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  1. thanks for all the info everybuddy i decide to keep it, i have uses for things now. yay. have a great day
  2. sorry, I meant, I am now renting an island... and my house on 512 in SKATER? is empty and ignored... i know I can abandon... and will still have the 512, but i wont use it, and even if i returned it, i wont use my 512 for anything... wondering if I can profit from this tbh yanks
  3. I am not using it, but I don't want to like, lose land, or give it away.... can I rent the house on it to someone for super cheap?
  4. Same story. Approximately same ages... hit me up
  5. Hello, I have been told I am good companion to introverts, although I am the opposite myself... I dont mind going around SL, quietly, exploring, sharing locations and places but visiting and walking separately, or together, ... I can be quiet, or I can talk. I do not like texting? typing a lot... I actually dont use voice until I know you .... I have many ideas for things to do and I Like to take pictures... I also have a small parcel I am not "attatched" to, if anyone has the need to be somewhere safe, or quiet, they are more than welcome, even if I am not there...
  6. Geeze, how about a new group People Survivors surviving the Human Condition Making waves and Taking names I think I like the suggestions many have made. I will probably not continue here, as usual, every post serves its purpose and then dies slowly.... lol HAVE A WONDERFUL REST OF YOUR DAY EVERYONE and THANK YOU !!
  7. i love this... reading back IF I SERIOUSLY offended someone, it wasnt meant. I too am HUMAN behind this screen, and falter, or get i a mood, or have a trigger. Maybe something someone said BEFORE you were triggered, triggered me... insofar as to say, give people a chance, I give all of you that. no matter what you said here, anywhere, on my other posts, in any text thread... I INVITE YOU to meet me not everyone is going to like me and I am not required to like everyone HOWEVER I do treat everyone with a standard amount of grace and patience, if you pass tha
  8. YEAH... I am literally not aggressive by nature, and support groups shouldn't be led by people who don't know how to deal with exactly this, and other things that come up. The fact remains though, that this is a post about help on a name, and both of the contributors I THINK ARE AGGRESSIVE, have made no contribution, except to criticize me personally ... pretty much speaks for itself. I am calm. I am patient, and compassionate. I listen, and I can do this. I have been through the darkness so many times, I think it is time and I am ready for the task of helping, and all it entails. I know
  9. okay....lol How about Navigating sucks... what about Finding Our Way : for people succeptible to Family Abuse or navigating the Lies : Take your brain back, Familial abuse survivors I mean id also have tag line like things or questions, for ex DO you spend large amounts of time avoiding family? anxiety through the roof just for dinner? did you lose weight and just KNOW what she call you a *****? Mom trying to steal your baby? OMG another post about how PC or Trendy "..." is? BARF! Sister missing for ov
  10. Transcending Navigators... remember I want the word NAVIGATOR or NAVIGATORS in the title... Posted Wednesday at 09:57 AM Navigators Storms Weather Mental Wars retying knots swimming upstream use a boat f**k swimming? HI LUNA !!!
  11. It is for a support group. Anyone can start a support group. I have messaged a couple admins, as to where this post should go. Im still working on it, so no rush... but this post is about a NAME, I am not asking for other advice through this post. thank you
  12. Navigators Storms Weather Mental Wars retying knots swimming upstream use a boat f**k swimming? Just rolling around some more words... a thinking day
  13. what do you think a good name for a support group would be, dealing mainly with Parental Abuse or Abandonment, including but not limited to the word... NAVIGATOR or NAVIGATORS the point being, learning and sharing, in order to be able to see more clearly, accept, self, and move THE F ON!!!! because it can be done... blah blah this is just a post for help with names. other ideas are also welcome. Joining up is welcome. I Like Navigator for many reasons, how bout you? The last thing I want to be is corny should feel like if you join, you might get somethin
  14. no, I meant in SL I was born in RL in 1977 in SL 2006 Bah hahahahahaha. pffft MESSAGE ME ANYONE!!!!
  15. Well color me kind and you NOT... Orwar, at this point i am disintereted in you completely. your history and statements everywhere show you as you wish... I have no energy for your type of "discussion" , and never will. thank you for your input. You are correct, you are not needed here. lol My feelings aren't hurt. You people who hope so, will find yourselves wasting your energy. please don't. I am a professional troll killer...haha with what I have been through, SL griefers are my ab fave !! There's no telling whats going on in there... no tellling. I assume the worst and le
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