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  1. Who wants to steal someones *****ty a$$ avatar anyway lmao Avoid the ones who try to project and sound all that LordDarkEdgecoreMasterBate beeyatchness, there are many healthy and genuinely meaningful connections to be found on SL
  2. I learned this the hard way. This is why I have a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy and the only thing that I divulge, and is consistent between both lives, is my timezone. It is the only thing outside SL that I believe affects my experiences in-world. Nobody has the right to know anything else. I am who I present to be, and you ARE who you present to be: representatives of characters whose life stories are authentic and legitimate in SecondLife but never in Real Life, if that makes sense. So keep it that way, please. If someone hounds me with questions about the person behind my avi, I reserve t
  3. :raises hand: I am a walking k-drama character, IMVU was too limiting and SL gave me way better opportunities to give life to my persona as the 200 pound Venus of Daegu
  4. Focus on what you want and need, instead of what you do NOT want. Conversely, be sure that none of the statements on the list apply to you. Ego aside, you only attract what YOU are so be the person you want to be with. You will have better luck in-world than in this forum. Good luck!
  5. Guuurrrlll not to burst your bubble but most of the time your clients will be just alts of your pimp or manager, you are better off freelance
  6. Took some time for me to get used to it but now I have no regrets it IS the body for me!!!
  7. OK so necro-thread, yeah IKR but in case someone is looking for one in this day and age, there is a box of free dancers at KoTA that includes GWIYOMI and other K-Pop dancers
  8. I am not an RL absolutist, but I don’t necessarily hate those who are. I am aware the majority usually choose to live out their fantasies, and insert themselves in their own goals here, and that’s fine… You do YOU. I however only channel my avatar as a product of my imagination, a concept that is purely FICTIONAL, and I assume the same about everyone else: Fictional characters who have life stories to tell that are authentic and legit in SecondLife but never in Real Life, if that makes sense. Besides, I’m only here to enjoy capturing the role and lifestyle of this character I’ve created, and n
  9. I met mine in-world when I was not really looking. It was at a coffee shop, and he IM’d me. How totally random, right? I am not into BDSM or mistress-slave relationships but he wanted to be my “slave” and he pays “tribute” so why not? Good luck!
  10. Hi, everyone! Not sure if this is the right section to post this question: Does anyone know where I can buy the chandelier in this set? I just saw this from an IG post.
  11. oh, same same my AV is inspired by kpop idols and I seem to attract and be drawn to other avis who have a similar look I am fairly new (2 months) but my small circle is made up of mostly kpop fans and other like-minded koreaboos lol not gonna lie, but I tend to avoid avis who are non-mesh or non-human no matter how nice and friendly they seem
  12. Sorry to dig up an old thread, is this place still active? My BFF and I are both Koreaboos and would love to live in a Korean or K-Pop themed community sim.
  13. Living here with my BFF. We are both only a couple of months old but we are already loving it here! The rentals are sooo affordable even for newbies, and the entire neighborhood is actually quite lovely. Looking forward to making new friends!
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