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  1. Have decided to use both and test the waters going back n forth between them to hopefully learn windows isn't bad she just isn't pretty lol, a joke. Thank you so much everyone! 🥰
  2. Thanks Sid, Im an avid underneath fan user and stop to cool her alot. I've never had a bloated Mac yet and thats well over oooh 9 years on sl with it and windows prior. So I must've been doing something right! ❤️
  3. I've done the partition Mac with windows awhile back and gave that up as mesh become more intense. I mean I know it depends on so many factors and I probably will only try black dragon for picture quality. I just want to experience the best and what suits me yanno? And why not?! lol I did play around with settings people recommended and got my MacBooks fps up to an 8 but alas she will always hit the 2 pretty fast even though I rarely crash. Thank you for your input Kimmi, much appreciated! ❤️
  4. Oh goodness! This isgood news! Without coming off too creepy I like your flavour too haha just because its been my baby for too long. So I'm fence sitting once both new laptops arrive and will judge how they work best for me. Thank you for this! ❤️
  5. I say it like I have no knowledge of specs which is why I am here. The Mac is 3 years old, I actually don't want to not use her but my warranty is just expired and you know how that goes but I've solid runs for 8 years without issues. Thank you, I just want a stable machine for SL but I have always been Sims and WOW curious. I just purchased the M1 Macbook Air 2020 (unsure of logistics) and doing a trade in on the 3 year old. Currently waiting impatiently for deliveries for both haha, after advice here and sl fb I narrowed it down to: MSI GF63 15.6" Full HD 144Hz Gaming Laptop (Intel i7)
  6. Right, see Abby this is my thing too. Mac's can last me 8 years, I'll be out of warranty after 3 years but they have serious lasting power and are smooth for everyday work, design etc. I love the look, its user friendly and the interface is simple. 5 years ago Mac was fine for me but all this mesh is taxing on it so I'm gonna cave and just get a gaming laptop purely for sl and sl only..
  7. Oh thank you so much for this, I really needed the opinion of a Mac to PC user. I'm going to try and half the resolution settings just to check things out performance wise for now. I feel like Macs have a 3 year warranty for a reason, as soon as it's up something fails lol. I totally understand with the frame rate, I just want to enjoy SL again at a general lag free experience, in all my years it's never been this low. Fabulous advice Arduenn, this has been so helpful!
  8. Oh thank you so much for this! I truly appreciate it! I know laptops tend to not be used for gaming but for sl and general use I like laptops for minimalization. I've been a windows user and I'm cursed with them running smoothly (virus protection), the constant expense and need to upgrade. So something simple, reasonably priced with that core process performance sounds perfect! Thanks again!
  9. When you say total overkill for second life, what do you mean? Like it's too big of a buy to use specifically for just sl? Bcos that's all I'd be using it for, I don't want to make the big switch to Windows for everything computer related bcos Mac apps and everything else I use on there serves it's purpose and runs smoothly. My Mac is decent but 3 years old and it's not lag free with an fps of 1.5, I'm lucky I don't crash. Oh I should add I've done the bootcamp previously when SL wasn't so mesh/graphic intense and it didn't change the performance, it ran smooth. I'm contemplating doing that no
  10. My fps is generally at a 2 on a Mac atm and I'm struggling with a Mac. My quandary is should I upgrade the Mac or do the switch and go Windows laptop? I've attached a windows laptop I've found which I think is suitable. I just wanted any ideas on what's going to get my fps to at least 15 at ground level crowded sims. To just be at a busy sim basically and not lag. Any help would be appreciated. P.S I am illiterate to specs and technical PC talk.
  11. My avatars makeup (her lips specifically in this pic) appears black when its a shiny gloss. When I wear highlighter the same thing happens. The hairbase goes on fine. Im thinking it might be a something I've unchecked but I'm not sure.. My head is a genus head if that helps. If anyone could please help I'd really appreciate it. Thanks either way.https://gyazo.com/0eb336d75792f294f96cae5b22f0b28e
  12. Hello everyone I would really love some help with an issue I'm having atm please. I am looking at purchasing a new skin and went to two different stores for some demo's. With both stores demo's I had issues with the skin showing up correctly. The first demo's some worked fine and some have a very flat texture. (please see pic 2 for eg) The second store all the demo's show up white (please see pic 3 for eg) Pic 1 is my avatar as it is normally. If anyone has any advice on why this could be happening please let me know. Thank you for your time
  13. Just went hunting around and compiled a list of working Christmas streams. Thought I'd share, just in time! :heart: http://ais02.empirestreaming.net:8710/ http://sc-christmas.1.fm:8650/ http://listen.181fm.com:8090 http://mitm.digistream.info:8052/ http://listen.radionomy.com/HappyChristmasradio http://listen.shoutcast.com/christmasoldies2016
  14. iCade wrote: Putting down a mega prim is limiting, unless it's a sculpty ground cover with bumps and such. However, I have this, which allows me to terraform as I want, and still have snow ground covering the floor: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/LandMap-Change-your-ground-texture-without-land-powers/236734 The video won me over and I purchased it, fiddling around with it at the moment Even though I'm four years late in this conversation I just wanted to thank you for that link to the snow. Who I pay tiers to atm is dirt cheap but the downside is their managerials skills are in th
  15. I have a KK Lena mesh body and when I apply clothing which is transparent or lace they don't show correctly. The texture shows up blocky, flat and with pixelated edges.I have included a screenshot below of my avatar in the outfit and a picture of what it should look like. Does anyone have a clue what the issue could be? I was thinking maybe my graphic settings need to be changed somehow but I have no clue. I use the firestorm viewer if that helps any. I'd appreciate any help at all with this please? Thanks.
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