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  1. thanks for all the info everybuddy i decide to keep it, i have uses for things now. yay. have a great day
  2. sorry, I meant, I am now renting an island... and my house on 512 in SKATER? is empty and ignored... i know I can abandon... and will still have the 512, but i wont use it, and even if i returned it, i wont use my 512 for anything... wondering if I can profit from this tbh yanks
  3. I am not using it, but I don't want to like, lose land, or give it away.... can I rent the house on it to someone for super cheap?
  4. Same story. Approximately same ages... hit me up
  5. Hello, I have been told I am good companion to introverts, although I am the opposite myself... I dont mind going around SL, quietly, exploring, sharing locations and places but visiting and walking separately, or together, ... I can be quiet, or I can talk. I do not like texting? typing a lot... I actually dont use voice until I know you .... I have many ideas for things to do and I Like to take pictures... I also have a small parcel I am not "attatched" to, if anyone has the need to be somewhere safe, or quiet, they are more than welcome, even if I am not there... anyone can message me. I answer all messages. yay!
  6. Geeze, how about a new group People Survivors surviving the Human Condition Making waves and Taking names I think I like the suggestions many have made. I will probably not continue here, as usual, every post serves its purpose and then dies slowly.... lol HAVE A WONDERFUL REST OF YOUR DAY EVERYONE and THANK YOU !!
  7. i love this... reading back IF I SERIOUSLY offended someone, it wasnt meant. I too am HUMAN behind this screen, and falter, or get i a mood, or have a trigger. Maybe something someone said BEFORE you were triggered, triggered me... insofar as to say, give people a chance, I give all of you that. no matter what you said here, anywhere, on my other posts, in any text thread... I INVITE YOU to meet me not everyone is going to like me and I am not required to like everyone HOWEVER I do treat everyone with a standard amount of grace and patience, if you pass that BEFORE WE'VE EVEN MET!! wow....just wow... If I am defensive, aggressive or something that you don't like... move on. I don't care. if you want to talk to me about it, you'll find that I care far more than anyone should, and I would help the same. I must guard these magical powers, because everyone is on the hunt. that said, this forum is what it is. I know where i am and that is anothe reason I want to start a group, its sure not safe here to speak.... not even close.
  8. YEAH... I am literally not aggressive by nature, and support groups shouldn't be led by people who don't know how to deal with exactly this, and other things that come up. The fact remains though, that this is a post about help on a name, and both of the contributors I THINK ARE AGGRESSIVE, have made no contribution, except to criticize me personally ... pretty much speaks for itself. I am calm. I am patient, and compassionate. I listen, and I can do this. I have been through the darkness so many times, I think it is time and I am ready for the task of helping, and all it entails. I know that these forums are not the place to FEEL, or DECIDE things, or the place to JUDGE or CHALLENGE people or their thoughts and ideas. This is discussion, and I know every single person, who acts or reacts negatively AT ALL, is hurting. I just want to make sure it is understood, comments here "are not my darkness" , commenting about me personally, is a genuine waste of time. as far as everyone's comfort level, if you survive here, in Forums, don't come crying to me with this PC weirdo stuff, i know what its like here!! I know how to see who is who and how they act. My group will be a SAFE PLACE! And as far as Forums, I TRUST THE ADMINS!! back to name again please?
  9. okay....lol How about Navigating sucks... what about Finding Our Way : for people succeptible to Family Abuse or navigating the Lies : Take your brain back, Familial abuse survivors I mean id also have tag line like things or questions, for ex DO you spend large amounts of time avoiding family? anxiety through the roof just for dinner? did you lose weight and just KNOW what she call you a *****? Mom trying to steal your baby? OMG another post about how PC or Trendy "..." is? BARF! Sister missing for over a month, dad says she was kinda a *****? THESE ARE NOT JOKES THIS IS ACTUALLY A SERIOUS INTENT to start helping others But the name thing... everyone is right, except the one who said im aggressive. lol. this is the WWW, where does that avvie think they are? lol and leave it out there that im A FEMALE and was called agressive,...hahah good for me man! yay back to the NAMES Help still?
  10. Transcending Navigators... remember I want the word NAVIGATOR or NAVIGATORS in the title... Posted Wednesday at 09:57 AM Navigators Storms Weather Mental Wars retying knots swimming upstream use a boat f**k swimming? HI LUNA !!!
  11. It is for a support group. Anyone can start a support group. I have messaged a couple admins, as to where this post should go. Im still working on it, so no rush... but this post is about a NAME, I am not asking for other advice through this post. thank you
  12. Navigators Storms Weather Mental Wars retying knots swimming upstream use a boat f**k swimming? Just rolling around some more words... a thinking day
  13. what do you think a good name for a support group would be, dealing mainly with Parental Abuse or Abandonment, including but not limited to the word... NAVIGATOR or NAVIGATORS the point being, learning and sharing, in order to be able to see more clearly, accept, self, and move THE F ON!!!! because it can be done... blah blah this is just a post for help with names. other ideas are also welcome. Joining up is welcome. I Like Navigator for many reasons, how bout you? The last thing I want to be is corny should feel like if you join, you might get something out of it that makes you feel better/different. This pertaining to how when Parents don't value a child, the child's brain registers this, and morphs accordingly.... yeah...that (NOTE: to GREIFTROLLSJERKSANDBUTTHEADS) so just have to mention, Ive been SL since 2006ish, and Ive been online, since there was internet. TROLL me and I will shoot you down report you or whatever I fancy at the time. Sometimes Im mean, like any Human...so... and also, youll be wasting your time and racking up demerits with any universal positives, becasue the point of this, of me writing here, is to try to help, protect, create safe space, and heal others. You will be hurting much more than just ME and it WONT HURT ME so basicall, just others you havent met yet. Definitely malicious, and immediately reportable. Thanks for reading though ( END RANT) Some people dont even know THAT! its science, theres research, you can look it up and see that it is true, and suddenly... what wasnt your fault? Its not silly or scary, what you can tell your brain, now that you KNOW, is Science! You can find an answer, You can ask the questions blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah THIS IS WHAT I HAVE SO FAR RIP ME A NEW ONE. YAY!
  14. no, I meant in SL I was born in RL in 1977 in SL 2006 Bah hahahahahaha. pffft MESSAGE ME ANYONE!!!!
  15. Well color me kind and you NOT... Orwar, at this point i am disintereted in you completely. your history and statements everywhere show you as you wish... I have no energy for your type of "discussion" , and never will. thank you for your input. You are correct, you are not needed here. lol My feelings aren't hurt. You people who hope so, will find yourselves wasting your energy. please don't. I am a professional troll killer...haha with what I have been through, SL griefers are my ab fave !! There's no telling whats going on in there... no tellling. I assume the worst and let them be As for other peeps who made comments, if what you said was in ANY way accusatory, or rude, believe me you've ALREADY been ignored. its not that hard. this post has outlived its use. I have learned more and changed some things, and been advised to begin again. Than is what I am going to do. I have met one possible person interested so far, so.... I don''t quit. THANK YOU YOU ARE ALL VERY SWEET ( even orwar who really was an UNNECESSARY jerk to me ) ( I mean, don't we all know by know that bullying and bull***** is wrong??) Its black and white people! Never gray
  16. So I can finally respond to this post well! I feel I should respond for ORWAR first, who has not graced us with a response, because Orwar is a person who responds to respond, not to discuss. These types should be ignored until something useful comes out of them. This is not to say he is useless in general, he has many posts and he is even funny. He has a good sense of humor, and is intelligent enough. All this being said, I wrote him personally, to be kind, and explain that I changed my mind because of him, harsh or not... but he did not even have the tact to answer me at all... Let us just be at peace with this for now. Perhaps he will show up at a later date.... I decided to change the original post from Females only to Everyone for a few reasons, and some other edits/ additions 1. being that one of my Fave things about SL, is the fact that you can BE ANYTHING, not just anyone, but ANYTHING. requiring knowledge of Gender would ruin this, for me and others. 2. New and beautiful gender discoveries are happening every day, and I would not want any hesitation pertaining to this subject, to stand in the way of someone finding a place to feel safe and talk. That is not who I want to be, so you be who you want to be. Relationships will evolve as they should, and naturally. Gender will not even be questioned. 3. I will also be editing the post to be PARENTAL ABUSE for now. There were suggestions that Narcissism is not widely diagnosed/ many don't know this is what is happening, so in order to be even more inclusive, I will be making this edit. 4. I will edit to include the kinds of activities I hope to lead/teach, and a few types of leaders/teachers we might have use for as well. I thank all of you for your input, tolerations, and interest. Many of you made suggestions I hope it is clear I was listening, if not, write me or post again. Sorry I am not a born leader or anything, I love to teach and share but I have never run a group or implemented something people might rely in the way this might go. I am nervous, and I am excited, and I just want to help, and in the process, help myself too... As I said I edited a bunch so , re-read, and criticize away! I can take it. I need it.
  17. I was born in 2006, and I have everything I owned then. Even clothes are different now. 1. I need to figure out the changes and how to adapt in many ways 2. I have wicked vintage clothes ( some by SL Celebrities at the time, some who are no longer with us RL, and more) 3. Even my Avatar is Vintage, but I do have the BEST of 2006 - 2008 Avatars/skins ( in my tastes of course) DOES THIS INTEREST ANYONE IN NAY WAY????
  18. when were you born? I am 2006... I also am BORED! weird because I used to have no time in SL, it ate my RL. Work, play, everything.... now, im all alone with a chill pad in a weird place where no one goes, like, ever. I dont even think anyone else lives there. Nobody even plays music... Its like the twilight zone.
  19. As far as I know, the majority of Narcissists cannot be diagnosed, because a Narc wont seek help, or they manipulates the help, and diagnosis is impossible. Only the children or spouse or whatever VICTIM of the narcissist that exists, gets help or discovers the trait on their own, and puts it together... I am dissappointed this thread is so slow to catch...
  20. NOTE: If you don't want to post here, people are WELCOME to message me in game.
  21. The last thing I want to do is trigger others, but I mean, this is life, its hard. lol... we just do what we can right? in any case, I am trying to collect people, I edited the original post, to include everyone. I feel it will evolve as it is supposed to. I also feel I am supposed to be doing this, my experience, hard work, and people skills... I think it can be better than an online support group because in SL, you can stay as anonymous as you like, and there are things to do besides type your feelings all day, which eventually passes the point of cathartic or helpful... it can become another crutch... I think if we include activities, or projects, learning, broaden the horizon of possibility, maybe it could be even more beneficial... I feel the possibilities are endless in SL....
  22. okay, I did say discuss... and I appreciate the suggestion but disingenuous is harsh and preemptive, considering the discussion still has to be had... this is coming about because I am in some support groups in other areas, one is for general, and two are females only, I wanted to make a sort of extension, and the Female led ones are SO MUCH more helpful to me personally there are many reasons for this... I feel like I just need to meet a few women who get it and then maybe together it would be less intimidating and youre right too, one of the first things SL is about is anonymity and freedom ( currently editing)
  23. I am starting a group for SURVIVORS OF NARCISSISTIC MOTHERS specifically I have a small piece of land, and a small allowance I am willing to donate to this cause I want to have rules that keep the space safe.. I will try to model after support groups I am already in... I also need help, I am open to discussion, I am here after all... So, if you know this topic, if you feel alone, if you want to vent, or support or whatever, this is the beginning. please join this discussion and lets not be alone anymore... we can do all the things there are to do ... shop talk fly build and whatever I played SL when it began for 3 years straight... then ...not so much A close friend of mine was actually a beta tester, I bult sims and saw them fall, I own collections of super vintage clothing and furniture and ... last time I built was 2007...but I was GOOD!!! I am looking for people who are sick and tired of being sick and tired, punks, introverts and extroverts, classic cases and the bizzare... YOU ALL BELONG HERE I want to type more but I am hungry.... Talk to me
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