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  1. Thank you for the answers. I will still go for it.
  2. If I upgrade to premium and purchase a name change, will my new name be reflected here if I do not login? I read from some posters here that their names were not updated until they logged out and signed back into the forum. I am planning to go premium to get a last name but do not want people outside SL viewer knowing my new name for reasons I cannot disclose.
  3. sorry noob question, care to enlighten us how to do this? thanks
  4. Oh, lucky you! Is this ongoing?
  5. Interesting responses. On social media and in-world group chats most people pick door #1 or #2 and rarely door #3 but here a lot of people choose #3 hmmm As for me, honestly, none. I like my real life and second life separately.
  6. Saw this on Instagram Door #1: Bring all your SecondLife wardrobe to your real life Door #2: Bring all your SecondLife homes, furniture, and decor to your real life Door #3: Swap head, body, shape, skin, and hair with your avatar Which door would you choose and why?
  7. not corny or weird at all. there are groups on SL that roleplay k-pop celebs like BTS, Blackpink, etc. I do not know how they RP auditions and trainee/idol life but I can say with confidence that they look stunning and some really look like the idols they are roleplaying as
  8. cancel culture and the idea that “toxic” has become an all-around word to describe anyone you dislike for whatever reason
  9. Hi! If you are into k-pop, I invite you to Club Persona at BULLETPROOF. Look it up via inworld search. Many of the hot k-pop idols there are girls in real life and we are quite open and thrilled about it. When I am logged in as my guy avi I just go to mens shopping events and secretly ogle at (and on rare occasion, try to flirt with) men who are possibly women like me haha (clue: they are the best looking on SL) I have no intention of catfishing anyone as I honestly declared my true gender in the 1st life tab on my guy account. Have lots of fun! xoxo
  10. Not in SL but back when I was living in Korea I dated a guy in RL who ghosted me by faking a near death experience from a car crash, went MIA for more than a year, all my calls and texts unanswered, no traceable activity on social media, cannot be seen anywhere, yadda yadda so I blocked him then all of a sudden calls me from a strange phone number explaining everything complete with (fake) hospital photos. Silly me felt so sorry at first but I was already kinda seeing somebody new so I just told him I was glad that he was alive and all that. Not to sound like a weirdo but I believe the univers
  11. Try Burrow Cafe. Chill and laidback place to make new friends. People do talk a lot and engage in conversations there both on local chat and IMs.
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