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  1. That's so helpful, Alyona, thak you! I think I mentioned why I need all the apps open last time: it's to manage revenues and outgoings on my island. I'll certainly try out NUMBERS. It loads my existing Excel sheets perfectly. (Please just tell me how to move the very top row of Sheet Tabs from above the Sheet window to below the Sheet window as it is in Excel: (can't find the command anywhere in the Help facility!) Ditto Vivaldi: I'll give it a try, and thanks for your suggestion. As for the official LL viewer... hmmm, I wasn't happy with it 9 or 10 years ago, so when Firestorm became available I migrated to that and have stuck with it ever since. I imagine that the LL viewer has improved over the years, so perhaps I should give it a proper trial. (Whenever I open it it looks so cludgy and dark, but I suppose if I looked, I'd find alternative skins and layout possibilities.) One thing though. Firestorm has an amazing in-world help group, open 24/7. I suppose I could use the generic Linden Concierge help facility if I need assistance with the official viewer, but they tend to stick to office hours only. Does the official viewer have an in-world 24/7 help group? Guess I'd better check!
  2. Hi Alyona, and thank you for your v helpful suggestions! AppTamer looks like fun and is reasonably priced, I see. The website description talks about reducing pressure on the CPU, but I assume that this is directly related to the RAM-hogging problem I've been experiencing, yes? Or is it aimed at something that's distinct? You ask, what other apps? Okay, here's what I had running before the very worst crash: having FS-release x64 v6.2.4 open, (default graphics settings); together with Excel and Chrome with just two tabs– my SL website account transactions page, and CasperTech; all needed when I do the accounts of the cottage rentals of an island I run. Preview or TextEdit if I'm referring to notes. Now, I had never had a problem before upgrading to FSv6.2.4, and everything else was, as you suggested, closed down. At first I thought the issue was something to do with the upgrade. It turns out that it was not shutting the machine down that may have been the source of the problem, as you also mentioned. I spent quite some time with Apple Support, who identified the culprit RAM-hog: part of the Mac system called 'Book' which, although not running, was taking up an appalling 500MB of memory! An NVRAM run closed it down and since then, touch wood, all has been well. Apple Support suggested that Book may have been gradually taking up more and more RAM each time I didn't shut down the Mac but just put it to sleep. The reason that I was just sleeping the Mac was that I'd noticed that I lost my FS login names and passwords each time I closed, rather than just slept, my machine. But I believe that's an FS bug that may have been resolved now, and so I shall take your wise advice and close down properly each night. Vivaldi looks interesting, but perhaps a bit too complicated for my needs. There again, I do resent the spyware in Chrome, so I might give it a try!
  3. Niran, if you look at my original posting you'll see that I am running the latest FS6.2.4 and that I am indeed running it on a Mac; if you read my interaction with Madelaine you'll see the nature of the problem and how it's been resolved. It seems to me that you're talking with yourself, in an internal conversation in which you invent spurious possibilities which you then busily refute. I'll leave you to get on with it. Bye!
  4. Close running apps.... Activity Monitor check for greedy apps whether running or not... do a restart. Check. A handy 3-point plan! And gosh yes, some apps can be deceptive. I had 'Clean My Mac' set to load itself on startup, to sit on my top menu bar, and this was taking up memory even when not running. Ditto Dropbox. Since I rarely use either, I've removed them from the startup list and will simply run them from the hard disc applications folder if ever I need them. Mind you, Niran's got me fantasising... the new MacPro due out in the autumn has 64GB graphics memory and 1.5 TB in 12 x 128GB DIMMS.... Swoon! Alas tho I don't have the energy these days to rob a bank...
  5. Niram, I do appreciate the intention to help and understand the points you are making: thank you. However, there is no need for the 'what the '***" rudeness. And once more, you're not actually attending to what I'm saying. I do NOT have 8GB of RAM. If you read my last message properly you'll see that I said 'My 2017 MacBook Pro has two 8GB, each running at 2133MHz.' 2 x 8 = 16. If you read my last posting in this thread you'll see what was causing the problem: an app that was taking up a grotesque 0.5GB of memory event when it wasn't running. Agreed, though, one can never have enough RAM!
  6. Lyssa: thank you, good ideas. BTW everyone. In my last posting in this thread I mentioned that the 'Books' app was taking up 0.5MB of memory even wen not running. That was a typo: it was actually 0.5GB, which is grotesque! http://prntscr.com/ohb1mj Resetting the VRAM has zapped it completely. Mind you, I had none of these problems before installing the latest version of FS, so the jury's still out on that one. Time will tell.
  7. Madelaine: that was a great suggestion. I ran Activity Monitor and it identified quite a number of apps and system bits that weren't running BUT creating memory load. The worst culprit is 'Books', which is I believe an Apple app and which was taking up 0.5MB of memory even when NOT RUNNING! Apple Support helped me to tidy things up by doing a RESET NVRAM and cleaning up all USER PERMISSIONS. They also pointed out that I should shut the computer down every couple of days or so rather than just putting the Mac to sleep, so as not to accumulate unnecessary stuff that eats up RAM. Fingers crossed; we'll see.
  8. 4GB RAM? What an odd assumption to make. I've never had 'out of memory' warnings before. Luck doesn't come in to it and no, I don't live under a rock. My 2017 MacBook Pro has two 8GB, each running at 2133MHz. If there's anyone out there who has any positive suggestions rather than making unwarranted assumptions, I'd be very grateful. http://prntscr.com/ohaeyt
  9. To run my sim and its tier accounts I need to have an Excel spreadsheet and two Chrome tabs open (My SL account, and the rental system for the houses on my sim) as well as FS. Never a problem in 10 years, not even with Mac OS Mojave 10.14.5, But now, since I upgrading FS to 6.2.4, I get 'out of memory' warnings on my machine... http://prntscr.com/ogznfs One more Chrome tab open, and I crash: a nasty one. Everything freezes and I need a complete computer restart. Is anyone else experiencing out of memory problems since FS 6.2.4 on their Mac? I can sort of control it by dropping my Draw distance to 125metres and my Graphics Performance slider down to almost minimum but life's not worth living with those settings: https://prnt.sc/oh0hku Any thoughts.anyone?
  10. Can anyone tell me what the different commands in a rezz-faux box mean: what are the differences between the 'Stealth', 'Store', and 'Finish' buttons? Also, I'm able to do my own terraforming before putting a new building down with the rezz-faux box, and after; does the 'terraform' command have anything to offer, or is it just for people who don't own the land they're rezzing onto? Thank you
  11. A bug in the workaround to a bug... Roll on the amended viewer! Thankee for your help and byeeee! Christi
  12. Dear Whirly I tried that, but the button to enable ALM wouldn't accept the command: the tick appeared briefly, and then disappeared, with the button turning a darkish green shade. So I couldn't log out of the EEP viewer with ALM enabled. (This is on a Mac Powerbook running under the latest OS, in case this particular bug is platform-dependent.) Back to good old Firestorm! Kind regards, Christi
  13. Dear Lee, Thank you! I did what you recommended, getting the official EEP viewer, but the result is ghastly: see http://prntscr.com/n3662f Glaring brightness during the afternoon; and (I checked!) the walls are just as oversaturated with bright white in the night as they are during the day. I think I'll go back to Firestorm, see if I can find a Day Cycle windlight and work with that until Firestorm come up with an EEP version. Kind regards, Christi
  14. Whirly, love... thank you for the hundreds of lines of code but as I'm not a programmer I can't make the slightest sense of it. As for you last posting, I followed your instructions, choosing the Default Day cycle. As soon as I hit 'Apply', 'Default' changed back to "Faerun'. How do I get the Default to save? And it's not my VIEWER that's a legacy one (I have downloaded the very latest viewers in both Linden official and Firestorm); it's that the island itself, Faerun, is a legacy island. Anyway, thank you so much for trying to help– for your time and patience.. The problem started with this wretched 'EEP' version, after 12 years of faultless performance... let's hope that LL and FS between them can iron out all the glitches!
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