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  1. My avatars makeup (her lips specifically in this pic) appears black when its a shiny gloss. When I wear highlighter the same thing happens. The hairbase goes on fine. Im thinking it might be a something I've unchecked but I'm not sure.. My head is a genus head if that helps. If anyone could please help I'd really appreciate it. Thanks either way.https://gyazo.com/0eb336d75792f294f96cae5b22f0b28e
  2. Hello everyone I would really love some help with an issue I'm having atm please. I am looking at purchasing a new skin and went to two different stores for some demo's. With both stores demo's I had issues with the skin showing up correctly. The first demo's some worked fine and some have a very flat texture. (please see pic 2 for eg) The second store all the demo's show up white (please see pic 3 for eg) Pic 1 is my avatar as it is normally. If anyone has any advice on why this could be happening please let me know. Thank you for your time
  3. Just went hunting around and compiled a list of working Christmas streams. Thought I'd share, just in time! :heart: http://ais02.empirestreaming.net:8710/ http://sc-christmas.1.fm:8650/ http://listen.181fm.com:8090 http://mitm.digistream.info:8052/ http://listen.radionomy.com/HappyChristmasradio http://listen.shoutcast.com/christmasoldies2016
  4. iCade wrote: Putting down a mega prim is limiting, unless it's a sculpty ground cover with bumps and such. However, I have this, which allows me to terraform as I want, and still have snow ground covering the floor: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/LandMap-Change-your-ground-texture-without-land-powers/236734 The video won me over and I purchased it, fiddling around with it at the moment Even though I'm four years late in this conversation I just wanted to thank you for that link to the snow. Who I pay tiers to atm is dirt cheap but the downside is their managerials skills are in th
  5. I have a KK Lena mesh body and when I apply clothing which is transparent or lace they don't show correctly. The texture shows up blocky, flat and with pixelated edges.I have included a screenshot below of my avatar in the outfit and a picture of what it should look like. Does anyone have a clue what the issue could be? I was thinking maybe my graphic settings need to be changed somehow but I have no clue. I use the firestorm viewer if that helps any. I'd appreciate any help at all with this please? Thanks.
  6. Aurail thank you ever so much for sharing this information! It worked for me very easily. I appreciate your time and efforts.
  7. I go to wear or add an item of clothing and a tonne of others attach to me. These are all prim attachments and about 20 attachments at a time. I use firestorm and phoenix and it's been happening in both. I cleaned out my cache, restarted my pc and I'm at a loss as to how to fix it. I assumed maybe it's a one day glitchy thing with sl but it's now day 2 and more of the same. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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