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  1. ok so i found this outfit here https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/TMB-Renegade-RAVE-Swimsuit-SLInk-HourGlass-Belleza-Freya-Tonic-Fine-Maitreya-Legacy/13760091 where can i find a script just like it or better? something that cycle the rainbow spectrum smoothly.
  2. SigmaDeltaOmega


    looking for two weapons to go with my avatar. 1) a single pistol with nice AO movements, with a holster. combat systems would be a bonus, (not needed.) and also looking fairly realistic or believable 2) an Axe...again. good AO and the ability to holster. combat system, you already know so, any idea?
  3. so i tried to drag an image to the chat box to see if the url would display...it didn't work. have to drag the link. well i now notice that URL is on my prim clothing...how do i get it off?
  4. oops, should have check back sooner. oh well. anyway i upgraded per month so now what? how do i go about buying land? i don't want to rent from another resident nor do i want a LL home unless that be my better option.
  5. ok so lets pretend i upgraded. a parcel is just a small piece of land on the region right? is their a way to have a small parcel surrounded by inaccessible land/water or is that reserved only for large regions. also if i do upgrade. then what. i'll have to buy the parcel and pay weekly right? and from what i can find i'll have to bid for one at the auction correct?
  6. sorry no clue if this is the right spot to post this but. is their any true private rentals out there? did a little test here and there only to find that I can still cam my alt or other people. just trying to find a place where you can't see me, and i can't see you. any ideas or is this hopeless?
  7. ok so i'm having a new problem. out of nine alts, i recovered six. in order to recover these you need to answer questions to prove that the accounts are indeed minds. however. i was only asked 4 question for some of my alts being. What is the answer to your security question: What is the city, state/province, and country that you registered the account from? What is the city, state/province, and country that you last logged into the account from? If you have an active alternate account, what is the name of that alternate account? i was never asked a security question
  8. i think too much...why is what i want to ask. basically i feel like the alphacuts are something needed here and there. i shouldn't have to try on a pair of pants and oh look. it clips my legs by more than 30 to 45 percent. it's been less than 30 days and i've already dip my pockets into...kemono, jomo, thicc fox, snaggletooth, maitreya and now slink male. all i'm saying is all the clothing i've tried for these other body meshes work 90 percent of the time. the way i look at it. either A- the body mesh changed which alter how the created merchandise looked or B- the created merchant said
  9. am i doing something wrong? cause every demo i try for the male slink body clips badly. pants, shirts, even over sized jackets are clipping. i've already tried changing to the slink default shape but no dice. does classic or redux makes a difference? i'm well aware i can just hide the clipping body part but...i feel like that's a major unnecessary when my avatars is standing straight with no ao compared to that of one of the female body mesh i used where. everything works perfectly out the box, she sit or poses. two or three adjustment and were all good. but this, little to nothing is working
  10. wow...i just accidentally deleted this tab...ok short version. thank you Lindal Kidd, i now know i'm not the only one having this problem. Cindy Evanier, i left them a IM which they have yet to get back to me. they were online the other day so the way i see it. 1) working on a fix 2) don't care 3) having RL issue. = why all website post are over 2 years old. + their twitter and main in world store no longer exist. hopefully this situation will change for the better. until then. I thank you both for your assistance.
  11. wow it's the third time i've read your reply and just notice the word merchant...does the owner count? [facepalm] cause that who i contacted and still waiting...but i have another favor to ask. i would highly appreciate it if someone could visit [Dark Spot Designs / Raawr, Ocean World (191, 114, 24) - Moderate] and tell me if you see a blank grey out screen that never loads. please and thank you.
  12. so i'm trying to buy an avatar by raawr but the limited edition cabbit won't load. in fact about 25% of the avatars won't load in that vendor. any idea? messing with my graphic setting didn't help.
  13. so i'm still waiting to see if i can get my accounts back and now i'm wondering? I have two under this account and i'm trying to recover 7 back...the limit i hear is 5 so that will make me four over. will they over look this or do you think i'll have to create a new email and split them up? also what happens to lost accounts? do they go to some archive ? if i can get them back what happens to the stuff in their inventory. or am i only getting back a name?
  14. thank you this help much. it's great to be back
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