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  1. true but nearly everyone club i been to has rules stating bits must be covered
  2. No I been trying another club out and find it a little better. the other one I will be standing there and suddenly I will get a wave of 2-5 guys IMing what seems like almost at once. Maybe more like a minute or two afterward. this other place place i been spending time I not had any problems as of yet.
  3. I just remembered that the staff member who contacted me never had a staff tag on. Honestly I never seen even a DJ with a tag for the club on. There will be periods of time when the place is packed and theres no staff around or at least no one with a tag on. Its on a M rated sim and one night while i as hanging there there were a couple of women in heels and thongs. Topless. I was thinking their clothes were just not rezzing for me so paid really not attention to it till some one in local was going on about that club turning into a strip joint. the two were around for a couple of hours right u
  4. Good advice thank you. maybe i will find a new place to hang out in
  5. Not going back is basically what i am thinking. I do admit that I will miss the DJ's there. they were super nice, the staff....
  6. So I am at a club and theres this guy who comes in and IMs every woman in the place. Mine seem to be always creepy to read. So I said in front of everyone "his name" you are f...ing creepy. The guy still hangs around. Others are saying they are getting his IM, but the club staff start giving me hell for telling the guy basically to f off and that I should not be saying that. And I replied back to the staff member back in nearby. It wasn't mean but I was getting threatened with being banned because shes not liking how I was talking to her. The guy is still hanging around creeping others out and
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