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  1. Selachi female shark head...the Chain Safari hair gave my avatar a unique look I don't see to often. the only thing i found that fits and looks good was this. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Limerence-Mira-hair-DEMO/12268434 however, that not clearly not what i'm looking for. though i plan to settle on it. I'm also thinking about contacting the creator later on if all else fails.
  2. close, my head is to big and cant be resized. the search continues.
  3. looking for this here. but with the ability to resize. cant find anything similar to it in the market place. any suggestion? https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/CHAIN-Safari-Hair-Multicolor/20612908
  4. so I've read those before. and every time I do I get the same conclusion... [[[Adult activities cannot be advertised or publicly promoted on Moderate land. Such activity must occur privately, behind closed doors on Moderate land]]] [[[The Adult designation applies to Second Life regions that host, conduct, or display content that is sexually explicit, intensely violent, or depicts illicit drug use. A region must be designated Adult if it hosts, advertises, or publicly promotes:]]] ok...display content that is sexually explicit is allow on [M] ...as long as its enclose...yes?
  5. sorry I'm such an idiot but, what? [all adult stuff has to be behind the walls or doors] ok so what about the region rating? none of that can exist on [G] but ok on [M] as long as it's enclose regardless if on ground or air??? what if someone decides to cam my parcel? sure no on can see me or anyone inside but they can still see the contents of my parcel right? ["art"not visible for others unles they voluntary cam inside] sorry for being slow but...I don't understand this.
  6. so when it come to the adult regions, i'm sure anything goes as long as it don't violate LL rules. but when it come to a private parcel on a moderate regions, what is allow and not allow? so on a ground level, I've read its fine to have adult furniture or sexual activity as long as no one can see whats going on inside. the question I'm going for is. what about things like images (erotic and explicit ) animesh, sculptures, etc. erotica is always a gray area so I dont know how LL would look at that. now I'm 100% sure explicit matters are a no go but what about from a skybox?
  7. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Rannveig/61/162/44 2k
  8. the good: looks like everything is working fine as it should be. the bad: um...I don't think I want this parcel anymore (facepalm) the why: did a little reading here and there, it turns out I think I can have a Linden home (512) and another plot of land (512) or any number of land as long as its all under (1024) for free under premium, correct? got a lot on my mind here. I thank you all for helping me out
  9. so I did as you said...do I wait it out now? https://imgur.com/a/yZgGd0B
  10. just brought a 1024 parcel that's got a 22.5 degree slope. all works fine at the back end but when trying to enter from the front (lowest point) my avatar hits a wall of sorts. this invisible wall sit about 4 meters off the ground. is this normal? any way to fix or work a rounds? I did mess with the terrain but that didn't help any.
  11. so I gotten a new linden home and within less than 5 minutes I don't like it ^.^ how does one get rid of their linden home? is their a penalty for this action? I don't plan on going for another...
  12. anyone know where I can find these four animations at inworld? I did find two in the SL market place but the reviews and ratings are telling me to look else where.
  13. so like the title says. every time i apply my legacy applier. it works. but when i add full bright to the body mesh. the skin applied goes away and replace with a full bright default skin. how can i get the skin that i applied to stay with full bright on. i was able to do this once before with two BOM skins but can't rework the my magic. any ideals?
  14. ok so i found this outfit here https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/TMB-Renegade-RAVE-Swimsuit-SLInk-HourGlass-Belleza-Freya-Tonic-Fine-Maitreya-Legacy/13760091 where can i find a script just like it or better? something that cycle the rainbow spectrum smoothly.
  15. SigmaDeltaOmega


    looking for two weapons to go with my avatar. 1) a single pistol with nice AO movements, with a holster. combat systems would be a bonus, (not needed.) and also looking fairly realistic or believable 2) an Axe...again. good AO and the ability to holster. combat system, you already know so, any idea?
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