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  1. I upgraded because I wanted to be able to wear more clothes. Yes, you can successfully clothe yourself when you have the system avatar, but there are fewer options, and a lot of the clothes look old or out of date because, well, they're old and out of date. I really loved some designers who only designed for mesh bodies, so here we are.
  2. You don't need all of those things, necessarily. A lot of bom skins are one piece, head and body. Sometimes you can also get an additional body skin that's more detailed, but it's not mandatory, the skin that comes with the head skin will look just fine. The brows usually come in the same package. I think only the new HD heads need separate ear skin. I've never messed with my ears one bit.
  3. A brand of graphics card. If you had it, you'd probably know you did, so it's probably not that.
  4. Do you have Nvidia? I couldn't log in yesterday because I needed to update my Nvidia drivers. It worked fine once I did.
  5. Yeah, this is what I do. I have the numbers for the body shape I like written down, so I put on the new head shape I want, then go back in and set the body/torso/legs numbers to what they were before.
  6. I use those so. often.
  7. Or even just plain useful. How many of us adopted BOM and then bought a bunch of ancient system clothes that could suddenly be used as undershirts and such again?
  8. I could definitely spend 3500 lindens on shopping, but I'd have to really make an effort to spend 3500 dollars!
  9. I use SL Viewer. Yesterday it downloaded an update. Since then I've had trouble with my system layers, but not consistently and only from my own point of view? Here's what I've noticed: Sometimes my whole body will disappear. I'll see my head just floating there over my empty clothes. But my friends say I look normal. My body usually comes back if I TP somewhere. I will also sometimes see other people's bodies disappear. My BOM alphas don't seem to be...alphaing anything. I put them on and keep cutting through the clothes anyway. Others also say they can't see this either. (Maitrey
  10. Oooh! I may need to pick one up too, they're adorable. My best find was the Fraulein dress at Kotolier. Just gorgeous, had to buy L$ right in the store so I could shell out for the fatpack. 😄
  11. And the holding animations are one thing, but some merchants have you do a whole goofy dance when you unpack, and if you were on a posestand, you have to re-sit on it afterward because the dance overrode it.
  12. All of those brands have stores inworld--the blog post has links to the various ones. Definitely demo several bodies and see which one you like the look of, which one's HUD annoys you the least, and so on. You can still wear system clothes if you set up BOM, which most mesh bodies will allow you to do, but they'll look kind of silly if you wear them by themselves because they'll look painted on. They're best for layering under mesh clothes for certain looks.
  13. My first shot made my arm pretty sore for a few days, but that was about it. My second shot didn't make my arm as sore, and I also didn't get violently ill which I was worried about, but I did feel a little stoned or loopy for a couple of days. Definitely not the worst case scenario!
  14. I agree, it's annoying when they greet me from a million miles away. As I learned a few weeks ago when I dropped by a club just to unsubscribe from their eternally spamming subscriber, only to get "Hi (Display Name), welcome to the party!" But I do figure DJ tips into my plans if I want to go out. It's a really minimal cost for entertainment when I compare it to how much I'd pay to go to a club IRL.
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