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  1. I've used the same graphics card for maybe 2 years i only used secondlife like 4 times. And other than secondlife and the sims 2 im not really big on gamming so i hope it isn't worn out and its just my firewall blocking ports. The staff and me has been talking for like litteraly months and she said there's nothing more she can do. I've tried phoneix,firestorm,V2,V3,Cool VL viewer, and two other ones i forgot the names to. I tried rebooting,restarting, turning off the router robooting, messing around wth firewall, turning firewall off, having both wired and wireless connection, Talked to staff, called my internet service they said nothing was wrong,Restored my computer,clean installed secondlife, logged into different accounts, tried logging into different reigons such as smith,aqua and pooley. And maybe even more than just that but i heard from others its something to do with my firewall blocking ports so i'll try that.
  2. I actually gave a link to my computer specs in my last post. I have been sending tickets with staff but after months of us talking they said they couldn't do anything. I've tried everything and nothing works.
  3. I guess but i have logged in more than enough times with the same graphics card. So i mostly doubt that is the problem.
  4. I use wireless, it is my own modem and i have the option to turn off wireless and connect directly through an ethernet cord i have. I also use comcast xfinity if that helps anything, i believe its cable and not dial up because i have no idea what dial up is and what do you mean by ''specs'' ?
  5. i posted a thread almost 2 months ago and only two people even tried to help me. Then i posted a ticket it was only open for a week or two then the staff like erased it without telling me ! She didn't even try to solve my problem she just deleted it , it wasn't resolved ! I have tried installing/uninstalling programs,disabling programs,Tried different programs,restarted,rebooted,messed with settings,connected to internet directly,tried loging into different sims, and tried alts, i cleared cache and more ! i still can not get through passed waiting for region handshake or requesting region capabilities and then i get the ''There may be a problem with your connection or with secondlife severs'' thing. I am now pissed off, i saved up alot of money for secondlife and i can't even log in ?
  6. Still can login, forget it. I quit it would have been nice but this is too fustrating.
  7. Well this is secondlife , everyone has a different view of it some like to use this to make real cash and others like to dress up as disney princesses and fire breathing dragons and they can because they paid just as much as the others did to enjoy secondlife.But while viewing your blog your avatar looks no younger than 27-30 years old yourself.
  8. When i saw the title of this.. i laughed so hard. :smileyvery-happy:
  9. i disabled mcAfee still no help.
  10. -.- still nothing, i have a ticket but haven'tbeen responed toin 3-4 days
  11. This is exactly what im dealing with and have been for the pass week. I sent in a ticket tuesday got two replies and that was all, didn't get any replys today or yesterday.
  12. Im having this problem too. Since saturday, thats all i get
  13. pay to enter a contest ? I could see if this was an event. But this is a contest , no thank you.
  14. Maybe they actually have talent and can draw well. This is a cartoon effect :http://www.catosplace.net/blogs/personal/wp-content/uploads/2008/12/cartoon-004.jpg This is actual talent (drawing: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_yNQqNs1qMu8/Re8NgnreNtI/AAAAAAAAAvk/sRnBRsYTwH0/s400/drawing.jpg Two different things.
  15. Lol, i literally laughed when i saw the pictures. I just watched that video yesterday. I wondered where the hair was from too.
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