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  1. Sometimes I'm really glad that I do not smile all the time in SL - it just looks scary and so false.
  2. I'm pretty sure "real models" do not provide value for money - neither for the model nor for those who may want to hire them. As others have stated, a model would need to have several mesh bodies (as well as heads for hair/makeup etc.). That's not cheap. A content creator will no doubt already have the mesh bodies and heads that they create content for - either on themselves or alts. So using their own resources makes sense. Due to the permissions system a model essentially gets free stuff each photoshoot when they work for a content creator - expecting to get paid on top of tha
  3. I seem to recall they had a news article about these pictures and a video of how they were made - I thought it odd at the time they would use real life shoots to advertise a virtual world.
  4. With regards to the forums and your name - log out from the forums and log back in and that will make it change.
  5. That laptop is total overkill for Second Life really - providing that you are able to remove the bloatware that will probably come preinstalled then it will be more than adequate for running SL but the FPS you get will depend on how pretty you want things to look and how badly optimised all that mesh stuff is people are wearing. I average anything from 15 to 80 fps on populated sims - again it all depends on the mesh stuff more than anything. Not sure what type of Mac you have and whether or not you use Mac specific apps so only you will know if it makes sense to make the switch. An
  6. @emilia Avindar I'd advise you to raise the outfit issue in the Firestorm Support Group - it may be a case of missing inventory like @Chic Aeon said and that will involve manual copying of files but the support group has really great step by step guides that anyone can follow as long as they read them well. If it is not solved by the missing inventory fix then it could well be a bug in Firestorm that will need to be raised.
  7. You will generally get better performance from the LL viewer than from FS because FS has extras in it that the LL viewer does not have - all those nice to have things that you will miss. Rather than continue bashing FS maybe you can turn it around and try to constructively make it better by running comparisons with exactly the same settings for sky, draw distance etc and then if there is noticeably significant differences raise (or add to) a JIRA on the FS site?
  8. In a way yes but remember Mr Creep did it in private whereas OP took it public when it was not needed.
  9. Have you done a search in your inventory - once you list an item (especially a no copy one) then it is moved to a new location within your inventory.
  10. Never ever take what is said in IM to local chat without the express permission of all involved - not only it is exceptionally rude (no matter what was said in IM) but it is also against the ToS and potentially could lead to an abuse report against yourself. Just mute and get on with your Second Life
  11. You should consider going premium and buying yourself (via the land auctions) 1024sq m of land - you can get some real cheap deals and it's ideal if you want a skybox because it does not matter what garbage is at ground level. Considering the premium fee includes giving you 300L$ a week it's pretty hard to find any rental that comes close. That and you have total control over your land - no landlord. You can grant access as you see fit.
  12. Best advice I would give is just be yourself.
  13. A word of advice - never clear your cache unless there is an absolute reason for it. Clearing cache should only ever be a last resort.
  14. I can see why some may wish to do this - in order to avoid getting unwelcome attention. However the vast majority of people will probably not pay any attention to what is in your profile anyway.
  15. I'd like to do some shopping but I can't. MP has enough server capacity for the general needs based upon a lot of stats that I am sure LL has. For a merchant to release an almost free premium item onto the MP without expecting it to crash is silly. Thats like a major concert event in Ticktmaster (when we had concerts) - they beef up capacity to cope with the expected demand. This is NOT the way merchants should be going with releases - they have regions that's what they are for so that their business not not impact upon everyone else on the grid.
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