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  1. Okay, I continue exploring Blender in my free time and I'm genuinely confused as to how people manage to create items that stay below 3 land impact. I made a set, a board, a cup with berries and a simple cookie which i'll probably delete lol. And I faced a problem that when uploaded to SL, this item was around 7 land impact. What influences land impact? I made as many loops as possible, removed details, etc. etc., but still... this board clearly shouldn't be over 1li lol. Any tips please? I'm absolutely confused on how to approach li.
  2. Thank you so much for your insight on this and your input, this is a lot of information I was definitely looking to hear! I'm glad I did all those tutorials, and I can see how I'll need to change my thinking indeed I'm probably going to spend some time studying mesh decor items in SL itself from other creators and see how they're doing things, so I can see how I can adapt. I've already tried making a uv map (and yay successfully, all materials in one UV map!) and an AO map I think photoshopped onto the UV map, so I hope I'm onto something. Going to remake the honey jar and see what I can do to still make it look nice in-game and not as laggy haha. Thanks so much for helping me, I was worried there wouldn't be anyone to ask questions around this forum! I'll try again and then share my results! BTW, your tutorials also helped me immensely!
  3. Yeah, this makes sense! I imagine I'll have to learn to reduce it for the in-game purposes, oof. Here is a screenshot!
  4. I hope it's okay to bump this topic again! I've spent some time doing tutorials by BlenderGuru and learning the basics to understand Blender better - wow I learnt so much! Then I made an object on my own, a little honey jar, to practice what I learnt and then tried to upload it to SL, which is where I realised everything is much more nuanced. Could I please get some advice on these questions? : My honey jar consists of a lid, a jar itself and honey inside. How do I properly import this to SL? Do I need to join objects into a single one before uploading it? These 3 parts of the jar combined jacked up insane vertices amount, I mean 99k. How do I work around this? It's a tiny jar lol. But I don't want to delete all the nice shape I gave it. I'm adding a picture of it to show it (don't mind the noise, my laptop takes its time ). I disabled the modifiers for render just to see what happens and it's kind of nice, but less so. Perhaps, there is some systematic approach to this and as a newbie I don't know yet. The jar is a glass one and I made it using the Principled bsdf node. However, when I uploaded the mesh and applied texture, the jar was completely black. Do I need to add transparency to the mesh itself despite the material node or do I need to do anything else? I want to make a shadow for my jar beneath it, just something soft and natural, but not sure how to. Could I please get advice on that, too? Thank you
  5. Whoah, thanks so much everyone for insight and helpful comments!! I'm working hard to practice on more tutorials and I think I understand some things even better now So i'll remake the bucket with all the knowledge already gotten So much to learn!
  6. Thank you! This is definitely something I wanted to learn, so cool! Whoah, thanks so much!! I'll follow this and learn! So exciting!
  7. Hi everyone! I hope it's okay to post here, but I wanted to ask a couple of questions and there seem to be a lot of experts around! I really want to start making my own decor and I'm doing tutorial examples in Blender for simple objects. So far I've made a plate and a bucket lol. But I know there is much more to mesh creation for SL, including LOD, ambient occlusion baked maps, uv maps and etc for low land impact. I can't find any good tutorials to guide me in this and a lot of stuff on youtube is aimed at videogames and video creation. Would anyone please point me in the direction of tutorials/videos that I should check out that can help with creating objects for SL? p.s. Here is an example of my bucket, I feel like I overcomplicated it
  8. I'm having an issue too... Thought it's me haha. Hope they can fix it soon!
  9. Hey guys I thought I'd share a venue I built recently, a free of charge photostudio to take profile and blogging pictures. There are three booths with different backgrounds I build using furniture, decor, etc. + my office room which you can also use! There are a couple of posestands too. https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lila/149/200/1297 Here are also a couple of pictures of the backdrops that you can use as your profile picture background! 🥰
  10. I'm working on a tropical beach themed home with some rustic touches, and really proud of it 🥰
  11. Oh yes, I do, I didn't notice it! And it worked! Thanks so much Cindy for your help!
  12. Hi there! I left SL for a couple of years or so and as I was becoming less active, I eventually stopped getting any notifications, even though I didn't change the settings for it anywhere. How could I get them back again? Going into email notifications in my Account settings here shows grayed out options.
  13. Hello! I live in Belarus and I know we can't work a lot with paypal here. So is it possible to attach our VISA cards directly to SL account and which kind of VISA is better? I thought of Visa electron. Advice me, please :)
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