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  1. I've given a lot of thought to all of this and frankly my first instinct in this case is to tell everyone to go ***** themselves. However, that would not really get my point across to anyone and only serve to fuel the temper that i work really hard to control. I am better than that. So instead I will say that I feel sad for the people who took so much time to focus on something negative when what I was hoping to accomplish was something positive. One of my biggest goals the last few years is to focus on positive things in my life because living life only focusing on the negative or what you
  2. Three second life residents seeking roommates for our new home on half, double prim, sim. You should be: -Mesh -Open minded -Somewhat drama free (some drama is the spice of life) -Enjoy table games, profanity & shopping (Gacha addicts are our people) -Contributions to tier are not required but appreciated I know some people are going to think we are just going to get a bunch of freeloaders and maybe that is true, but what we are looking for are people to hang out with. Like minded individuals that we can make friends with. If you're the right fit then
  3. The Wardrobe group? What is this magical sounding thing?
  4. No worries! I'll do it again and I'd love to see your zombies and Pjs! I honestly am thinking about just opening a club straight up dedicated to hanging out and sorting inventories.
  5. So is mine. I figure that at least one other person must have the desire to organize their inventory but not wish to lose valuable socializing time so I'm going to start throwing a series of parties. I have a platform on an adult sim and some prims to play with so if you'd like to come hang out with me and throw some stuff out, test some items in your inventory or try on all of your clothes to see if they still fit then please join me. I can be found here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Merricks Landing 2/225/160/3001. All are welcome.
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