light from LL product managers.
  21. I am not a shady person. And we actually own the biggest brands of games that let people earn lindens. We have been successfully running them now for 10 years and have valuable knowledge and experience in doing so that even LL doesn't have. We own biggest and fastest growing SL gaming group (over 44000 members in the group). Over 500 000 registered accounts and 10s of thousands monthly active players.
  22. The 1 game you are mentioning that I was asked to stop and then in talks with LL we agreed to change some core element of it. It was not because it violated TOS. But because of concern that some players could abuse the game for money laundering and they cited other possible legal complications. Yes it was a very successful new game and it was launched in alpha stage. All players were told that its in alpha experimental stage and what that means. But despite that interest was very big. The plan to continue that game is set and it was publicly released. The reason why I am not investing time, money and work for releasing it again is because I want to have re-confirmation of LL that that under new redesign they don't see a problem with it. I sent the technical description of the game to LL product management and awaiting for correspondence.
  23. Back then there was no form to fill out... so we sent our own document according to instructions written by LL regarding DMCA. The response by LL ip team was that they will process the claim and then after that there were no further responses from LL. At least they could reply and let us know in case if it was not properly filled like some assume. There was no further reply and I have left it with that. ok went to my mail history to get you the response from LL. It was in year 2013. After that email there were no further emails sent by the ipteam...
  24. Oh Qie Niangao you found my shadow. The 1st link is my original game and the 2nd link you found is the copy guy who copies my every product I make in SL and Linden Lab ignored my DMCA many years ago and I haven't attempt to make new ones + I don't want to risk LL doing a mistake and in a possibility of a counter claim remove my original products. It is just not worth it. Beside I think the copy is actually in some way promoting my original as most players who start playing the copy end up playing the original as they figure out original has bigger community.
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