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  1. After a very long period of inactivity (had not logged into the avatar facebook since 2012), I decided to bring it back in 2018. I had the password, but met the same challenge as you. I could never get 3 people to validate me with a code, partly because they kept rotating the list, and also about half of the friends were no longer active. I even contacted facebook help, several times in various ways, and basically offered to link my verified real life facebook, and provide more proof. I just continued to receive notifications that, after examination, the account was cleared of any concerns, but it never let me log straight in. It continued to challenge me over and over to get 3 approved friends to verify. I had definitely hit a wall. I even dug out the (very) old laptop that I used it on, per facebook's suggestion. Even though that may have helped verify my account, nothing changed. The explanation was a history of attempted password hacks on the old avatar account. None ever succeeded, but someone hijacked my WW2 role play group due to long inactivity. Worse yet, they renamed it in another language of which I cannot begin to translate. My actual original avatar page on facebook remains, and I simply follow it now with the new avatar facebook account. Frankly, since so many people are at least somewhat transparent, or have real life friends in their avatar facebook, I don't see much or any discrimination made by facebook in terms of helping you recover an account. Facebook would far rather err on the side of caution for all accounts. They very well know your shopping, browsing and chat from your various logins and may aggregate marketing info by using that. However, I never see any advertising on my "real life" facebook, and my ads and friend suggestions remain appropriate for the respective accounts. I don't see any reason to think they limit the reach and full use of facebook by an "avatar" though. We are all avatars, especially on facebook; where you might say we are mental projections of ourselves. Facebook is interested in engagement, and not necessarily anchored by real names. It was hard to give up on recovering my original facebook for emilia, but at the same time, I kind of like the demarcation.
  2. Awesome work, LittleMe! Thanks for the extra troubleshooting to nail down the answer, too. ?
  3. Obviously, I'm a bit out of practice. It took me four attempts to actually capture a quote correctly. Thanks to all of you for the great answers, and helpful advice. ?
  4. Thanks! Yes, i do see these visible for an alt, so it would only take a second to toggle it off. I do not see a way to easily grant the "share and take my objects" in the SL Viewer. I don't see a way to even do it except to open up the full profile view in the pop up window, and grant them there under Settings > Permissions. Of course, it's probably a good idea to not make it too easy to find, because these rights should not be given lightly. On the other hand, the unfriending often occurs in a sudden blur.
  5. Thanks so much for actually checking this, LittleMe Jewell, and for verifying that the loss of the right does not actually disappear until the unfriended relogs. Sorry, I meant to capture your quote: 
  6. Thanks, Solar Legion. It is helpful to picture the perms shared between friends as part of a set of options only for friends, which makes it seem intuitive now that the shared object permissions would dissolve with the friendship. That's a helpful way to understand it, thanks.
  7. Yes, it would be ideal if the right to edit and take transfer objects were instantly revoked when friendship terminates. Thanks, Whirly Fizzle. It's easier to access inside the Firestorm Viewer, whereas I only find the view of permissions in the social profile for the official SL Viewer. Of course, you can open that inside the SL Viewer window, but it's sometimes slow to load for me.
  8. When you give or offer "Permission to Edit or Take My Objects" to a friend, and then unfriend without reverting that permission, does the permission automatically reset to null? Let's suppose you are not able to speak to the person to verify that. Also, how do you know if the person even accepted that offer, if you find yourself unfriended after offering the permission? When you are no longer friends, there is no way to see if the permission persisted after the friendship ended, because you cannot see the perms detail on the social profile, even if you have the logged in view of it. I would like assurance that shared permissions are revoked when the friendship is ended. I've searched the Knowledge Base and forum, but find nothing about this. Thanks very much for any guidance. ?
  9. Aha! and Pamela Galli answered while I was typing away and gave the obvious, low fuss solution! I defer to her.
  10. Hi Zylkie, These are reasonable questions, and show you are giving thought to how permissions work. I'd say you are ready to delve into the best resource: Second Life Knowledge Base _ Managing Your Parcel But to give you a couple of quick tips, be mindful that not only are objects rezzed under Group permissions, they may sometimes be rezzed under "anyone" permissions, depending on how the Parcel Owner sets this under the Objects tab of the Parcel. Secondly, you either simply rezz the item (with or without Group tag selected) or you rezz and then Set and/or Deed to group. I would advise not to deed to a group any object that is precious to you. Only the person that sets deed to group can "undeed" it and the Parcel manager or Owner may eventually return all objects or specific objects. There are various ways you might lose an item if this happens, but if you merely rezzed with the group tag, your items are returnable unless the land is divided and leaves a shortage of prims for the particular parcel. That's just another way to lose objects. Very simply, the Owner/manager may elect to "return all" of the objects that are specifically yours or return each one manually. If all are returned at once, it may look as if you only have one object returned by name in inventory, but if you look closely you will see the object is a cluster. You will need to rezz this in a sandbox where the prim count allows you to rezz the cluster because when rezzed it will be counted as the total sum of prim. Then you manually select the objects one by one to take back into inventory. The only reason to set and deed an object to a group is to give Group members full permissions to use it, and perhaps more importantly, to move it. This will not give them permission to "take" it into personal inventory but it will allow editing it around to another location in the sim. Another way to reclaim an object you rezzed when you don't feel welcome to go back onto the land is to view into the parcel from adjacent land. Anything you see with your viewer which you have rezzed, you can reclaim. Of course, it is more polite to just request the Parcel Owner/manager to kindly return your objects, and again the main caution is not to set/deed a No-Copy (transfer only) object on Group land unless you are ok with sacrificing it if things go wrong. Finally, there is that important detail; you will note that your objects are always Copy or No-Copy (Transfer Only.) This is all very easy and intuitive after awhile, so enjoy your Second LIfe! The Knowledge Base has lots of articles on every aspect of SL so add that to your reading. There may be even finer points or something obvious I haven't mentioned, which a helper or someone else can assist you with. Best of Luck, emilia Avindar
  11. Thanks for the link to Ebbe's remarks. This helps me to relax and enjoy my land legs in SL because the Sansar concept makes my head spin. Sansar will be "experience" married to whatever the avatar is--an account with capabilities, capacity, and tools to interact in the experience which is fleshed out in 3D according to the limits of the technology. Maybe some experience will be granted at entry, and others will be acquired by payment, or points, who knows. Maybe there will be fly fishing or golfing or dancing. Whether that dancing will allow pairing up with someone else to "experience" a Dancing With the Stars routine is....probably the key to wild success of Sansar. It will mean merging two experiences into one and whether or not to allow for personalization. For example, how much gear will we ultimately wear? If I wear special slippers will I feel my dance partner step on my toes? *smiles* However, there are two things that keep me coming back to Second Life. First of all, shopping--finding those perfect details (objects) to decorate a scene. After all, what are we building but electronic dioramas. And the other thing is the Land, the place that absorbs the time and creates memory and virtual experience that looks just like real places and real time spent when you look back a couple of years later. Recently, I've taken the walk down memory lane to visit my old builds from memory. The are just as fresh and vivid as anyplace I've been in "reality." And is it any wonder? After all, the time spent and the "experience" lacked only smell and touch. The smell was generally an overheated laptop and the touch was as close as my fingers on the touchpad while flying a Corsair. Sansar may very well change the world, eventually. Not just the virtual worlds, least of all the virtual worlds. Until and unless the chain chain chain of experience keys gives way to ownership of space for landlubbers like me, I will be staking my claim right here, on good ole Mainland. And when I find the perfect lamp, it's warm glow will illuminate a reality that reads like a visual poem in the space I create. Sansar may let me sail the stars but Second Life lets me relax and listen to music. Just my thoughts, but I miss the Moles too! Are there actually no moles now?? I've been gone awhile, and hadn't heard of this, although I knew Public Works was sidelined. Without moles, the Mainland could lose it's sense of humor!
  12. Venus Petrov wrote: We've got to give this dude a chance. Chill people. Yes, by all means. I agree. Thanks for your thoughts, Venus, and to all of you here for the dialogue.
  13. Storm Clarence wrote: If I were he I would not post here or to SLU. I can assure you of one thing if he does decide to post and that is I will troll him to no end: golf, vampires, pixel sex, Microsoft, Yahoo, Harvard, Lee (no not LeeHere,) inter alia. There is no end to the words I will hurl his way. Welcome Ebbs. PS And the fun part is, from reading this thread, I know I won't be alone. PPS He came to LL to do a job, not waste his time posting to the forum just to appease your sorry asses. LOL, Storm. Exactly!
  14. Treasure Ballinger wrote: I think it means he shared your tweet, but why, rather than just come on over, lol. I don't tweet so the procedures of Twitter are over my head. I only saw him retweet a couple of times, so if Perrie was "retweeted" he ought to be flattered! As to why a new CEO would choose to have an introductory, "get to know me" session on Twitter, rather than here in a closed house, on a members only forum? Well, it seems to me that would be to introduce himself in a "public" way, and since the entire history of Second Life has been about alts and the masquerade, why would he parade in here first? I understand we might have expected a dashboard announcement that we have a new CEO, but at least Strawberry Singh announced it on the my.secondlife.com feed. The forum is somewhere between roman baths and a shark tank. Twitter is global and public. Thanks for your remarks, Treasure.
  15. Canoro Philipp wrote: i really hope he improve the communication of Linden Lab with its users, having no announcement of Rod leaving was a basic fail of communication, it was a very important event for Linden Lab and its users. i have personal wishes like many of us, like bringing back last names, improve the marketplace, perfectionate search, i hope he can comply with the most reasonable wishes the users have, and more importantly, to get second life at pair with modern virtual worlds, and even more important, to surpass them with innovative ideas that none has even thought yet. i wish all the best for Ebbe Altberg, and the best to Second Life under his managment. Hi Canoro, I have been following the thread, and appreciate everyone having something to say. Yes, if the name servers could be reconfigured to pull in a last name server, rather than the default "Resident", it might return something lost--a sense of community, and quirky uniqueness. When I began in SL, the last names were not only revealing and memorable, but they created many opportunities for chat. To this day, I remember the first Avindar I ever met! My advice to Ebbe Altberg on Twitter was "keep; the lights on and the doors open" because it's all good (as long as the worlds are humming away on the server farms. Ten years here has shown that avatars are world creators and path finders. As builders, we are problem solvers and critical thinkers, breaking down barriers of difficulty by learning, doing, collaborating. I'm not much of a builder, and have not kept pace since mesh and new techniques, but I enjoy spending time and a little bit of coin here now and then, and blending the old with the new when I do build a space, or put together a new look. As for the lack of communication when RH left, I can hardly blame the Lab. It almost seemed as if he left without communicating directly himself. Kind of like breaking up via Twitter, except it was Facebook, and we heard about it second hand (so Second Life.) However, we have a new CEO, and he will need awhile to get the feel of this machine so he can drive it. Second Life is the big wheel driving the cuter, more compelling little wheels, and I would think he has a team of game developers eager to make him into a new RH, but he has a wider background, not simply game development but a sense of media and market reach--so he may re-cast Second Life into a more mainstream tool, if he gives it much focus at all. After all, LL has done a good job of managing our vast, shared resources along with issues of privacy and securiity, virtual economy, and a beautiful product to behold although it uses alot of computer resources. Ideally, this platform would run on a laptop without it heating up, and why not have at least an app that shows our avatars on a windows phone, like with X-box. Thanks again for your thoughts! I couldn't help sharing a few more of my own.
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