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  1. "jajajajaja" is ffom the spanish language, meaning the same as "hahahaha", just laughing as trasnslation
  2. Most numbers of the residents in SL are fake. -Many have 1 or more alts. -There are many bots in SL. -Some came for a short time I wonder how many, real people, are loged in every day, only Linden Lab knows.
  3. go to Linden exchange, Manage, transaction histyory in the LL browser There you see your transation, if you sell for example 247L$/USD, thern it can take 3 a 4 days, depends how many are selling their L$ You can also cancel your transaction there, when your Linden are sold, you will get a email Don't worry, if you set the price (L$) to 248, then you should get your USD within a day
  4. You probebly wear some attachements Look in the wear tab folder of invemtory (Firestorm viewer) if you wear an unknow object, or detach all and attach your own attachments again. The harresment objects/script must be removed now.
  5. you need to edit the texture in a graphical tool, so that the edges got the same color/light as the center of the texture. Set an offset in the graphical tool, then you wil see a difference, make it smooth over the edges (horizontal & vertical)
  6. if you have a virus scanner running, switch if off and try again
  7. in the group select "members & rules" there you can add a role name and a role title, the role title will apear as a group tag name on the tenant. on the role name you set the permissions
  8. There is no need to have 2 groups, only one group can be deeded to the parcel. If your group is deeded to your land, you are the owner of the group, and partner can also owner or officer. Make in the landgroup a new role, edt and set the limits for that role,then send the invitation to the skyhome tenant and your objects and land are save. This all depend how you set the permissions in the group role for the skybox. Tenants have now only the limited permissions when they wear the group tag.
  9. dutch, i have no problem with english, i even prefer english as a common language
  10. you can find the server class in http://gridsurvey.com for example: http://gridsurvey.com/display.php?id=15868 has Server Class 703
  11. after the last update on my sims: - some scripts uncheck the SLS mono, and not running, i have to chekc the mono again, then they run - scripts are much slower, example : get info with llGetRegionSay - some scripts (HUD) i have to recompile before they can run again as expected
  12. Marketplace seems slow now, maybe thats a problem, try it later. a link how it works: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Marketplace-Direct-Delivery-migration-guide/ta-p/1293139
  13. place in touch_start: see: http://lslwiki.net/lslwiki/wakka.php?wakka=llDetectedKey if (llDetectedKey(0) == llGetOwner()) { }
  14. check the running scripts in estate tools, about land scripts, performance tools
  15. must be full permissions the houses will not sold seperate, only in scripted objects mesh prefered, also furnitures (max 150 prims total) scripting of the house, like windows, doors, etc, no need , I'll do it. examples pics available of house,cabins, castle...., say your price for a good, detailed build. contact me in-world via IM
  16. try this: llSetTexture(llList2String(RED, llList2Integer(sides, x) ),llList2Integer(sides, x));
  17. that's a chalange for me can you send me the object ?
  18. Use primstar in blender See: http://blog.machinimatrix.org/3d-creation/video-tutorials/
  19. I had it also a few times last weeks. I don't know the solution, but the next day all was back to normal.
  20. in firestorm keyboard: ctrl alt d for advanced menu then choose develop menu in develop menu -> avatar -> character test -> test male This will revert you to the first avatar (newbee) you was the first time logout, clear cache, login and let the inventory rebuild (typein search a letter, ex. a) after rebuild, relog and then add your skin, clothes etc...
  21. you need to contact the owner. If the owner is Lindenm then you have to wait of the respons of your ticket. If you contact the owner with IM and notcard with your payment transaction, you will get your land.
  22. yes, i had it too on my sims, the ..::ExDepart::.. Gift Package 2012 was given to many residents. It multiply itself on 4000 meter hight with ID's and take the sim performance down. The only way to get rid of it is in estate owner/manager remove all the ..::ExDepart::.. Gift Package 2012 in the script list, then remove in the script list all ID's on 4000 meter. With an older viewer (Phoenix for ex.) you can sort on the Z position, then its easier to remove the ID's on 4000 meter. When the sim has renters, they all must be warn never accept ..::ExDepart::.. Gift Package 2012, if they had, they need to remove from inventory and trash/lost&found
  23. what you can do: - try to use other viewers like Phoenix, imprudence,.... - try to login to other worlds like Inworldz,.... - set all security on your computer off, like firewalls - check the ping replay of second life servers: for windows in command: ping www.secondlife.com
  24. see for detection: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LlSensor or for scannng more than 16 avatars: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LlGetAgentList
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