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  1. May I ask you why do you need anonymity to work as a scripter?
  2. You were right, thank you. The prim is still full perm, but this is really confusing that sl says it isn't.
  3. I have made a dance HUD, and I gave it to someone as the prim was full perm, but scripts inside were no modify, no copy for next owner. If she rezzes it to add inventory and then takes the prim back, it becomes no modify, no copy for her because of those scripts inside. Is this normal? What can I do to keep it modifyable? For example, if she wants to add a no copy animation to the HUD, when she takes the HUD back it changes permissions, so the animation will stay there int he prim forever. Can I do something against this? I know there is a script function llAllowInventoryDrop(TRUE) that allows to still drop items inside if the prim turns no modifiable, that seems to be the only solution, but still has problems with no copy animations. Or is there a better solution?
  4. Yes I thought of that as well. So this messy way is the only way. -.-
  5. Thanks, I've read the wiki page abou tllSensor already. llGetAgentList would be good, but I would like to get only avatars nearby, say 20 or 30 meters range. Getting all avatars in the sim and checking their distance would be slower and would waste script memory as well. (And more work for me.)
  6. After calling llSensor, the sensor event returns only the 16 closest avatars. How can I detect more than 16 avatars with one prim? An idea would be sensing 16 in front of me, and 16 behind me and so on. But sensing behind me I couldn't do, I've tried putting negative range, or negative arc but nothing. Rotating the prim wouldn't work either I think, because I want to use it as a HUD. I've tried searching the forum but didn't find anything.
  7. Anforderungen: sei intelligentsei seriös, das meint spiel zum Spaß aber gib Fussball nicht nach zwei Spielen auf sei begeistertwürde schön mit SL Voice oder Skype zu redenhab etwas FreizeitSpiele sind meistens um 21 Uhr. Tage können ändern, aber nicht Freitag oder Samstag. Ein Spiel sieht so aus: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bo5aFvcRTg0 (beginnt um 4:20) Natürlich kannst du in einem Team spielen, es wird auch einen Liga organisiert, jeztz gibt es nur Friendlys. Geld bekommt man nicht für spielen :) IM Vladan Highwater oder schreib hier und ich kann helfen.
  8. "couldn't be happier with rl wife" ? WTF is he doing on the sex sims then.. he's just lying.
  9. Yes it goes as you wrote, except that you have to attach the sword in advance to your hand, but when it is sheathed you make the one in your hand transparent. When you want to get it in your hand, you make the one in your hand visible and the one sheathed transparent.
  10. The correct syntax would be like this: default{ state_entry() { llRequestPermissions( llGetOwner(), PERMISSION_ATTACH ); } run_time_permissions( integer vBitPermissions ) { if( vBitPermissions & PERMISSION_ATTACH ) { llAttachToAvatar( ATTACH_LHAND ); } else { llOwnerSay( "Permission to attach denied" ); } } touch_start(integer num_detected) { integer i = 0; for(; i<num_detected; ++i) llAttachToAvatar(ATTACH_RHAND); state hot; }}state hot{ state_entry() { } touch_start(integer num_detected) { llAttachToAvatar(ATTACH_HUD_CENTER_2); state default; }} Now the script compiles, but doesn't really work, what do you want it to do exactly? If I get what you want, the problem is that you can't attach the object to another position while it is attached, you need to detach it first.
  11. Pusing is allowed on the land. And I can't have my own ball of the one I want to kick, I only used my ball for testing.
  12. I've made the script, but it only kicks back the ball if I am the owner. I've made a simple ball for testing, but the ball I want to be kicked back is not mine. Kicking back like a bat could work as well, but this one seems to be much easier. Any idea? default { state_entry () { llOwnerSay("Running..."); } collision_start (integer total_number) { llOwnerSay("Collided " + llDetectedName(0)); //get the key of the ball key target=llDetectedKey(0); vector ball_pos = llDetectedPos (0); // get the ball's position // now get the vector that points from the object to the ball vector diff = ball_pos - llGetPos (); // we want to kick it only horisontally diff.z = 0; // scale the vector to a fixed length vector kick_vector = llVecNorm (diff)*6; // now apply the kick vector to the ball llPushObject( target , kick_vector, <0, 0, 0>, FALSE ); } }
  13. Job description: 1. Recording a video in sl, max 5 minutes, it will be really short ( with fraps for example ) 2. Cutting the video if neccessary and converting to a compressed but still good quality format ( I used 1500 kbps .wmv format, so that's the minimum quality ) 3. Uploading the video to a free hosting server and sending me the link ( I recommend dropbox: http://db.tt/oLXM62i ) Please apply only if you have already made such thing. Payment:150 L$ (it's not bad for a 10 minutes job) This is a one time job, but later it's possible I'll hire you for longer jobs ( 40 mins ) if everything goes well.
  14. Thank you. I need this function because I'm not the owner of the ball, so I can't edit it. I just kick it
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