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  1. Even though the income is cut, new players can be satisfied with this income of 25 lindens per week for the LR quest. It is a pity that participation in these quests was banned without payment information. But looking at the collection of crystals by players with paid information. still gives income to them. A lot of residents both new and old catch fish virtual fishing. when you first purchase a fishing rod and a hud, you are given the first 100 worms for free. then you already earn by catching fish on the next worms and besides that you have a net income. a little but still earnings. fish
  2. It's a pity that people without information about the payment, who honestly completed just the quest and could accumulate their linden dollars for use in services and goods, lost it. ... Linden Lab is a very offensive move that deprives not only scammers, but also honest people, taking away their long-term earnings on quests. Of course, the old paid offended players on quests who want to receive only half of the profit have become less. but maybe new players will still want to get their lindens $ 25 a week. Although it is doubtful if wealthy residents want to bother and run after crystals
  3. Yes. I agree that there is such an assumption. It is strange that there was no investigation and punishment of those responsible. it is annoying and makes you distrust this site and the game .. It's a pity that people have lost their income. People had to search for their latest income on the Internet in order to regain the experience, earnings depend on it. ... I also lost a certain amount that I did not manage to allocate at the ATM. but I already caught the fish again and earning lindens
  4. If you are participating in the game Fish hunting. you probably joined the LGH group. there is a site for this group goldtokens.net. it has ranking sections, where you can see the best players with their experience and earnings. Unfortunately, the site was recently broken and a lot of data disappeared .. there were hundreds of thousands of Linden dollars earned. but a couple of months after the demolition, good results of the fishermen's hard work are already visible. Yes, of course, fishing takes a lot of time to earn,. but if you have a goal to make lindens, you can do it
  5. in my opinion, information about payments is confidential and should not be publicly available in profiles, and should not discriminate against any of the residents of sl.
  6. how do you like that? Another advanced resident with payment information calls people without payment information even criminals and suggests staying away .. is this also not discrimination?
  7. because one way or another there is ethical discrimination. moral and material. for example, here in this thread, one advanced Resident for the payment info, cannot understand what right people have to wear without payment, maitreya and catwa and the rest are cool brands and they can be beautiful .. isn’t this discrimination on the basis of payments in the profile? According to the author, themes can be beautiful only with payment information? but oddly enough, I often see the ancient old SL residents with a payment, but they wear their old basic skins and clothes. this means they can wear wh
  8. I am considering this topic, which humiliates and insults players without paynment account information, as inferior people .. you only see them as violas and sweet babies? some even call them bots .. this is a very wrong judgment about people from a person with extensive experience in sl. or is it arrogance towards them. And what do you care about them? I'm not the first one to tell you this
  9. Are these words also obscene? I expressed my opinion on this topic to many people who do not have payment information in their profile
  10. Did you see the offensive in the words envy, curiosity? If in 14 years of your experience in sl, you still do not know what possibilities are in sl and write like a beginner
  11. You have banal envy and curiosity that is not healthy. You are haunted by the thought - how to survive someone else's success? First of all - * count the money in your pocket, not in someone else's *. Here on the forum there are many posts about how not only the main character can live well, but also probably an alt, and enjoy without spending real money. I will touch on only one of the options. in sl you can work. there are many options and games, events. Even fishing brings, for example, 300 lindens per day. there are people who have caught fish for thousands and millions of Lindens. but thi
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