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  1. Thank you Charolotte it seemed like it must be a bug or something.
  2. Just go to your inventory window and find your Gestures Folder, right click and pick "New Gesture."
  3. Case #1 Yesterday I was given two gifts. The first gift arrived without a problem, the second gift I got a notice and I email that I have a gift but it would not show up till I relogged. Case #2 Today I bought an item while I was offline when I logged in it was not there. I did not worry because it was a L$0 item. Later I bought a second item, the first one “then” got delivered but the second one did not show up. I relogged and it showed up. I am on Viewer: Second Life 3.3.5 (261334) Jul 8 2012 16:15:34 (Second Life Development) So my question is: Is this me, a bug, or the marketplace? Are there other people this is happening to? Should we make a Jira?
  4. Griffin there are major problems right now and we have created a Jira... just read some of the comments. https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/WEB-4844 ETA: If you go to my page and login you should be able to get in. Go to this link and hit the login button. https://my.secondlife.com/keli.kyrie
  5. bejjinks wrote: <snip> Is there no peace anywhere? Is this Earth Hell already? What do I have to do to find peace and friendship? Do I have to deny who I am? Why is it so hard for all of you to be friendly? There is peace Jeff but I don't think you will find it on this forum, it is more of a battle ground here. Believe in who you are and have faith. Faith is a great gift not everyone has it and it is impossible to see clearly without it. Now wipe your eyes and know that there is peace and love in this world. May the Lord bless you and give you his peace. Keli
  6. Storm Clarence wrote: It's the last day of your second life. How will you spend the day? That is easy the same way I spend everyday in SL. Playing on the Feed, visiting with friends, dancing, listening to an awesome DJ, picking a glass of wine to enjoy, and checking in on the Forum every once in a while to see if it is the end yet. Oh and I would request this song!!! ETA: Also I would do everything he sings about in this song!
  7. Oh and do other people see it as gray?
  8. If it worked before then it is something else. The image could be damaged in the server or it is just not rezzing for you. Are other things not fully rezzed or is that the only thing that is gray?
  9. It can be an error with the way the skin was created. Have you contacted the creator yet? I bought something once that had parts of it gray before, maybe this is the same thing.
  10. Here is a new dress I found at Fairy Tales this week.
  11. But with my facelight all I have to do is hit wear... I don't have to play with all those settings.
  12. UrdVerdandiSkuld wrote: Yes we have had a look at that which is why we're posting on the forums now for something not so... obvious.. but thank you kindly for your suggestion I was not necessary suggesting posting but watching. Every so often there will be a party or an event and you can show up and meet new people.
  13. Have you looked at My Second Life yet? There are lots of us hanging out over there and it seems there is always something going on. https://my.secondlife.com/ Check the Trending Tab after you log in.
  14. My new mesh shorts that I just ♥!
  15. Marianne McCann wrote: Got my huggable mole too! *:-.,_,.-:*'``'*Yayyyyyyy!!!!*:-.,_,.-:*'``'* I love moles!!! Congrats Mari !!!
  16. Venus Petrov wrote: There is someone or an organization of avatars going from venue to venue in SL and hitting patrons up with a request very similar to this: "Hey nice avatar...I'm new to this game and saved 238 of those linden things from a contest and camping...I'm trying to get this skin/shape combo for 700...I feel bad for asking but can you please lend me 462 so I can get it?...if not thats fine too...just seems nobody wants to help me out." Jason and now Stephen (numbers after their names) have been doing this for weeks. A club can eject and ban one and another one will show up shortly after. Patrons are harassed. What can be done to stop this kind of serial activity? Discuss. What I believe is happening is this. The person finds a big group they can join to get a list of names, the place you work is prefect it has really big list of names. They open the group profile and start going down the list sending out their spam. To stop them from causing a problem for your group eject them from the group then they can not have access to the list anymore.
  17. Storm Clarence wrote: Either you do it, or you don't. Do you? What Manual? Look I did not see any manual when I opened this up, maybe it was used and that is why it does not work now. Look can I just please have my money back?
  18. Melita Magic wrote: Link PLEASE. I love amusement parks, RL or SL. Is this finally the Linden-built SL amusement park?? /keeps reading Yes it is. It is called Hairy Hippo Fun Land. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Weston/46/84/23 And here is another great location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Caiman/202/20/23 Today we went to explore the Wilderness Area of Second Life. After drying off we played a game of checkers. For winning the game I got this awesome hat!
  19. Peace be with you Quinn, you know I love you with all my heart. I do not see how I can judge the things as you seem to be asking us to judge in your OP. Who I am to say who is good or bad? What makes me qualified to judge anyone. My Master ate with sinners, talked with sinners, spent all his time with sinners, went out of his way to find people of low moral fiber. In the end he was not killed by the sinners but by people that thought they had high moral fiber. They killed the Lord of Truth thinking they were doing a favor for God. Here is a story I would like you to consider before you judge anymore. One day my Lord came to eat in the house of someone with very low moral character, character so low some of his followers did not even what to enter the house. He told this story.
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